How to Plan a Golf Trip
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Golf enthusiasts know the excitement of having a well-planned and executed golf trip. You can always choose to go on a trip with your golf buddies or families. However, what matters most is how you plan the whole trip.

If you are a beginner and looking for some inspiration, this write-up is for your rescue:

1. Choose the buddies

Any trip is memorable because of the group you form. So, when you are planning a golf trip, always choose friends that love golf and are primarily focused on having good times scoring tees. It is better to leave out the ones that don’t play or like golf.

Moreover, golf trips are all about insane games, constant competitions, drinks, late night chats and you do need the most comfortable friends during this. It will be unfair to invite someone who dislikes these things on the trip. It will keep them irritated and will ruin your trip as well.

Having difficulties to find someone to play with? Here’s 13 ways to find golf buddies, check it out!

2. Choose the place

The world is full of incredible golf courses. You can choose the plain terrains or go for some hilly terrains for added adventure. But you do need to finalize that course. You can go for everyone’s dream courses in Myrtle Beach or Michigan. Or you can go explore some exotic courses in Ireland! This will keep the excitement alive and competitive spirits on an all-time high.

Can’t decide due to too many good options? Here’s our 9 recommended destinations for a golf trip with buddies.

Or if you’re someone who cares about sustainability, check out our list of the best eco-friendly golf courses in the US.

3. Decide the time to go

Lots of people are fanatic enough about golf to want their favorite golf course to be open all year-round. But not all golf courses can do that. Remember that weather conditions can impact your play. Humidity, lots of rain, boiling heat – all these factors can keep golfers off the course. Take Nevada or Arizona for example. Sometimes checking out the “best deals” for summer can get you temperatures of around 110 degrees.

Have a look at our article about the best time of the year for a golf trip for some great ideas.

4. Book a Stay and Play package or book separately

These days you can easily find stay and play golf packages offered at any prime golf destination. In this package, you’ll see one price for a combo of accommodation with free golf at selected courses. This kind of package offers a hassle-free solution and possibly saves you money.

If you’re not familiar with stay and play packages, check out our guide on stay and play golf packages to find detailed info along with recommended packages in different states.

On the other side of the equation, you can opt to book your accommodation and green fee separately. This might give you more flexibility because in a package sometimes you’re limited to a certain time and certain courses.

5. Plan the entire itinerary

Golf trips are not all about just golfing. You need to finalize your stay, transportation, food, and some fun activities too.

  • Always have a clear discussion with your gaming buddies about the courses you will be playing at.
  • Make sure to look for the charges and rules and regulations of that place. Also, make an exhaustive plan for how and where you will be eating each day and where you will be staying. You don’t need to worry about these while all you need to do play some golf.
  • Another aspect is that you should include some other fun activities too and have a plan B ready all the time. See, playing golf is good but it might get a bit boring if you keep doing it every day. So, try to include the local excursion or a short fun trip planned as well.
  • As for plan B, you need to understand that you will be having some action when the weather will be sunny and all good. But if that is not the case, your plan B will ensure that your trip is not ruined altogether.

6. Focus on pairings

When planning a group trip, pay focus to the pairings that will be playing on the trip. Don’t pair two newcomers or slow gamers on the same team. Keeping a balanced team will keep the competition lively.

7. Plan the competition

Take it to be your own personal golfing Olympics. Chalk out a clear competition schedule. Try to play as many games as possible and keep on experimenting. Include scramble, Chapman, Stableford scoring, and all other golf formats. This will ensure that each day has a new game format. Your buddies will be looking forward to each day for a new set of competitions.

8. Take help

Taking help for an exclusive gaming trip is important. There are lots of agencies that offer dedicated help to plan a golf trip. Taking help from them will save you time, and cost and they will even help you out with reservations.

This is especially true if you’re aiming for an international golf trip such as Ireland as it might be too much for you to handle independently. We’ve compiled a list of 8 best golf tour operators who specialize in this. Check them out!

9. Take charge and delegate

A trip is all about taking charge and delegating as well. One member has to be the person who leads, someone who takes decisions and responsibility for the whole trip. Otherwise, it will become a mad rush.

Another point is to distribute the work amongst the members. Ask someone to keep updated with the tickets and reservations and the other to make sure about the gaming schedule and so on. That way, the trip will go on smoothly and no one will feel left out either.

10. Ditch inhibitions

Don’t be shy to try out new golf courses or new competitions. Just because you are a pro in one game format does not mean you need not play something new. Trying out newer games will keep the excitement alive.

11. Have a clear discussion on budget

You might want to go to the pebble beach or the plantation course but will that fit into your group’s budget? Because the trip will be not about just going to the place, it will include all sorts of expenses like food, drinks, transportation, and so on. Having a rigorous budget discussion is important.

12. To take your own clubs or to rent on the spot

Some seasoned golfers only want to take along their personal clubs. Other golfers are happy to rent theirs. Rentals can easily go over the $100 mark, and that’s not including other fees. If you fly to your golf course destination, remember you will also need to check with the airline about golf case sizes and also weight restrictions.

Our article about how to travel with golf clubs covers the essentials along with information about golf policies on 15+ top airlines in the US. Check it out!

If you decide to bring your own clubs, make sure to equip yourself with a good golf travel bag to ensure your club’s safety during transport. Here are our top golf travel bag recommendations to help you decide.


The success of any trip lies in its planning and execution. You make memories only when you don’t have to stress out about your reservations and planning the day out. So look no further! Just plan out your golf trip this summer for non-stop golfing and memories!

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