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If you are planning to fly on a golf vacation, there are a couple of options for you to consider. Should you rent clubs at your destination or bring your own set? But what if you plan to play on special, challenging courses and using your own personal favorite clubs can only enhance the vacation experience? In that case, the only answer is to bring your own set with you.

Key Takeway:

You can check a golf travel bag up to 40 lbs as a standard checked bag for $26 with oversize fee waived. You can go as far as 100 lbs for an extra $99 fee but no more than that.

Read further for more details on the policy and saving tips when flying with Spirit.

Is it free to bring a golf bag in Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines’ baggage policy sees them charging for all carry-on and checked bags. Golf equipment is charged as one standard checked bag. It should comprise 1 golf bag, 14 clubs, 12 golf balls, and one pair of shoes. A pull cart attached to the bag is also allowed. 

What are the standard charges for checked baggage?

Because your golf bag is counted as one checked bag, you will be charged a fee for its transportation. The charge for standard fare during booking is $26, but if it is a second checked bag the cost becomes $36. You can also use their Spirit Bag-O-Tron to calculate the exact prices.

Here are the most commonly used (standard fare):

Reserved on bookingReserved on online check-in
1st checked bag$26$36
2nd checked bag$36$46

You can get up to 2 free checked bags with military discount offered in Spirit.

Oversize policy for golf travel bags

Checked bags are determined at a maximum linear measurement of 62 inches, that is length + width + height. The airline charges for oversized baggage above 62 linear inches but is happy to waive this oversize fee in the case of golf bags. Most good golf travel bags are sized at 80 inches, which you can check here.

Note that both the initial checked bag fee and oversize policy are quite friendly for golfers. Other budget airlines such as Frontier charges for both oversize and overweight golf bag.

Overweight policy for golf travel bags

Your bag and equipment must stay within the 40 lb rule to avoid a surcharge and there is no exception for golf bags. Charges at this time indicate overweight surcharges as follows: 

  • 41 lb to 50 lbs = $59
  • 51 lb to 100 lbs = $99. 

Can Golf Bags Be Brought as Carry-On ?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a comprehensive A-Z list of items that are prohibited from being carried in the cabin of a passenger aircraft. Golf clubs are on this list therefore bags containing them must always be treated as checked baggage. 

Consider Shipping Your Clubs Instead

Packing luggage for a trip can be stressful, but adding a full bag of clubs into the mix only heightens the stress. Getting all your personal luggage and a hefty golf bag through the airport without incident also poses a challenge. The solution would be to have your clubs shipped to either the course or your resort destination in the days before you fly yourself.

There are a number of companies that specialize in shipping your prized clubs to your chosen destination and shipping them home again. Of course, it is just as important that you pack and wrap the bag and clubs with care. 

Whereas carrier companies like FedEx and UPS have been shipping clubs for years, they have retooled their services to offer big corporate discounts to specialist companies such as Ship Sticks. This means that the specialists can ship your clubs cheaper whilst still using the big carriers and oftentimes they are cheaper than the airlines themselves.

Another advantage to having your bags shipped by a specialist that uses the big carriers is that baggage handling screw-ups are a lot rarer than with regular airport handling systems.

How Can I Reduce My Baggage Charges when Flying with Spirit Airlines? 

Join the Spirit Saver$ Club

If you’d like to save a few dollars on your baggage fees, consider joining the “Spirit Saver$ Club”. After paying for club membership, you’ll be eligible for perks like discounted fares, reduced baggage fees, and discounts on extras like “Big Front Seats” and Shortcut Boarding.

The “Spirit Saver$ Club” isn’t free, so you’ll want to evaluate your expected traveling and how much value you can get from membership before joining.

Sign Up to “The Free Spirit” Program

Free Spirit rewards members for every dollar spent rather than how far you fly. This means you’ll earn points for every purchase with the airline and also with their selected partners. Points earned can be redeemed against seat reservations on any flights with no blackout dates. 

The company also has a credit card, teaming with Mastercard, where you can earn bonus points upon signing up and afterward on selected purchases with other partners.

Should I pay while I am making my booking?

While making your booking, it is important to pay for your carry-on luggage and checked bags as early as possible during the process. The cost at this time is typically $37. This rises to $45 at check-in, $55 at the airport, and $65 at the gate.

Travel Light

It goes without saying that the less you carry the less you’ll have to pay. Spirit Airlines coined the phrase “bare fares” which allows travelers to book flights with one personal item, including purses and laptop bags. If you make any additions, you must be prepared to pay additional fees. Check out our article about how to travel with golf clubs for useful best practices.

Now that you know the best way to bring your golf clubs with Spirit, here’s a list of recommended US cities with the best golf courses for your next golf trip.

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