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A single round of golf can significantly reduce your stress levels and playing regularly is very good for your heart. To get the most out of your day on the course, you should consider booking a stay and play package. 

A stay and play golf package is an offer made by hotels, golf resorts, and other establishments. It includes both accommodation and golf fees in a single package at a more affordable price. 

Keep reading to learn more about stay and play golf packages in the US. In this article, you’ll find everything from recommended packages to airline’s policies on golf clubs. 

Recommended Stay and Play Golf Packages in Different States

The following are our recommended stay and play golf packages in several states. Check them out for your next golf trip planning.






Stay and Play Golf Package: How It Works 

As mentioned before, stay and play packages are package deals made by establishments like hotels or golf resorts. They allow you to make a quick, simple, and cheap booking that includes everything you need for your golf vacation (in a single package). 

Booking an all-inclusive stay and play package can get you overnight accommodation, usage of resort facilities, and golf on your favorite course. Plus, some packages include resort credit that you can use towards restaurants, paid activities, or spas. 

These deals can be found on the respective websites of these establishments, where you’ll get all of the important information. If you can’t find a stay and play package on the site, you could always give them a call and hear if they have an exclusive package or an alternative that suits your needs. 

The Pros and Cons of Stay and Play Golf Packages Compared to Booking Separately 

The Pros of Stay and Play Packages 

Not only do stay and play golf packages make your life easier while planning your next trip, but they also have many other pros compared to separate bookings. These are: 

  • Booking a stay and play package is more convenient than choosing and booking separate options.
  • Some packages include exclusive offers that you wouldn’t get if you booked separately. 
  • Stay and play packages are usually cheaper because they are offered at special rates. 
  • In most cases, booking a stay and play package gets you access to other resort facilities. 
  • The package that you see on the website is usually exactly what you’ll get, nothing more and nothing less.

The Cons of Stay and Play Packages 

While stay and play golf packages are a great choice and popular amongst golfers, there are some cons to choosing these packages compared to making your own golf and accommodation booking. These are: 

  • Some stay and play packages offer fairly limited options for holidaymakers and golfers.
  • You may not be able to choose the type of accommodation.
  • Booking an entire stay and play package isn’t worth it if you don’t intend on using at least most of the included facilities.
  • Most stay and play packages are for only two visitors.
Golfing with friends, the best way to utilize stay and play package
Golfing with friends, the best way to utilize stay and play package – VM (canva)

The Best States for Stay and Play Golf 

The US is rich in golf courses, with over 15,500 fantastic courses spread across the different states. But how do you decide where to book your next stay and play golf package if there are so many courses to choose from? 

In our opinion, the best states are the states where you can just go without considering seasons and weather (to some extent). This is possible because some states have all year-round golfing season, which means that you can choose any time to come and play.

Florida, Georgia, and Southern California are year-round golfing states that offer some of the best courses and the best stay and play packages. North Carolina and South Carolina can also be considered perfect for golfing all year round because the winters in these states don’t get as cold. 

If you go in summer or fall when the weather is nicer, consider also Michigan, Ohio, and Kentucky.

Bringing Your Own Clubs vs. Using the Included Clubs 

The Benefits of Bringing Your Own Clubs 

For many golfers, golf isn’t just a sport, but it’s a passion and a chance to let loose and relax. To achieve the maximum level of comfort on the golf course, most would prefer to have their own personal set of golf clubs with them. 

In addition to your own comfort, taking your own clubs could help you perform better on the course. There’s a chance that the provided clubs won’t work for you and this could have a negative effect on your game. 

We know that golf clubs are some of a golfer’s most prized possessions. So, if you choose to take your own clubs, check out 14 of the best tips on how to travel with golf clubs to ensure that they are safe during your trip. 

The Benefits of Using Provided Clubs 

It’s true that serious golfers never travel without their own golf clubs and this has many benefits but let’s face it, you can’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Perhaps taking advantage of the entire stay and play package by using the provided golf clubs is something you could consider trying.

Trying new clubs could help you find your new favorites, especially if the included clubs are some that you haven’t tried before. Some resorts also offer state-of-the-art golf clubs as a part of their stay and play packages and playing with those particular clubs could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Using the provided clubs also means cheaper costs and less anxiety. This is because you don’t have to pay extra to take your own clubs on your flight and you don’t have to deal with the anxiety of your golf clubs being mishandled at the airport.

Airline Policies On Bringing Your Own Clubs 

Before you head to the airport with your bags, ready for your stay and play vacation, you should know that all of the airlines have different policies when it comes to golf clubs. We recommend Alaska Airlines for your next flight because they waive the oversize policy for golf bags and charge small fees for overweight bags.

For only $30, you can take your clubs if the bag weighs less than 50 lbs (22.7kg). This doesn’t mean that you need to leave them at home if they weigh more than this because the airline permits you to take your overweight bag at a cost of up to $100. Remember that your clubs are traveling in the place of your suitcase and you’ll have to pay $40 extra to take it along. 

While these costs add up rather quickly, we still find it more affordable than some of the other options. If you’re taking a different route, check out United Airlines or American Airlines as they’re also very generous in oversize policy for golfers. However, their overweight policy is a bit steep if your bag weighs more than 50 lbs.

If you don’t want the hassle of bringing a complete set of clubs, check out our article on adjustable golf club. They take up less space and weight in your checked luggage, which means that there’s more room for other vacation goodies.

Is It Better to Book Stay and Play Packages for Families or Couples? 

Whether you choose to book a large stay and play package or a package for two depends on your needs. If you are visiting the resort for business purposes or a romantic getaway, the packages for two that most establishments offer should be perfect for you. 

On the other hand, stay and play packages are ideal for family vacations too. However, it is important that you read the fine print and contact the resort before booking because most packages are limited to two players. In this case, you’ll need to book extra accommodation for the rest of your family. 

Does a Stay and Play Golf Package Include the Use of Other Resort Facilities? 

Yes, most stay and play golf packages include the use of other resort facilities. This includes usage of the pools and restaurant and other free activities that come with staying at the establishment. Paid options like spa treatments and water activities aren’t included but some packages offer resort credit that you can use for these facilities. 

Simply looking for great golf courses? We got you covered on that end too! Here are our recommendations for the top US cities with the best golf courses. Check them out!

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