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Make sure to know WestJet golf clubs policy when flying with them for a golf trip – John McArthur (unsplash)

Are you planning a golfing trip by yourself or with your friends? You can fly with WestJet, Canada’s second-largest airline, and take your clubs with you. To make sure you aren’t surprised by any extra fees, here is WestJet’s golf clubs policy.

Key Takeaway
You can take a golf bag that weighs up to 50 lbs (22.7kg) for $30 to $59, depending on how many pieces of luggage you take. Oversize fees are waived because your golf bag is considered sporting equipment. For weight, you can go up to 100 lbs for $100. Your bag must have a hood or be packed in a hard shell container.

Keep reading for more details on fees that can appear when traveling with your golf clubs. You will discover more about different fares and policies that can influence your trip.

Oversize Policy for Golf Bag

The standard dimension of checked luggage is 62 linear inches (157cm), which is measured by adding the height, length, and width (H+L+W). This airline ignores these dimensions for most sporting equipment, including golf travel bags. The maximum length for, for example, a surfboard, is 118 inches (3m), and vaulting poles can be even longer.

Seeing as your golf bag is unlikely to be as long as a surfboard (most good golf bags are around 80 inches long), you don’t need to worry about oversize fees.

Overweight Policy for Golf Bag

What you must keep an eye on is the weight. Just like regular baggage, your golf bag can only weigh up to 50 lbs (22.7kg). If it’s above this weight, you will need to pay excess fees.

Bags that weigh between 51 and 100 lbs (23-45kg) will cost $100 if you’re flying from an airport in the U.S., the Caribbean, or Latin America. Any above this range will not be accepted onboard.

Packing Your Golf Bag

Your golf bag needs to have all your essentials for a great trip. You’ll obviously need your clubs, and you should also take some golf balls and your golf shoes. Many airlines tell passengers that they shouldn’t bring non-golf equipment in their golf bags, but many golfers fill up any free space with clothes for extra protection.

Once you’ve taken all the precautions to keep your gear safe, you should cover the top of the bag with a protective hood to stop the equipment from falling out. You can choose to put the whole bag in a rigid container or not.

However, keep in mind that many insurance policies don’t cover damaged clubs if they weren’t shipped in a hard shell case. Here’s our list of recommendations for the best golf travel bags to keep your clubs safe during transport.

If your golf bag has built-in tripod legs, they must be secured before the bag is checked. They will likely get damaged if they are loose.

Checking Your Golf Equipment

Your golf clubs can’t be taken as carry-on luggage because they can cause harm to others. This means you’ll have to check them at the check-in points before security. 

Even though golf bags are bigger than the standard 62 linear inch dimensions, you don’t need to drop them at the oversize luggage counter. You can go to the regular baggage drop-off.

Prices for Golf Bags and Other Checked Luggage

If you’re going on a quick golfing holiday, you might get away with your golf bag and a backpack. However, if you’re traveling for longer, you might need a large suitcase with all of your clothes and valuables.

The cheapest ticket option with WestJet is the Basic fare. You will need to pay for each bag you take when you choose this option. The first bag will cost between $30 and $35.40 and the second between $50 and $59 when flying within the US and Canada. Trips abroad with luggage are more expensive.

Here’s a more detailed article on WestJet baggage policy with class breakdown and cost. Check it out if needed.

Note that if you’re a military personnel in the Canadian army, you’re eligible for free checked bags.

Taking a Golf Bag With Different Fares

WestJet offers a range of fares that give you different benefits. One of the main advantages is the number of bags you can bring with you. The fare types are:

  • Basic
  • EconoFlex
  • Premium
  • Business

The maximum number of checked bags you can travel with is four. You will be charged for your first bag on the Basic fare, but not with the other three fares. EconoFlex tickets give you the first bag for free, but the second costs between $50 and $60. Premium and Business passengers get their first and second bags for free. The third and fourth cost around $100-118 each for every fare.

Your golf bag is included in these fares. So, for example, the Premium option gives you the chance to bring your golf bag and another checked bag for free, but the EconoFlex only gives you the golf bag for free, not the standard luggage, or vice-versa.

Be Aware of Extra Fees

Pre-paying for your luggage is the cheapest option with WestJet. If you choose to bring luggage within 24 hours of your departure, you will pay an added $10 per bag.

Consider Shipping Your Golf Clubs

Taking your golf clubs on a plane can be a hassle. They’re heavy and can easily get lost or damaged within the airport. So, why not ship them to your destination? You can have them picked up by a courier at your house and they’ll be waiting for you at the golf resort when you arrive.

Some companies, like Ship Sticks, specialize in shipping golf clubs around the world. No matter which resorts you’re playing at, your golf bag can meet you there.

Can I bring any golf equipment in my carry-on luggage?

Even though golf clubs are considered dangerous items by the TSA, there are other golf-related items that you can bring into the cabin in your carry-on luggage. For example, golf balls, shoes, rangefinders, and more.

However, rangefinders can cause some issues. Seeing as they’re fragile devices, bringing them in your carry-on luggage is best. The problem is that some TSA agents can find them suspicious because other kinds of rangefinders are used with guns. If you’re stopped at security, you might need to justify bringing it. Having said this, they are not included in the TSA list of prohibited items so you should be fine.

How many pairs of golf shoes can I bring?

If you have several pairs of golf shoes, you might want to bring them all with you on your golfing trip. However, several airlines have regulations that state you can only bring one pair in your golf bag. Although they aren’t strict with this, it’s a rule to be aware of. As mentioned before, you can always bring an extra pair of shoes in your carry-on luggage.

What are some tips for traveling with golf clubs?

Traveling with golf clubs isn’t the same as traveling with regular luggage. You need to pack your clubs very carefully so they won’t be damaged in transit. You should also make sure to get a sturdy hard-shell container for your bag. As mentioned before, many airlines don’t cover damaged clubs if they aren’t packed in a hard case.

You should also favor direct flights so your clubs will be moved around as little as possible. And make sure you have clear identification on your bag so it can be found if it gets lost. Check out our article on tips on how to fly with golf clubs for more information.

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