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Many countries around the world are famous for their golf courses, which is good news for avid golfers. It’s possible to rent clubs, but you might want to consider bringing your own if you are more familiar with them. If you are flying Allegiant Air, ensure you’re up to date on their golf clubs policy and avoid any travel hiccups! 

Key Takeaway
You can bring your golf clubs on your next Allegiant Air trip if your golf bag weighs less than 50 lb and measures less than 80 linear inches. If you are traveling light, you can check your golf clubs instead of a checked bag for a $20-$40 fee. Being overweight and oversized will incur additional charges.

The last thing you want to happen is to have to leave your golf clubs behind at the airport or miss your flight. In this article, we will go in-depth and tell you everything you need to know about bringing your golf clubs on an Allegiant Air flight.

Baggage Policy

The first thing to note is there is no special treatment/policy for golf clubs. Your golf bags will be treated the same as every other checked baggage.

When you purchase a ticket with Allegiant Air, you are allowed to bring one free personal item, usually a small backpack or a large tote bag. This method of charging extra for bags is becoming increasingly common among budget airlines.

If you would like to bring a carry-on bag or checked bag, you would need to purchase them separately, either when you are buying your ticket or for a higher price at the airport. 

Airlines like Allegiant and Sun Country have no special treatment for golf bags, but you can always use WestJet or JetBlue to save oversize fees.

Fees for Checking Your Golf Bag

For your golf bag, you’ll want to purchase a checked bag. It will cost between $20-$40 for the first two, with a 50$ charge for each bag after, with a limit of 4. Paying for extra checked-in bags at the airport can cost between $70-$100.

If you would like to purchase a standard carry-on bag for your Allegiant Air flight, it will cost you $15 at the time of ticket purchase. If you purchase your carry-on after you buy your ticket, it will cost $45, and at the time of boarding, it will cost $50.

Note that if you’re a US military personnel, you’re eligible for 2 free checked bags.

Overweight Baggage Fees 

Overweight bags will be charged a fee of:

  • Up to 50 lb: no overweight fee
  • 51-70 lb: $50
  • 71-100 lb: $75
  • More than 100 lb: not accepted

This applies to both carry-on and checked luggage, including your golf clubs. Allegiant Air is quite strict when measuring and weighing baggage, so be sure to measure and weigh your luggage before you leave! 

Oversized Baggage Policy

If your checked bag is over the allotted 80 linear inches, you will also be charged an oversize baggage fee of $50-$70 per bag.

Golf Clubs as a Checked Bag

If your golf club bag does not exceed 80 linear inches, you will be able to check it as your checked bag when you arrive at the airport. Most quality-made golf bags are sized at 80 linear inches so it’s quite tight, thus our suggestion is to carry a more compact bag if you want to avoid possible oversize fees.

Weight is also something to consider. The average full golf bag weighs approximately 30 lb, but it’s always a good idea to double-check the weight of your bag at home.

Other Baggage Policy

On Allegiant Air flights, you will have to pay the extra or overweight baggage fee again if you are taking a second Allegiant Air flight. For example, if you are flying from Seattle to Miami but have to change flights in Phoenix, you would have to pay the baggage fee for both legs of the journey.

Preparing Your Golf Clubs for Travel

Preparing your golf clubs to fly is a crucial step that avid golfers shouldn’t miss. The last thing you want to find when you reach your destination is damaged golf clubs. Simple tips like using a stiff arm, taking direct flights, and buying a quality golf bag can make flying with golf clubs much safer. Learn exactly how to fly with golf clubs to make sure your travel plans go off without a hitch. 

Shipping Your Golf Clubs

Shipping your golf clubs within the US is also possible, and prices can vary depending on the destination. From Seattle to Los Angeles, shipping with USPS can cost $180 and over. Fedex is the more affordable option at $105. Shipping costs will vary depending on your destination, but if it is a shorter flight, shipping your golf clubs might be worth it.


Is a golf bag considered a special item?

Airlines will treat golf bags like any other checked bag, and they are not considered a special item. It’s always best to ensure your golf clubs are correctly packed and stowed in the bag to avoid damage.

Can I bring my clubs without the bag on the plane?

According to the TSA, passengers cannot bring golf clubs individually on the plane or in their carry-on. There are no acceptions to this rule. You can, however, pack individual clubs in your checked bag, but you run the risk of having them damaged. The other alternative is packing an adjustable golf club in your luggage.

If you do pack your clubs in your checked bag loose, it’s always best to individually tag them with your name, address, and flight details, as well as wrap them securely to avoid dents and scratches. Pack your luggage and golf clubs in a hard-shell suitcase to prevent further damage. 

Can you bring golf balls and tees in your carry-on?

Golfers rejoice! Yes, you can bring golf balls and tees in your carry-on bag.

Can you pack clothes in your golf bag?

You can theoretically pack any item you would usually put in a checked suitcase in your golf bag. In practice, this is not very safe, as many avid golfers have reported items missing from their golf bags once they reach their destination. 

Items like blue tooth speakers, rage finders, GPS units, and pharmaceuticals are all common items that have gone missing in golf bags. Items of clothing are less likely to go missing as they are not valuable and have a low reselling point. 

Final Word

Now with these tips, you are all set to hit the coastal greens in the Dominican Republic or the lush green in Georgia. Enjoy your time on the green, knowing that your clubs made it with you safe and sound. 

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