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Golf is generally enjoyed as an individual sport and most people appreciate the time they have by themselves. However, it can also be a great way to make new lifelong friends and a golf buddy could make the experience extra fun. But how and where can you find a golf buddy if no one you know is into the same thing as you?

1. Attend golf clinics and meetups near you

This first tip is mostly meant for beginners that are just getting into the game but they don’t know anyone to play with yet. There are many golf clinics and meetups out there, you just need to find them. A quick Google search will give you some recommendations for clinics near you but you can also ask around at golf courses to find one. 

These clinics are usually swarmed with other golfers who are in the same position as you. Many of them would love a golf buddy, so here’s your chance. Attend at least one clinic and communicate with other golfers to find someone to play with on a regular basis. 

2. Join golf leagues near you

Golf leagues are made up of a group of players that get together on a regular schedule. They typically have membership fees and some serious leagues may include a prize pot for the season’s winner. 

However, this isn’t the main attraction of golf leagues because they are perfect for making new friends with the same interests as you. All of the members of these leagues are there for the same reason, which means that you already have something in common.

3. Make use of social media platforms

It’s the 21st century and thanks to technology, you can find golf buddies in the comfort of your own home. 59.9% of the global population uses social media and many of them are golfers. So, what’s stopping you from getting on Facebook and joining a group for golfers? 

The same goes for other platforms like X, Instagram, and TikTok. All you have to do is search for what you want or post some pictures of your day on the course. Alternatively, you can go ahead and post that you are looking for a golf buddy and ask fellow golfers to contact you. Soon, your inbox or comment section will be full of potential friends. 

4. Keep an eye on online forums

Forums are almost as popular as social media and they work just as great to find friends. Reddit is without a doubt the most favored online forum and there are many subreddits dedicated to golf as a hobby. You can browse these mini categories for other players wanting a friend or start your own thread and wait for others to reply. Other forums that should have what you’re looking for include Lemmy and Quora. 

5. Sign up on websites and apps for golfers

App and web developers were a step ahead of you when they created platforms dedicated to finding golf buddies. Using these platforms is very easy and you just need to sign up to get started. Some of the platforms that you can try out include Deemples, TeeUp, GolfBuddy, GolfLync, and

You can search the database for golfers near you and most of them even allow you to chat with them in real time. Plus, you can stay on the site after you find a friend because many have extra features, like comparing prices of different courses and even booking your tee time in advance. 

6. Find fellow golfers on the course

This may sound rather obvious but many golfers overlook the fact that their local golf course is packed with other golfers. Who says that many of them aren’t also on the lookout for new friends? 

You can talk to fellow players at the halfway house or the on-site restaurant/pub, but the best way to meet a golf buddy is by playing alone. The chances of someone noticing that you need a pal are much better when you’re alone. Plus, you could get paired up with another lonely player. 

If you’re a golfer who cares about sustainability and eager to find a like-minded golf-buddy, here’s a list of eco-friendly golf courses you can visit.

7. Become a member at a country club

The stigma that country clubs are just for snobs and rich golfers is in the past. Today, these clubs are meant to create a community where golfers can come together and do what they love. Then, there’s also the added bonus of other activities hosted by the club, like fundraisers, which are also great for meeting new friends.  

8. Spend time at the driving range 

The driving range is another one of those places that are buzzing with people who share your interests. Most driving ranges have bars where you can comfortably chat to new people. If they don’t, you can just strike up a conversation with the person swinging their club next to you. The staff at the driving range will also be able to steer you in the right direction if you mention that you’re looking for a buddy. 

9. Wear your golf gear off the course

You don’t have to carry your clubs to the store but wearing your favorite golf shirt could attract the right kind of attention. Promote the fact that you’re a golfer by wearing the right clothes and the guy behind you in the queue may initiate a conversation about golf. Even the dentist or your family doctor could be looking for a golf buddy. 

You could also wear your beloved shirt to work or to a party because you may meet a friend or discover that someone you know has been into golf the entire time. 

10. Stay at a golf resort 

While golf resorts aren’t limited to golfers, there are still many of them walking around. It can be hard to spot golf enthusiasts among all of the holidaymakers but if you stick to the course, you’ll find the right group. 

On the other hand, if you want to find a golf buddy in a more natural and relaxed way, you can meet them off the course. That’s the beauty of a golf resort because your new golf buddy could be relaxing in the pool or chilling at the cocktail bar. Just approach potential friends and chat to them about your interests, especially golf. 

11. Look for golfers at work

Did you consider the possibility that your colleagues at work could be golfers? They could also know of some other players looking for golf buddies, in which case they could set you up to meet. You’ll never know if you don’t go ahead and ask, so the next time you’re chatting about the weather during lunchtime, be sure to mention that you hit the greens every now and then. 

12. Attend tournaments and championships

Big tournaments, like the PGA Tour and Ryder Cup, are major attractions. Many people attend these events, from golfers and their families to businessmen who enjoy a round of golf after a stressful meeting. 

You could meet a new golf buddy next to the course while cheering for your favorite player. Who knows, maybe they’re rooting for the same golfer as you? They could also be on someone else’s team, which could still lead to a nice long conversation. 

13. Get your family and friends into golf

If all else fails, you could always try to rub your love for golf off on your friends or family members. Start by talking about the sport and asking them if they’d be interested in playing with you. If you talk about how much you love it and throw some of the benefits into the conversation, you may end up selling the idea. 

If they agree to join you, you could stick them to a day at the driving range. Once they’re comfortable with the idea of playing a game, take them to a par 3 course. From this point on, they should be ready to join you for a round on an 18-hole course. 


Is there an app to find golf buddies?

There are many great apps that’ll help you find a golf buddy in no time. Deemples, one of the most popular apps created for this purpose, allows you to find golf buddies while you can also book your next game online or compare prices. 

TeeUp lets you browse through golfer profiles before you send someone a friend request. If you find someone that fits into your idea of the perfect golf buddy, you could send them a message to chat online. Other apps that serve the same purpose include GolfBuddy and GolfLync. 

How do I find local golfers to play with?

You can find local golfers by attending clinics and tournaments or by chatting to people at the driving range or on the course. You could also stay at golf resorts, join leagues, become a member at a country club, or sign up on golf websites/apps. Alternatively, you can ask around to find fellow golfers at work or use social media. 

How do I get my friend into golf?

If you’re struggling to meet a new golf buddy and the tips on this list aren’t working, you could always try to get your existing friends to play with you. Start by taking them to the driving range to learn what goes into a great swing. Then, talk about golf and why you are so passionate about it. If they still aren’t biting, take them to a par 3 course to boost their confidence. Don’t forget to share your favorite golf tips.

Once they are ready to commit to golf as a hobby, you can plan a golf trip as the final hook. Have a look at our tips on planning a successful golf trip to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You should also check out our guide on choosing the best time of year for a golf trip and great destinations for a golf trip with buddies

How do you make friends at a golf club?

The best way to make friends in any situation is by putting yourself out there. You need to communicate with other people to find out if your interests are the same. If they are, the chances are good that you’ll click and you’ll have a lifelong friend before you know it.

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