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Looking for the right and destination for your next golfing holiday? The state of Michigan within the Great Lakes area of the US is a bountiful region for those who enjoy playing golf. With over 1,000 courses reported to be in the state, Michigan offers plenty of fantastic stay and play packages.

Golf Resort/CourseDetailsBook
True North Golf Club, Harbor SpringsQuoteBook
Boyne Golf Club, Harbor SpringsQuoteBook
Trout Creek, Harbor SpringsQuoteBook
Narrows Rd. Golf & Lake Retreat, ColdwaterQuoteBook
Timberstone Golf Course, Iron MountainQuoteBook
Marquette Golf Club, Marquettefrom $405 for 4 rounds, 3 nightsBook
Eagle Eye Golf & Banquet Center, East Lansingfrom $199/night, 1 round of golfBook
A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort, Kewadinfrom $280/person for 2 nightsBook
The Medalist Golf Club, Marshallfrom $100Book
The Loon Golf Resort, GaylordQuoteBook
Bay Valley Resort, Bay Cityfrom $159 per night for 2 golfersBook
Treetops Resort, GaylordQuoteBook

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Stay and Play Golf Packages in Michigan: The List

As said, there’s a wealth of courses and golf clubs in Michigan, subsequently, there are lots of opportunities to stay and play. We’ve narrowed the field down to some of our favorites, so you can easily make an informed decision and select the ideal resort for your next golf vacation.

1. True North Golf Club, Harbor Springs

True North Golf
Credit: True North Golf

Book your golf packages: from the official site (quote via email)

The True North Golf Club prides itself on its huge landmass, which usually lends enjoyment to those looking for peace and tranquility when heading to the green. Members often cite that they seldom see their peers across the 18 holes given the enormity of the playing surface.

Given the space on offer here, there are multiple ways to stay at True North with 12 timber frame cottages available as well as a scenic camping area available for those more adventurous types.

2. Boyne Golf Club, Harbor Springs

Boyne Golf
Credit: Boyne Golf Club

Book your golf packages:

Another great facility in Harbor Springs is Boyne Golf Club, who specialize in ready-made stay and play packages for the playful golfing holiday maker. A round of golf on a course of your choosing is available with every night you stay, (all 18 holes) meaning you can enjoy multiple courses the longer you stay here.

Customers also treated to a $25 voucher to use at the nearby Odawa Casino, which is perfect if you enjoy a small bet while on vacation.

3. Trout Creek, Harbor Springs

Trout Creek Golf (Boyne)
Trout Creek Golf (Boyne) – troutcreek

Book your golf packages:

Trout Creek Condominium Resort in Harbor Springs is one of the best places to stay regarding the centralized location around Michigan for playing golf. The resort specializes in building custom golf packages to customers’ exact needs, as it takes care of all the booking admin for you with your booking.

This is possible as there are multiple courses on the doorstep at Trout Creek with the Chesnut Valley, Boyne, and Hidden River golf clubs all within a 10-mile radius of the accommodation. Furthermore, Belvedere Black Lake and Indian River course are all within an hour’s drive.

While Trout Creek might not have golf facilities on-site, there is more than enough to keep you and the family occupied with a health club, multiple swimming pools, and several hiking trails starting at the resort.

4. Narrows Rd. Golf & Lake Retreat, Coldwater

Narrow Rd Golf & Lake Retreat, Michigan
Narrow Rd Golf & Lake Retreat, Michigan – nrglr

There might not be a more idyllic resort in Michigan, than the Narrows Rd. Golf & Lake Retreat (also known as the L&M Lake & Golf Retreat) overlooks the sensational Phil-Pe-Co Lake. Unlike other entries on this list, this is a single property, meaning that availability can be rather competitive. The proximity to the Golf Club of Coldwater, less than 100 yards away, more than makes for a very convenient outing – and even allows for special rates as NRGLR often collaborates with the club.

Book your golf packages:

5. Timberstone Golf Course, Iron Mountain

Timberstone Golf
Timberstone Golf, Michigan – timberstonegolfcourse

Book your package from (quote)

Atop the Iron Mountain sits Timberstone Golf Course, with scenic views overlooking Menominee River which serves as a border between the two neighboring states of Michigan and Wisconsin. The Pine Mountain Resort has three distinct accommodations, the Lodge, Mountain Haus, and Alpine Haus, all made for premium experiences.

The 240-acre course has been designed to facilitate all levels of golfer with the dreaded Sentree hole 5 paired with the very forgiving eleventh hole, the Slip Away which is a relative breeze.

6. Marquette Golf Club, Marquette

Marquette Golf stay and play
Marquette Golf – golfgreywalls

Book your golf packages:

When it comes to putting together a bespoke package for your next golfing vacation, there might not be a better choice to alleviate the stress of the booking processes. The Marquette Golf Club is eager to take such aggravation away from you and handle all the paperwork for you convenience. The administration has established long-standing working relationships with nearby accommodations.

