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If you are planning a stay-and-play golf holiday, you might want to take your golf clubs with you. It’s worth knowing all the rules that apply to taking your golf gear. In this article, you will find out all you need to know about flying with golf clubs with Frontier Airlines. 

Key Takeway:

You can bring one golf bag sized up to 62 linear inches and weighs up to 40 lbs as regular checked baggage for $49. You can go up to 100 lbs for a $100 overweight fee. You can also go up to 110 linear inches for a $75 fee. Note that oversized and overweight fees are 2 separate fees.

Read more for further details about Frontier golf clubs policy along with fees breakdown.

Can Passengers Bring Golf Clubs for Free?

Frontier Airlines allows you to bring golf clubs as your regular checked baggage, which is not free. You can have one bag, which includes golf clubs and shoes. The airline advises adding an extra 30 minutes for a calm check-in of your bags. 

Have in mind that the golf bag with clubs counts towards your baggage allowance. 

Is There Golf Bag Fee in Frontier?

You don’t pay extra for golf clubs, only standard checked bag fees apply. If you bring your luggage plus a golf travel bag, that counts as 2 checked luggage. The price of the checked-in luggage depends on the fare option you chose while buying the ticket. 

The price is widely different based on when you reserve to check your bag, but here’s the most common one (amount might vary based on various factors)

BagWhen bookingBefore check-in online
1st checked bag$49$51
2nd checked bag$69$71

If you’re a US military member, you get 2 checked bags for free, among other discounts.

Overweight Baggage 

The standard weight of checked-in luggage with Frontier Airlines is 40 lb. If your clubs weigh more, you will need to pay an overweight fee:

  • 41 – 50 lbs: $50 overweight fee
  • 51 – 100 lbs: $100 overweight fee. 

If your bag has more than 100 lbs, it won’t be allowed to fly with you. 

Check out Frontier’s general baggage policy if you bring other stuffs with you.

Oversized Baggage 

Frontier Airlines allow you to take bags up to 62 linear inches at the standard price. Keep in mind that handles, wheels, and straps are counted in the size. If your bag is between 63 and 110 linear inches, you need to pay an oversize baggage fee. 

*linear dimension can be calculated by adding height, weight, and width of your golf travel bag.

Most good golf travel bags are around 80 linear inches, so it’s almost certain that you will need to pay extra for your golf clubs. The fee for an oversized bag is $75 per bag per direction, which means that if you book a return flight with your golf club, you need to add $140 to the total price of the flights. 

Our most compact recommended travel golf bag is exactly 62 linear inches so based on how the airline staff measures it, it may or may not incur oversize charges. If you decide to just pay the oversize fee, check out our list of recommended golf travel bags.

If the bag with your golf clubs is bigger than 110 linear inches, it won’t be accepted on board. 

Important note: be aware that you need to pay for an overweight bag and an oversized bag separately. That means if your bag weighs 41 lbs and is bigger than 63 linear inches, you need to pay two fees.

Note that other airlines such as Spirit, United, and WestJet waive oversize policy so if Frontier is not your only choice, check these 3 airlines out. 

What Are the Alternative Methods to Bring Your Clubs?

Sometimes knowing the rules to travel with your golf clubs and applying them can be overwhelming. You might be worried about the overweight size, have to limit your choice of clubs to fit the right measurements, and so on. If you only have your golf clubs in the check-in baggage, you might not want to waste extra time just to check them in.

If you don’t want to have your clubs fly with you, you can explore some other ways of getting them to your destination. 

Ship Your Golf Clubs to the Destination with a Carrier

Using a carrier might be a good idea if you want to avoid high expenses and worries about your golf clubs arriving at their destination in a perfect state. Find a trusted carrier such as shipsticks and check a quote for delivering your golf clubs to the destination. 

Take a Train or Travel by Car

If the golf course is not too far away from you, you might consider traveling by other means of transport. This way, you can increase the safety of your clubs and reduce the costs of the journey. Here’s a list of top US cities with the best golf courses, some might be in a reasonable driving range from your home.

Rent Golf Clubs at a Resort 

Some resorts and golf clubs give you the option to rent golf gear for the time of your stay. Contact them before to explore prices and your possibilities. 

Can I Take Golf Clubs with Me in Carry-on Luggage?

No. Most golf clubs wouldn’t fit in a carry-on bag. Additionally, they are potentially threatening to the safety of other passengers. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) includes golf clubs in their list of prohibited items for bringing into the cabin of a plane. However, you can easily take your golf clubs in checked-in luggage with Frontier Airlines.  

Specific Rules for Sports Equipment with Frontier Airlines

The best way to travel with your golf clubs is to put them in a hard case. It is not the only way to prevent them from getting damaged but also a security for liability. 

According to the information on the Frontier website, the airline is not responsible for lost or damaged baggage, unless it is packed in a hard case. 

Can I Take a Single Golf Club with Me on a Plane?

No. Government agencies and airlines don’t allow you to take even one golf club with you on board the plane, as it could be used as a weapon. Always check in your golf bag together with your other baggage. Be sure that you secured it properly. If you don’t want to invest in a golf travel bag, consider an adjustable golf club. It’s compact and can be packed in your luggage easily.

How Many Golf Clubs Can I Pack In My Baggage? 

There is no limitation when it comes to the number of golf clubs. Remember however about the weight and size limitations of every airline. Based on them, calculate how many clubs you can take with you. 

How Do I Secure My Golf Clubs for Flying?

To make sure that your clubs are going to get to the destination safely, use a durable, hard-shell bag. If you can, remove the heads from the clubs. Try to fill up the empty space between your clubs. You can do it using golf towels, packing materials, bubble wrap, and so on. When there is no space between clubs, they will move less. Additionally, they won’t rub against each other. 

Can I Put My Clothes in the Golf Club Bag?

If your golf clubs fly as normal check-in luggage such as with Frontier Airlines, there is no reason why you can’t put your clothes in the golf bag. Moreover, adding clothes in the free space can prevent your golf clubs from rubbing and be an additional safety measure for them to arrive at their destination in a perfect state. 

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