top US cities with the best golf courses
La Cantera in Dallas, one of the top US cities with the best golf courses – lacanteraresorts

Golfing is a great outdoor activity that can keep you active. It is a wonderful way to spend time with friends and family. If you are planning a golf trip, you should have a look at this list of the top 8 US cities with the best golf courses. 

1. Dallas, Texas 

La Cantera golf course, Dallas
La Cantera golf course, Dallas – lacanteraresort

Dallas can be called a golfer’s paradise as it features 50 golf courses, both public and private. With such a large choice, beginners as well as advanced players will find something that suits their needs. The mild climate of Dallas allows players to enjoy their game throughout the year. 

The Crowne Plaza Invitational competition takes place at Colonial Country Club in Dallas every year. So if you are interested not only in playing but also watching golf, this is your perfect destination. 

Here are some stay-and-play packages in Dallas:

2. Orlando, Florida 

Omni Resorts Orlando
Omni Resorts Orlando – omnihotels

Orlando is one of the best choices for family vacations. The proximity of Disneyland excites kids, but caregivers can be excited too as there are many golf courses in the area. Even Disney has its own golf course! Some of the other most popular ones are Orange Country National and Bay Hill.

The mild climate in Florida makes it possible to enjoy good weather golfing for many months. If you would rather watch than play, check out the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March.

Check out these stay-and-play packages in Orlando:

If you like Orlando, it’s highly recommended to also check our list of the best stay and play golf packages in Florida.

3. Pinehurst, North Carolina 

Pinehurst golf
Pinehurst golf, North Caroina – pinehurst

North Carolina gives you a mix of lush landscapes and warm weather, which is a perfect combination for a golfing experience. In the Pinehurst resort, you can enjoy nine 18-hole golf courses and a smaller, 9-hole one. Courses 1, 3, and 5 are open to the public, but if you want to play the others, you need to be a member of a resort guest. 

Pinehurst is a fine golfing destination, which is proven by the fact that it has hosted some of the major golf tournaments, including the U.S. Open. 

You can book a stay-and-play package at the Pinehurst Resort. Learn more here.

Interested in more options? Check out our list of the best golf packages in Pinehurst! Or if you’re interested in other options within the state, check out the best stay and play golf packages in North Carolina.

4. Portland, Oregon 

Bandon Crossings golf
Bandon Crossings golf, Portland – bandoncrossings

In Portland, you can enjoy green scenery and lush landscapes. However, Oregon weather can be unpredictable and rain occurs quite often. It might seem like a disadvantage, but not to those who are looking for a unique golfing experience. Portland is the closest you can get to a Scottish golf experience without traveling across the ocean. 

In this city, you can enjoy six high-quality and affordable courses which are for every level of player. Additionally, you can reach most of them by public transport.

If you are looking for a golf getaway, you might want to check out these play-and-stay packages in resorts in Oregon:

5. Maui, Hawaii 

Ocean Course at Kauai Golf, Hawaii
Ocean Course at Kauai Golf, Hawaii – gogolfkauai

There are so many reasons to visit Maui. If you need one extra, here it goes: you can find two 54-hole golf courses there, called Wailea and Kapalua. And then one more: every January, you can enjoy the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.

If you are planning a longer stay in Hawaii, try two golf courses in Oahu: Koolau Golf Club and Turtle Bay. There is no doubt that Hawaii offers one of the best landscapes to enjoy your game of golf. 

The stay-and-play package might be the right choice for you, especially if you want to enjoy nice lodging and everyday playing. Here are some of your options:

Maui is also one of our most recommended destinations for a golf bachelor party.

6. Phoenix, Arizona

Ak-Chin Southern Dunes golf, Arizona
Ak-Chin Southern Dunes golf, Arizona – akchinsoutherndunes

If you hate golfing in the rain and want to be sure you will get the perfect weather, choose Arizona. It has a hot climate and a lot of golf courses to offer, including those around Phoenix. 

Looking for a unique golfing experience? Don’t miss the Waste Management Phoenix Open that happens every year at the magnificent Sonoran Desert. 

Book your stay-and-play package to fully enjoy your little getaway. Here are some of your options:

More recommendations are covered in our article on the best stay and play golf packages in Arizona.

7. Augusta, Georgia 

Hickory Knob golf, Georgia
Hickory Knob golf, Georgia – playhickoryknob

While talking about the best cities for golfing, it is impossible not to mention Augusta. It is the place of the most popular golf tournaments in the world, including the Masters Tournament. With the mild weather, it’s a great place to enjoy your golf hobby all year long. 