Coupled with the Greywalls course, which has been described as one of the best in the Midwest and even world-class by some, this excursion to the town of Marquette is not one to be missed. The locality is also home to other outdoor activities with hikes and cycling routes championed in this rural paradise.

7. Eagle Eye Golf & Banquet Center, East Lansing

Eagle Eye Golf
Eagle Eye Golf, Michigan – eagleeyegolfclub

Book your golf packages:

The city of Lansing in mid-Michigan might be one of the best places for golfing in the state due to its highly concentrated amount of high-quality courses within the boundary limits. That’s where Eagle Eye Golf & Banquet Center steps in with its exceptional stay-and-play packages. The management will take care of everything you need, leaving you to simply worry about your swing on the green.

On-site there are five beautifully crafted courses with varying levels of difficulty. The 27-hole Hawk Hollow circuit is often praised by Golf Digest magazine for the level of enjoyment had here.

8. A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort, Kewadin

A-ga-ming golf course, Michigan
A-ga-ming golf course, Michigan – a-ga-ming

Book your golf packages:

Time might as well stand still across the natural beauty accompanying all 72 holes at A-Ga-Ming, as the courses are blessed with Torch Lake and Lake Michigan within touching distance. Of course, you can keep score if you want but this place is just beautiful to unwind and take in, where competitive golfing becomes very much secondary.

Lodging on-site is an ideal option to wake up in this golfer’s paradise, with out-of-season rates starting from as little as $100 per night. Of course, total grandeur is available too, as the Vista Townhomes are simply divine and overlook the iconic Sundance course.

A-Ga-Ming is one of our top choices for golf packages in Northern Michigan. To see the complete list, check out here: 9 best golf packages in Northern Michigan.

9. Drummond Island Resort, Drummond

Drummond Island Golf
Drummond Island Resort, Michigan – drummondisland

Check the official site (there is no active package currently)

Golf might not have a distinct geographical point on the map, however, Drummond Island could argue to be that pinpoint given the array of golfing opportunities within the locality. It is home to Drummond Island Resort, which in turn is home to The Rock. This is the fabled championship-quality 18-hole course which is a must-play for any golfer looking to test out their skills.

10. The Medalist Golf Club, Marshall

Medalist Golf Club, Michigan
Medalist Golf Club, Michigan – themedalist

Book your golf packages:

The Medalist Golf Club organizes one of the most thorough and inviting stay-and-play packages throughout Michigan with a plethora of options to explore during your stay. Their professional network expands far beyond their own facilities meaning you can play on several courses with their package, including Cedar Creek, Calderone, and Binder Park.

Furthermore, their relationships with local accommodation providers have allowed holidaymakers to benefit from very competitive rates, with all-in packages starting for as little as $100. Customers choosing to stay at FireKeepers will also receive complimentary chips to use at the in-house casino.

11. The Loon Golf Resort, Gaylord

The Loon Golf Resort, Michigan
The Loon Golf Resort, Michigan – loongolfresort

Book your golf packages:

Situated in the Gaylord area, the Loon Golf Resort is unquestionably one of the best bases for a total golf and holiday experience. While other resorts let you get on with the golfing, the Loon takes pride in facilitating your stay with multiple quality amenities available during your stay. This includes the two full-service restaurants which provide everything from fresh seafood, to succulent steaks and everything in between.

Most of the lodging opportunities sit beside the Ridge course, known for its woodland trail aesthetics. Private townhomes and cabins are available if you want all the space, however, serviced lodges with over 40 guest rooms are also available which allows visitors of all budgets to enjoy the course.

12. Bay Valley Resort, Bay City

Bay Valley Golf
Bay Valley Resort, Michigan – bayvalley

Book your golf packages: from the official site (start from $159 per night for 2 golfers)

High-end hospitality and golfing excellence are on offer at Bay Valley Resort within the Bay City area of the state. Accommodation and time on the course are commonplace here with packages available from just $139 for two people, which even includes complimentary use of the driving range.

13. Treetops Resort, Gaylord

Treetops Resort Golf, Michigan
Treetops Resort Golf, Michigan – treetops

Book your golf packages: From the official site (call)

Nestled away in the rich countryside area of Sparr, the Treetops Resort truly is a one-stop shop for everything that comes to mind when planning a golfing vacation. Five courses (81 different holes) have been specifically designed to test and challenge golfers of all levels and abilities.

The resort boasts several types of accommodation to suit all budgets and visitors, with the Treetops Lodge and Treetops Inn both excelling in premium hospitality offerings, while the Condominiums allow you more flexibility in your stay. All of these allow you to reserve your tee times in the same booking.

Looking for more options? Check our list of the best golf resorts in Michigan.

Things to Remember for Your Golf Trip

Before you book anything, depending on the length of your journey to Michigan, you’ll need to assess your golf travel bag for your party. Can it protect your precious clubs during the trip? Consider to check our top golf travel bag recommendations, you might find something you need.

