best stay and play golf packages in Utah
The Ledges of St George offers one of the best stay and play golf packages in Utah. Credit: The Ledges of St George

Utah is a beautiful destination to explore the outdoors, with many national parks close by. As you drive through Utah, you’re greeted with the natural red rock canyons, arches, and valleys that give the area a distinct “Mars-like” feeling. There are tons of activities within your reach when you visit this wonderful state, like ATV, dirt biking, hiking, and white water rafting. 

Although Utah is most famous for its desert landscape and geological features, you’ll be surprised to know that Utah has some breathtaking golf courses. Perched among the red rock, you’ll find contrasting fields of green that are expertly designed to create an exciting game of golf round after round. Check out these stay-and-play packages to make your trip to Utah a unique one! 

1. Canyons Golf 

Canyon Golf
Credit: Park City Mountain, Canyon Golf

Canyons Golf in Utah offers a beautifully designed green, perfect for a group trip or a family vacation. The resort offers premium lodging for your stay to offer comfortable respite after spending a day on the green. Although Park City is usually a winter destination, you’ll find the town to be a charming summer destination as well, with plenty of restaurants and shops nearby. 

The resort offers a beautifully kept golf course with 18 holes that are both challenging and playable. As you enjoy round after round, you’ll be captivated by the game and the scenic views from the course. Some holes offer distinct elevation gain, with the 18th hole being an island green, wholly cut off by the Willow Stream. A day or two of golf at Canyons will surely be a memorable vacation! 

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2. The Ledges of St George

The Ledges of St George
Credit: The Ledges of St George

Rent your own unique villa, apartment, or cottage in St George, Utah, to stay and play some of the most impressive greens you’ll see in the state. With so much space in your own villa, you can bring your clubs along for the ride and avoid rentals. Learn how to travel safely with your clubs to ensure everything goes smoothly. The Ledges of St George offers a unique opportunity with many kinds of vacation rentals and luxury properties, and different golf courses to make your vacation truly unique. 

Play at any of these beautiful Utah golf courses: The Ledges Golf Club, Sand Hollow, Copper Rock, and Black Desert Resort. Each of these courses offers a variety of greens that are perfect for players of mixed skill levels, and they all offer scenic views of the classic Utah landscape. A stay-and-play package from The Ledges of St George is sure to be a unique and wonderful trip in Utah!

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3. St George Inns & Suites

Green Spring Golf
Greensprings golf course, one of the course offered by St George Inns & Suites. Credit: Green Spring Golf

St George Inns and Suites offer a modest stay-and-play package that would be perfect for beginner to intermediate players who want to level up their game. Their rooms are clean and comfortable, perfect for some rest after a day on the green.

St Geroge Inns and Suites partners with many golf courses to give each golfer a unique experience. You can choose to play at nine different golf courses in the area, each with spectacular greens and holes of varying skill levels. Each of the golf courses offers spectacular views, rentals, and golf carts, so you don’t have to worry about anything else while on vacation.

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While Utah might not have too many golf packages choice, the neighboring Arizona has plenty. Check out our list of the top golf packages in Arizona for your next golf trip.


How Many Golf Courses Are in Utah?

Utah has about 140 golf courses. The popularity of golf in Utah is due to its unique geological features like canyons, red rocks, hoodoos, and arches that give the landscape a distinct image.

Is Tiger Woods Building a Golf Course in Utah?

Yes! The legendary golfer Tiger Woods is planning to build and open his own golf course in Utah. The construction is set to finish in the summer of 2025.

How Many People Play Golf in Utah?

According to a 2021 survey, about 250,000 people played golf in Utah that year. Golf is a popular sport in Utah, although interest is waning in favor of conserving water and environmental changes.

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