Golf PackagesGolf Trippenn golf offers one of the best stay and play golf packages in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a large and well-known state for its golfing opportunities thanks to its vast landscapes. Finding the best packages for golfing with so many options available can be difficult, but here are the best nine available. 

Golf Resort/PackageDetailsBook
Shadowbrook ResortFill out form for pricing informationBook
Hunter Station Golf Coursefrom $119/person per night/based on 4 occupants per lodging Book
Penn National Golf Club & Innfrom $420 per person/3 day, 2 night stay/based on double occupancy/includes 3 rounds of golfBook
Penn Wells Hotel and Lodgefrom $93/person per night/based on double occupancy/Includes one round of golfBook
Whispering Woods Golf Clubfrom $115/person per night/based on group booking/one round of golf includedBook
Champion Golffrom $80/night, 36 holes of golfBook
Avalon at Buhl Park call for pricing informationBook
Carroll Valley Golf Resort18 rounds of golf, pool access, dinner & breakfast. Call or email for pricing informationBook
Castle Hills Golf Coursecall or email for pricing informationBook

1. Shadowbrook Resort

Shadowbrook Resort
Credit: Shadowbrook Resort

Book your package: 

Shadowbrook Golf Course is an 18-hole course that has been around and enjoyed since the 1960s located in Tunkhannock Pennsylvania.  Geoffery Cornish updated the course in the 1990s and the 2000s to give it a more modern feel. It has over 6,000 playable yards. 

It hosts a variety of tournaments and leagues as well as daily public play on its 6,000-yard course. Surrounded by rolling hills and luscious greenery, you will not be disappointed by the view or the play here.  

2. Hunter Station Golf Course

Hunter Station Golf
Credit: Hunter Station Golf

Book your package:  Lodging Rates & Availability (from $119/person per night/based on 4 occupants per lodging or two per motel/includes one round of golfing a day/must stay two nights on weekends)

Hunter Station Golf Course offers multiple options for lodging and golfing packages at a reasonable price. Located in Tionesta, Pennsylvania, this golf course is pressed up against the Allegheny River offering a scenic stay-and-play opportunity. 

This 18-hole golf course is a challenging, but relaxing experience for every level of golfer. The Allegheny mountains paint the backdrop of this course also offering climbing options for those interested. A diverse and unique experience for anyone who stays here. 

3. Penn National Golf Club & Inn

Penn Golf
Credit: Penn Golf

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The Penn National Golf Club & Inn offers an affordable stay-and-play experience that is fully customizable and affordable. Located in Fayetteville, Pennsylvania, this is a 4-star golf course with 36 holes available for play. 

Located in the beautiful and serene countryside of South-central Pennsylvania, this resort is truly an escape from the worries of day-to-day life. It is easy to get to any major city in the area, being only 90 minutes from the surrounding cities. Historic and elegant, you will find everything you need here. 

4. Penn Wells Hotel and Lodge

Penn Wells Hotel and Lodge
Credit: Penn wells

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Located in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania, Penn Wells Hotel and Lodge is a historic location that offers a variety of different packages starting at low price points. All packages include the green fees and lodgings, but the rest is customizable upon booking. 

Being located in such a prime spot means you can play golf, but also access the trails and enjoy the town itself with fine dining and quaint shops. Hiking, biking, tours, and special events happen year-round, making for an exciting new adventure each time. 

5. Whispering Woods Golf Club

Whispering Woods Golf
Credit: Whispering Woods Golf

Book your package: Whispering Woods – Stay ‘N’ Play Package (from $115/person per night/based on group booking/one round of golf included)

This golf club is one of the best public golf clubs in Pennsylvania. Located in Erie, Pennsylvania, this golf club opened only in 2007 and quickly became a success among locals before expanding its name across the country. 

As its name suggests, it is surrounded by beautiful woods as well as beautiful hills. In this course, you will find a new challenge for every skill level, making it perfect for a family trip or a solo challenge. 

6. Champion Golf

Champion Lakes
Champion Lakes. Credit: PA golf

Book your package:

  • PA Golf (from $80/night, 36 holes of golf)

Champion Lakes Golf Resort is located in Bolivar, Pennsylvania, this golf course is one of only three public golf courses in the western part of the state to be rated 4 stars and is known as one of the best places to golf in that part of the state. 

This beautiful golf course and lodging is nestled away in the scenic countryside of the Ligonier Valley. Hundreds of acres offer amazing golfing and a beautiful view. Luscious forests, groves, and stunning lakes make for a challenging yet serene golf experience. 

7. Avalon at Buhl Park 

Buhl Park golf
Credit: AvalonCC

Book your package: Avalon at Buhl Park – Golf Package (call for pricing information)

Also located in Western Pennsylvania is another amazing golf course. In Sharon, Pennsylvania you will find a highly rated golf course of 4 stars with 24 different courses to choose from. They offer many different customizable stay-and-play golf packages with just a phone to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. 

It offers a classic and homey country gold club experience. The greens are dense and the water is crystal clear. You have a quick, yet challenging experience at this golf course that has had over 100 years of use by golfers from around the world. 

8. Carroll Valley Golf Resort

Carol Valley Golf
Credit: Liberty Mountain Resort

Book your package: Carroll Valley Golf Resort (18 rounds of golf, pool access, dinner & breakfast. Call or email for pricing information)

Located in South Central Pennsylvania, tucked away in Fairfield is the Carroll Valley Golf Resort. This package includes golfing, lodging, and a continental breakfast for you to enjoy during your time at the resort. 

At this location, there is an 18-hole championship course for golfers to challenge themselves at. The rolling hills at the base of the Appalachian Mountains offer a difficult, yet unique golfing experience. Meanwhile, mountain streams and lakes provide a view like you’ve never seen before. 

9. Castle Hills Golf Course

Castle Hills Golf
Credit: Golf Castle Hills

Book your package:  Castle Hills Golf Course – Golf Package (call or email for pricing information) 

Another one of the top golf courses in Western Pennsylvania is the Castle Hills Golf Course located in New Castle. In this course, you can create your custom stay-and-play package with a simple inquiry. 

Castle Hills Golf Course is known for its lakes, streams, greenery, and rolling hills. It offers an 18-hole course suitable for any level of golfer to learn and grow. The course offers pavilions to turn a day of golfing into a social gathering while enjoying the view. 


How Many Golf Courses Does Pennsylvania Have?

There are a total of 257 golf courses in Pennsylvania. 2 of them are rated 3 stars, 60 are rated 4 stars, and 188 are rated 5 stars for the golf courses, making Pennsylvania a great state to play in. 

What Are The Best Golf Courses in States Near Pennsylvania?

There are two amazing states bordering Pennsylvania. Both Ohio and West Virginia are well known for having great golf opportunities while being close to Pennsylvania. Make sure you stay at one of the 9 best stay and play packages in Ohio. If you want to check out West Virginia instead, look at the 9 best stay and play packages in West Virginia

How Many Golf Courses Are Near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania?

There are 51 different golf courses just within 20 miles of Pittsburgh and over half of them are available to the public. Most have the classic 18-hole layout, however, a few do have 9-hole layouts. 

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