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Kentucky is a prime location for playing golf in the US. After all, the moderate and temperate climate lends itself to all-year conditions which are ample for golf. Let’s count down some of the best stay and play packages within the state.

Bright Leaf Golf Resort, Harrodsburgfrom $268/person for 2 days & 2 rounds of golfBook
Perry Parkfrom $150/person for 2 days (winter)Book
The Peninsula Golf Resort, Lancasterfrom $100/person for 1 night, unlimited golfBook
Tanglewood Golf Course, Taylorsvillenot available at the momentBook
Stone Crest Golf Course, Prestonsburgfrom $200/person for 1 night. 2 rounds of golfBook
Longview Golf Club, Georgetown3 days , 3 rounds of golf. Call or email for priceBook
The Falls of Rough Resortfrom $99/person per night, golf all dayBook
Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, GilbertsvillequoteBook

1. Bright Leaf Golf Resort, Harrodsburg

Bright Leaf Golf Resort
Credit: Bright Leaf Golf Resort

Book your package: (from $268/person for 2 days & 2 rounds of golf)

The Bright Leaf prides itself on offering ‘true Southern hospitality’. The resort has three distinct courses for every level of golfer, including a floodlit circuit meaning that it can be enjoyed after sunset!

There’s a wealth of accommodation and dining experiences to be had, including the dishes available at the 19th Hole restaurant prides itself on being a one-stop shop for all the dining needs of its patrons.

Package starts from $268/person for 2 days on weekdays and $377/person for 3 days on weekends.

Bright Leaf is on our list of the best golf resorts in Kentucky. Check them out if golf package is not mandatory for you.

2. Perry Park

Perry Park Golf
Credit: Perry Park Golf

Book your package: (from $150/person for 2 days (winter))

With 27 holes across three challenging courses, the opportunity to play golf at Perry Park is indeed a spellbinding one. On a crisp blue sky day, golfers needn’t rush themselves, but instead take in the organic beauty of the Bluegrass state’s natural elements.

Packages here can be tailor-made to the exact duration you want to stay in the lodges and times you want to hit the course. However, be aware that the weekend prices are quite a bit more expensive than the weekday. 

Price starts from $180/person for 2 days on weekdays and $250/person for 2 days on weekends.

3. The Peninsula Golf Resort, Lancaster

Peninsula Golf
Credit: Peninsula Golf

Book your package: (from $100/person for 1 night, unlimited golf)

The Peninsula Golf Resort is a popular place for golfing vacations. The complex in Lancaster, Kentucky has a variety of packages available including unlimited golf options, allowing lots of time to simply play.

In the offseason with the endless golf option patrons can expect to pay as little as $100 per night, which is very amicably priced considering the exceptional access to the golf course. During peak golf months (April to October) guests will pay more but will have a breakfast buffet included with their stay.

4. Tanglewood Golf Course, Taylorsville

Tanglewood Golf
Credit: Tanglewood Golf

Book your package: (none available at the moment)

Focusing on luxury and quality experiences the Tanglewood Golf Course in Taylorsville, Kentucky is one of the more well-to-do and premium options. It is certainly aimed towards golfers who want a casual game and then be treated to a gourmet lunch and dinner.

Stay-and-play accommodations include the polished motel facility as well as the spacious condominium settings. Both are well situated and offer great links to downtown Taylorsville should you fancy an excursion from the course.

5. Stone Crest Golf Course, Prestonsburg

Stone Crest Golf
Credit: Stone Crest Golf

Book your package: (From $200/person for 1 night. 2 rounds of golf)

While Stone Crest doesn’t have any on-site accommodation, it does have a good working relationship with three local businesses and sites offering a place to stay nearby. This allows patrons to take advantage of competitive rates for both golfing and staying over, starting from just $200. These include such hotels as the Jenny Wiley State Resort Park, the Quality Inn, and the local Comfort Suite.

Based in the green setting of Prestonburg, there are other local amenities including opportunities to go fishing, watch some local theatre productions, and generally take in nature.