Also if it is your first golf trip, be sure to read our tips on how to fly with golf clubs correctly and be aware of the airline’s rules about golf clubs. Here’s an example from United.


What is the best time to go golfing in Michigan?

Michigan prides itself with exceptional weather around mid-June to early September. During the summer months, you can not only enjoy a perfect temperature between 70 and 80 degrees (21-26° C), but also long days with great visibility lasting even past 10 p.m.

Of course, if you are looking for a longer season, you can try Michigan in early spring or even in October, but it all depends on your preferences. It can get pretty wet and cold in those months, but if lucky, you get some sunny days too.

How many golf courses are in the state of Michigan?

Michigan more often than not appears on top of many guides and rankings for golf lovers across the States. The reason why is very simple – it has around 650 public golf courses for players with different levels of skill and preference. Some are more affordable, others give a taste of luxury, also in price.

If you’re hunting for the best golf courses and don’t need golf packages, check out our list of the best golf courses in Michigan. Some of the doesn’t have lodging on site so you might have to stay elsewhere and drive there.

If that wasn’t enough, there are also over 100 private golf clubs registered with The Golf Association of Michigan, making this state a real mecca for golfers around the world.

How many golfers are in Michigan?

For some, Michigan became a permanent residence because of its abundance of golf courses. The membership for amateur golf in the state is being taken advantage of by over 60,000 people according to The Golf Association of Michigan.

The National Golf Foundation says that they can account for over half a million golf players with over 10% of that being golf course workers. You won’t be surprised to know that this number is growing despite some heavy rainfall in recent seasons.

Is it illegal to play golf after 1 a.m. in Michigan?

Although it may seem very particular, there is indeed a law limiting golfing activity in the state of Michigan. The rule says that no miniature golf courses, practice or driving courses and not even putting greens are to be operated between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.

All in all, it is dark and cold during this time anyway, which gives us a perfect excuse to enjoy Michigan nightlife or other club and hotel amenities.

Can you golf in the winter in Michigan?

The best times to golf in Michigan are late spring to late fall, but if you enjoy lower temperatures, there is a chance to still play in winter. Of course, most golf courses shut down for the season before the cold comes, for maintenance reasons, but in southeast Michigan some courses are open if the weather conditions permit.

Alternatively, you can keep in shape by trying indoor golf for your putts and chips. If you are adventurous, you can look into golfing on ice, particularly popular in St. Ignace by the name of UP Ice Golf.

Do you have to wear a helmet on a golf cart in Michigan?

As a golf cart is considered a road vehicle, all the rules and regulations for driving one are stated in the Michigan Vehicle Code. Amongst the obvious requirements for the operator of this vehicle, like complying with signal requirements or riding as far to the right as possible, the code clearly states that a golf cart operator is not required to wear a helmet.

Do you need a driving license for a golf cart in Michigan?

Looking at the Michigan Vehicle Code for golf carts, it clearly states that an operator must be at least 16 years old and indeed, have a valid driving license.

What are the driving rules for a golf cart in Michigan?

As Michigan is surrounded by golf courses, there are some specific requirements for driving golf carts in this state. Michigan Vehicle Code states that golf carts can’t be driven on sidewalks and the maximum speed for one can’t exceed 15 mph. Additionally, they are only permitted to operate on streets that are 30 mph or less, however many golf courses are located across highways, so many exemptions apply.

If you were hoping for a romantic golf cart drive in the evening, please note that those vehicles are not permitted to be operated from half an hour before sunset up until half an hour after sunrise. Good news is that golf carts are not considered motor vehicles, therefore you are not required to purchase liability insurance on them.

How much is a TPC membership in Michigan?

The Tournament Players Club has a network of golf courses across all states, including Michigan. The members can enjoy a number of benefits, including free or discounted use of golf courses and other sports facilities, club privileges like lockers and equipment storage as well as some social events with prominent guests.

This is certainly a premium club, therefore the initiation fee for an individual costs around 35,000 dollars with annual dues of 5,000 dollars.

Does the PGA play in Michigan?

Professional Golfers Association holds its tournaments all across United States. Michigan holds an annual tournament as a section championship of this state for the overall PGA America. Every year this event takes place in summer, at a different golf course across Michigan.

Can children play golf in Michigan?

The simple answer is yes. Children can start their adventure with golf even from the age of 5. In some places they have to be slightly older, it all depends on factors such as height, strength and of course, willingness to learn.

Michigan has many mini golf facilities, perfect for beginners and dozens of coaches ready to teach the basics across all ages.


Hopefully, now you’ll have a fair idea of the best stay-and-play options before heading to Michigan now. Remember to double-check the fares and fees, as these are subject to change with the season when more and more people head out to play golf. Conversely, if you can cope with a little bit of adverse weather, you can usually save a pretty penny. When you’re ready to go, don’t forget to check our golf trip packing list to make sure you have all the essentials.

Considering other states for your next stay-and-play adventures? Here are our recommended list for stay and play golf packages.

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