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If you are looking for the best places to golf in Utah, look no further. The 9 best recommendations for golf stay-and-play packages are below with a variety of different options for you to choose from. 

Hotel Park Cityprices from $343/night per person, call for more infoBook
The Ledges of St. George3 rounds of golf each day, minimum 3 nights, call for more infoBook
Clarion Suites Saint Georgefrom $104/person per night, one round of golf each dayBook
Copper Rock Golf Coursecall or email for pricing informationBook
Dixie Red Hills Golf Coursecall or email for pricing informationBook
Greater Zioncall or email for pricing informationBook
Sand Hollow Golf Club9 Holes from $42, call or email for pricing informationBook
Hyatt Place St. Georgeprices from $255/day per personBook
Best Western Plus Abbey Innprices from $149/day for two peopleBook

1. Hotel Park City Autograph Collection Hotels

Hotel Park City Utah
Credit: Hotel Park City Utah

Book your package: official site (Prices from $343/night per person, call for more info)

Hotel Park City Autograph Collection is located in Park City, Utah. With this package, you gain access to first-class lodgings as well as a chance to experience some of the best golfing experiences in Utah. 

At Hotel Park City, you are minutes away from the main beauties of the city including the slopes of the mountains. From here you can access prime locations for biking, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding in addition to your golf experience. 

2. The Ledges of St. George

Ledges of St George
Credit: Ledges of St George

Book your package: executive Golf Packages in Saint George (3 rounds of golf each day, minimum 3 nights, call for more info)

The Ledges of Saint George offers several different stay-and-play deals that are fully customizable. You can pick the number of nights you are staying, how many rounds of golf you can play, and more. 

The Ledges of Saint George is popular thanks to its prime location with all the vacation rentals only minutes away from various other popular activities in the St. George area including state parks, hiking, and biking trails. The Ledges of St. George has stayed in our top 3 best places to stay and play in Utah for a reason.

3. Clarion Suites Saint George

Clarion Suites is in a good location to many golf courses
Clarion Suites is in a good location to many golf courses. Credit: Choice Hotels

Book your package: 

Clarion Suites is located right off of the main interstate in St. George, the I-15, making it extremely easy to access any of the wonderful golf courses in St. George. Clarion Suites offers golf and lodging deals with most of the main golf courses in the area, allowing you to customize your experience while staying in their hotels. 

While the Clarion Suites may not be on site for any of the golf courses, its proximity to each of the ones available in the package deal makes it just as good for a reasonable price. The suites offer beautiful views and have won awards for their accommodations and staff. 

4. Copper Rock Golf Course

Copper Rock Golf
Credit: Copper Rock Golf

Book your package: copper Rock Stay and Play Golf Packages (call or email for pricing information) 

Copper Rock is located in Hurricane, Utah, and offers a truly unique experience as part of its relatively new golf stay and play package. With your nightly rental comes a view unlike any other as you get front-row seats to the Championship Golf Course without even having to leave your room for an iconic view of the 11th hole. 

Copper Rock is Southern Utah’s newest golf course and also now one of its best courses, having won many prizes and awards. The area itself allows for great access to other recreational activities such as enjoying scenic views or outdoor recreation. 

5. Dixie Red Hills Golf Course

Book your package: Dixie Red Hills Golf Course – Golf Package (call or email for pricing information)

The Dixie Red Hills Golf Course is located in St. George, Utah, and was developed in the 1960s to become the first-ever golf course in the city. The course has many different holes you can play on, each being different from the next. It offers a unique and amazing experience no matter which one you choose. 

The scenic views and ample foliage create the perfect setting for golfing as the scenery takes your breath away while you stay cool and shaded. Both casual and professional golfers can find something to enjoy at this diverse golf course. 

6. Greater Zion

Greater Zion
Credit: Greater Zion

Book your package: 

The Greater Zion is well known for being the perfect golfing spot in Utah. The prime location allows for scenic views and is a quick commute along the interstate from Las Vegas. The golf course itself is scattered across various vistas and beautiful locations. 

With 14 courses spanning over a 20-mile radius, there is much to explore, allowing for something for every level of golfer. Various lodging options pair perfectly with this location depending on your needs.

7. Sand Hollow Golf Club

Sand Hollow Golf
Credit: Sand Hollow Golf

Book your package: 

Sand Hollow Golf Course is well-loved by the public and is often ranked as the top public golf course within the state. It is located in Hurricane, Utah and like many other Utah golf courses, it is well known for being located on beautiful red rock cliffs and dunes. 

From the course, you can see the dunes as well as the Zion National Park as you stay and play. The course offers 9 holes that are linked together to create a unique experience.

8. Hyatt Place St. George

Hyatt Place is located nearby to several great courses
Hyatt Place is located nearby to several great courses. Credit: Hyatt

Book your package: Red Rock Stay and Play (Prices from $255/day per person)

This package deal offers access to multiple different golf courses from an outside hotel stay at the Hyatt Place St. George. While you may not be located on the course, you are close enough to commute to any course in the area.

With this package deal, you can golf with a cart at Copper Rock, The Ledges, Sky Mountain, and Sand Hollow all with reasonably priced accommodations. These four courses are some of the best in the St. George and Hurricane, Utah area making it well worth it. It has easy access to different centers and recreational activities as well, making for a unique experience. 

9. Best Western Plus Abbey Inn

Green Springs golf
Credit: Green Springs golf, one of the accessible courses from Best Western Plus Abbey Inn. Credit: WashingtonCity

Book your package: Hotel Golf Package (Prices from $149/day for two people)

This golf stay-and-play package offers a great deal for 18 holes of golf plus a night stay at the Best Western Plus Abbey Inn. The golf courses you can pick from include the Sunbrook Golf Course, the Green Springs Golf Course, the Coral Canyon Golf Course, the Sky Mountain Golf Course, and many others to create a diversified experience. 

These world-class golf courses combined with the prime location of the hotel and the low price point are great for any level of golfer. It is located to allow easy access to a variety of golf courses as well as the local national and state parks for other outdoor recreational activities. 


Can You Golf Year-Round in Utah?

Yes, it is possible to golf year-round in Utah. Most of the golf courses and resorts in Utah stay open year-round and the weather in Utah is perfect for it. The climate across the state is usually diverse enough that one of the main three regions of the state will have amicable weather for your golfing needs. 

How Many Golf Courses Are in Utah?

Utah has about 140 golf courses. The popularity of golf in Utah is due to its unique geological features like canyons, red rocks, hoodoos, and arches that give the landscape a distinct image.

Is Tiger Woods Building a Golf Course in Utah?

Yes! The legendary golfer Tiger Woods is planning to build and open his own golf course in Utah. The construction is set to finish in the summer of 2025.

How Many People Play Golf in Utah?

According to a 2021 survey, about 250,000 people played golf in Utah that year. Golf is a popular sport in Utah, although interest is waning in favor of conserving water and environmental changes.

If you’ve checked Utah, consider also checking the neighboring states. Here’s our list of the top golf packages in Arizona and Nevada for your next golf trip

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