6. Griffin Gate Golf Resort & Spa, Lexington

Griffin Gate Golf
Credit: Griffin Gate Golf

Book your package: there is no package available at this moment

Self-described as ‘Kentucky’s Premier Golf Resort’ there’s a lot to like about the Griffin Gate. Managed and operated by the Marriott group, there’s a certain suave and sophistication about this Lexington, Kentucky establishment.

The Griffin Gate Golf Package offers full 18-hole access to guests, overnight accommodation, and multiple discount incentives in the pro shop and on-site restaurants. Furthermore, after a hard day out on the green, you can unwind in the luxury spa facilities.

7. Longview Golf Club, Georgetown

Longview Golf
Credit: Longview Golf

Book your package:

If you’re looking for golf and exclusively golf in your play and stay, then Longview is the place for you. The accommodation options here are joyfully humble and serviceable, moreover, conveniently placed right next to the first tee. Rather than losing the golf objective on aesthetics and dramatic experiences, this is a pure golf experience.

If your party has members who want to indulge in extracurricular activities, then downtown Georgetown is a five-minute drive away, while the Lexington attractions are only 15 minutes by car too, meaning everyone is catered for here.

8. The Falls of Rough Resort (Lafayette Golf Club), Falls of Rough

Lafayette Golf
Credit: Lafayette Golf

Book your package: (from $99/person per night, golf all day)

The Lafayette Golf Club within the Falls of Rough Resort is a site of natural wonder. Spanning 250 acres of luscious green surfaces and wooded beauty. This resort is truly a place to drink in Kentucky’s exhilarating elements.

All of the stay-and-play packages will ensure you stay in style as all of the accommodation is within the on-site mansion. These start from as little as $99 per person, per night and have the distinction of offering all-day golf! Furthermore, you get access to the resort’s swimming pool as well as all of its other amenities.

9. Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park, Gilbertsville

Kentucky Dam Village State Park Golf Course
Credit: Kentucky State Parks

Book your package: (quote)

Kentucky has a wealth of both national and state parks littered around its boundaries. Here in Gilbertsville is one of the most bountiful for enriching golf experiences as the 18-hole course is of championship quality. There are both accommodations available at the Village Green Inn and on-site camping facilities.

In addition, you can sample true Kentucky produce here at the Harbor Lights Restaurant which champions local meats and other ingredients grown in the locality. The bar even serves up a selection of wines, spirits, and beers brewed within the state.

If you don’t really care about packages, here’s our list of the best golf courses in Kentucky. Check it out!


Which of these places or packages is the best?

Sadly, there’s no definitive answer on what the best is. Look at your itinerary, your purpose for going (serious golf practice or a leisurely break with some jovial golf), and your budget, and determine which place and package works best for you.

If you’re coming with family, it’s a good idea to look for a resort with mini golf nearby for fun family activities.

Can I rent clubs at these resorts?

It’s best to check with the site before you make the trip. It might be that they have a limited number of rental clubs. Furthermore, they might not be very good quality and/or could be very costly to use them.

If you’re worried about damaging your clubs by taking them with you in plane, consider to check our recommended golf travel bags. They’re designed to provide maximum protection to your clubs during transport.

When going on these trips should I pack, ship or fly with my clubs?

If you’re only a state or two over from Kentucky, you might want to simply put them in the back of your car. If you’re not driving but coming from afar then shipping your sticks can be a stress-free option. Flying with your clubs is often a good way to keep them with you but can have complications if you don’t note the restrictions which can vary from airline to airline. Be sure to read our guide on how to fly with golf clubs before you pack your clubs for a trip.

Should I book directly with the resort?

There are benefits and drawbacks to booking directly. Mostly, you cut out a line of communication, meaning that there’s no middleman if you need to make a special request or complaint. Obviously, this is useful for resolving issues in a timely manner.

The prices can be lower directly but the reverse is also true as resorts offer good prices through third parties because they appreciate that travel site vendors have a much larger reach and their personal website.

I’ve already been to Kentucky, is there anywhere else?

Already been to these places? Well, luckily the rest of the US and even the rest of the world has plenty more golf courses to play on. Of course, some of these might be worth visiting multiple times. Check our Stay and Play tips for some great suggestions or check out these surrounding states:

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