A few important items in your golf trip packing list
A few important items in your golf trip packing list – lsantilli (depositphotos)

So what’s next on your next golf trip destination? Michigan? Colorado? Whenever or wherever your next golf vacation is some items are essential no matter how long you’re traveling for. Be sure to take note so that you don’t miss any of them and must pay excessive fees to replace them.

In addition to your essential items like phone, wallet, and device chargers, remember to take these items so your trip goes without a hitch.

Here are the Essential Items You Must Have in Your Golf Trip Packing List:

Golf Clubs

There are, of course, some items that go without saying. These are considered prerequisites to playing golf. Golf clubs are often useful for teeing off and general play etc. While in theory you could rent or borrow clubs from another party, this could be costly, especially if they don’t return to the owner in the same condition they were given to you in.

Be realistic in what you decide to pack, however. If you have a special edition club you’d rather not risk damage to in transit or a specialty club that has limited use – you might want to keep these clubs at home to save on your baggage allowance.

Lastly, be sure to be knowledgeable about traveling with golf clubs so your clubs would arrive safely with you.

Balls and tees

Another key attribute to any round of golf is a ball to hit and a tee to mount the ball on. It’ll certainly be an interesting game without a ball! While usually less troublesome to rent or procure, you can never be sure of the availability of balls on a busy weekend at a club. The same goes with tees, it’s therefore recommended to bring a few of your own.

If you’re going with your golf buddies, you can divide the packing for shareable items like this.

Muscle relief medicine gel

This might not be the most obvious item to pack but can come in very useful. Golfing holidays present a lot of golf, all day for the entirety of your stay usually. If you don’t golf that much normally then your muscles may tire and hurt as they’ll be strained by being overworked. Some ibuprofen gel will go a long way to help any pain arising, remember to check the ingredients to make sure it’s suitable for you, however.

Golf gloves

You can never truly predict the weather. It may be forecasted to be glorious sunshine, however, a little shower or just moisture in the area might necessitate wet weather gloves. Of course, you’ll need your non-wet gloves too.

Clothing befitting the course and club dress code

You must ensure that your clothes are in line with the dress code standards expected by all the clubs and courses you plan to visit. These can vary wildly on the time of year and formality setting of each venue, be sure to look at the exact specifications for your trip to avoid rejection or embarrassment. Of course, with the advent of LIV Golf allowing shorts on their tour events, the future might behold less restrictive apparel but for now, it’s best to be prepared.

Golf club heads

Always a necessity, head covers for your golf clubs allow you to coat the top of your club. Taking a trip without them is just bad practice as you could be allowing the clubs to clunk about and hit one another during transit. Of course, if you’ve got a great novelty one like one resembling a cuddly toy you’ll want to show that off around the course.

Golf Towels

These might be included in your booking but there’s nothing worse than getting on the course with nothing to towel down with. However, it’s always best to be on the safe side and pack some anyway. These can be particularly useful help stuff like golf clubs so you can limit the amount of motion in the bag while in transit.

Golf shoes

This one is very easy to forget! After all, for most people, you put your shoes on and that’s the problem solved until you get to the course and you’ve neglected to pack your golf-specific shoes. While there might be a rental service at some courses/clubs they might not have your size in stock. Always better to get your own.


Maybe not a total essential if you don’t have one already but if you do, ensure you don’t forget it. The rangefinder is particularly useful on new courses as it’ll be able to accurately judge the distance and allow you to fine-tune your game. These usually start at $100 for the budget options.

Golf Travel Bag

Another staple, is to have a golf travel bag to cover your golf clubs. If you don’t have one yet or need a new one make sure your purchase so you end up with the best golf travel bag for your trip. Most aviation companies like American Airlines and United Airlines only allow a passenger to take one golf bag, so if you want multiple bags of golf apparatus you’ll have to get a member of your party to take one too.

Identification and documentation

Given that the world of golf and bookings at such establishments are usually quite expensive, there can be the need to authenticate your identity. Ensuring you have all documents concerning your ID, tickets, and booking confirmation emails printed off will speed up any issues. While it could be considered overkill to print out documents, if your phone is out of service in a remote area (maybe where your course/hotel is located) the paper variety will be very useful as it isn’t dependent on network availability.

Golf club polish

If your trip is longer rather than shorter, you might find that after a few rounds your clubs might need a quick freshen-up so they look bright. Packing your polish and assigned cloth will allow you to keep them maintained throughout the trip. Of course, if it’s just an overnight stay it might not be worth the weight allowance.


With all these items at the ready and all suitable packed in your bag, you’ll be well prepared to set off on your next golf trip with limited hassle or stress from the packing process.

Now that you know what to pack, here’s how to organize a hiccup-free golf trip and here are some ideas to make it a fun one. Check them out!

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