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It is scientifically proven that traveling makes you healthier and happier. A trip can do wonders for you if you’re looking for a way to relax and reduce stress. Not only will you gain exposure to different cultures, but you can also meet new people, try exotic foods, and engage in multiple relaxing activities. And who knows, you might just find a challenging golf course to refine your skills.

If you love golfing, you’re lucky. The sport is played worldwide, so you can find a golf court in almost every country. According to a recent report, 66.6 million people play golf globally. So, you will have no trouble accessing challenging golf courses during your travels.

However, if you’re someone who likes to take their own equipment to feel at home at a new course, you will struggle with luggage. Essentially, the average golf kit weighs up to 30 pounds (13.6 kilos), which is considered standard luggage by most airlines. So, in such cases, the best option is to invest in an adjustable gold club.

What Is an Adjustable Golf Club?

An adjustable golf club allows you to customize the loft and lie angles according to your swing requirements. You can also change the weight of the club by moving the drivers backward and forward. As a result, you only need one golf club to adjust your ball’s flight and direction.

Depending on how you play, your adjustable golf club might not be able to cover all your needs so you need bring a few more clubs. If this the case, you still need a golf bag. Golf bags are designed to store golfing equipment in a manner that increases their life expectancy and keeps them in good shape. Moreover, a good and sturdy golf bag will protect your clubs from obtaining damage during travel. So, only buy the best golf travel bag to keep your golfing equipment in pristine condition throughout your travels.

Types of Adjustable Golf Clubs

There are different types of adjustable golf clubs to improve your golfing experience. You can buy the ones that fit your needs.

Adjustable Hosel Clubs

Hosels play an important role in controlling a club’s balance, feel, and power. The adjustable hosel clubs have a convertible loft that can be lengthened or shortened by about 4 degrees to change the swing angle.

Adjustable Driver Clubs

The adjustable driver club has a wrench that can alter the weight distribution of the club head and loft. You can also use the wrench to change the lie of the driver. With these features, you can increase the movement and maneuverability of the golf club.

Adjustable Shaft and Putter Clubs

You can alter the length of the shaft and putter by buying this type of adjustable golf club. As a result, you don’t need to use custom putter fitting. Moreover, depending on the shot’s level and position, you can shorten or lengthen the club shaft.

Adjustable Telescopic Club

The adjustable telescopic club has the ability to collapse, turning into a small club that can easily fit into a travel bag. It can snap back to its full height when you want to use it on a golf course.

Benefits of Adjustable Golf Club

Adjustable golf clubs are famous among players because of their multiple benefits for improving gameplay. Some of those benefits are:

  • The adjustable clubs eliminate the need to buy multiple clubs with different drivers and shaft lengths
  • You can customize the golf club before each swing
  • It takes less space and weight during traveling
  • Adjustable clubs can improve and fine-tune your performance on the course
  • You can strengthen your shots by distributing more weight toward the heel of the club head to reduce consistent missing off the tee
  • You can shift the weight toward the toe of the club head to prevent your shots from turning left
  • Loft adjustment controls the height of your shots. This adjustment will ensure the ball is neither too high in the air nor too low to the ground
  • It is easier to control the power and movement of each swing
  • You can create a perfect launch angle for starting a game. Adjustable clubs ensure a straight ball flight
  • Your swings from adjustable clubs are higher, have better launch speed, and cover more distance
  • You can increase the length of the club shaft to speed up your swing
  • New golfers can custom-set the driver to avoid struggles with the slice
  • If you are an upward hitter, you can lower your swing by using an adjustable club.

Where Can You Buy Adjustable Golf Clubs?

To buy an adjustable golf club to take on your next voyage, check out these sites:


Walmart offers a vast collection of adjustable driver golf clubs. You can buy the one that falls within your price range.

Divnick Golf

Divnick produces adjustable telescopic clubs specially designed for right and left-handed people. It comes in different lengths, so you can choose one according to height.

All in One Golf Club

All in One Golf Club sells warranted adjustable golf clubs. You can claim the warranty if the club obtains damage or breaks unexpectedly (must be used as directed) before completing the one year. Moreover, each golf club is custom designed to provide a premium golfing experience.

Wrapping Up

So invest in an adjustable golf club and simply travel with golf club in your checked luggage. Plan to visit one of those fantastic golf courses in Colorado while in a family vacation? With an adjustable club, you don’t need to drag a golf travel bag in addition to a bunch of family luggage. A great solution for a golfer mom/dad!

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