At Augusta, you can enjoy nine world-class courses, including a municipal one, and the famous Augusta National. This one is very elitist and costs a lot of money (claimed to be between $100,000 and $300,000 for membership). Additionally, within 20 miles of this city, you can find 25 others, including 10 private ones and 12 public ones. 

One of the best stay-and-play packages you can have a look at is Hickory Knob.

Check out more recommendations in our article: golf packages in Georgia and best golf courses in Georgia.

8. San Diego, California 

Torrey Pines golf, California
Torrey Pines golf, California – torreypines

San Diego has sunny weather almost all year long. Additionally, it is located on the shore, which makes it a perfect destination for golfers who love to enjoy stunning views. One of the courses, Torrey Pines, is the favorite of Tiger Woods, which makes it a very famous and desired spot. While visiting San Diego you can also enjoy the Farmers Insurance Open. 

The city and surrounding area feature 72 golf courses in various settings, from oceanside, through the desert, to mountains, so everyone can find something to their liking. 

Some of the interesting stay-and-play packages include:

Check out more recommended packages in our article the best stay and play golf packages in Southern California.

If you rather design your own trip by choosing where to stay, here’s our list of the top golf courses in SoCal.

Looking for accommodation on site that doesn’t have to be a package? Find one in our list of the best golf resorts in San Diego.

9. Harbour Springs, Michigan 

Boyne Golf, Michigan
Boyne Golf, Michigan – boynegolf

If you are looking for a spectacular golf course with great views and proximity to the Great Lake, you might want to explore Harbour Springs or other towns in Michigan. The state offers over 1000 golf courses for golfers of all levels. Additionally, many of them offer stay-and-play packages, which makes it easier to get all the best out of your golfing holidays. Check some out in our article on the best stay and play golf packages in Michigan.

Explore some of the possible stay-and-play packers in Harbour Spring:

Traveling with Your Gear 

After you pick your dream destination for your golf holidays, you need to decide if you should take gear with you or rent it at the resorts. If you choose the first option and are new to flying with golfing gear, be sure to read our article about how to pack golf clubs for a flight. You will find information on how to transport your gear safely and smoothly, no matter where you are going. 

Renting Gear in the Golf Resort

Some resorts and golf courses allow you to rent golfing gear. However, aside from your golf clubs, you need many other things. While planning your golf holidays, check our complete list and verify you packed everything you need to enjoy your stay to the fullest. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Is the Most Expensive Golf Course to Join? 

The first place on the list of the most expensive golf courses belongs to one located in the USA. Augusta National is the world’s most expensive golf course. The second place belongs to Shanquin Bay in China, and the third to the Royal and Ancient in Scotland. 

What Are the Three States with the Highest Number of Golf Courses? 

First place belongs to Florida with over 1250 golf courses. Second is California, with 921 courses, and third place belongs to Texas with 907 golf courses. 

Is Golf an Expensive Hobby? 

Golf can get very expensive very quickly. There are a few things that can add up and increase the costs of this sport, including membership fees, golf gear, attire, and coaching. You can lower the costs a bit by not hiring a mentor or not buying full attire, but the final expense will still be quite high. 

The price of a round of golf can vary, depending on the course and the time of year, but it could be something between $50 and $350.

What Does It Mean If the Golf Course Is Private?

A private course is dedicated only to choosing players that want to join the club and can pay a membership fee. The cost of membership depends on the club you want to join. 

Are There More Private or Public Golf Courses In the USA?

According to statistics, around 75% of golf courses in the USA are open to the public. It means you don’t have to have special permission to play there. Usually, the public courses are run by the municipality. They are also a more affordable option compared to private clubs. 

Is There a Dress Code for Playing Golf? 

Most private golf clubs have particular dress codes to follow. Jeans are usually not allowed. Shorts or skirts are often required, but they have to be a specific length. Many golf courses also expect men to wear collared shirts, and no t-shirts are allowed. 

What Are the Royal Golf Courses? 

Some golf courses hold the title of ‘Royal’. To receive it, the golf club needs to invite a member of the British Royal family and ask them to be a patron or an honorary member. The other way to get the title is by applying for it to the reigning monarch. 


Golfing can be a fascinating way to spend your free time. It gives you a chance to unwind, relax, but also to connect with others. If you want to go for golfing holidays in the United States, you have so many options – from warm regions that allow you to play golf all year long, to breathtaking landscapes such as Colorado, and rainy areas that can transport you to a Scottish field. Choose one of these destinations and enjoy stay-and-play packages in various resorts. 

Read more about the best time to go and where to go in our article: best time of the year to for a golf trip.

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