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Most golfers would agree that the only way to enjoy a golf vacation is to be in possession of your own favorite clubs, shoes, and equipment. This means that renting clubs at your destination is not an option, your clubs must travel with you. The rules for the carriage of golfing equipment vary from airline to airline. In this article we will examine the policies of Sun Country Airlines.

Key Takeaway
You can bring one golf travel bag weighing up to 50 lb and sized up to 62 linear inches as a standard checked luggage for $30. You can go up to 99 lb for a $60 fee and up to 110 linear inches for a $100 fee.

Read more about the policy’s details and more tips below.

Does Sun Country Airlines charge for Golf Bags?

Sun Country Airlines charge for checked-in luggage and golf equipment is considered as one piece of luggage. Golfers flying with Sun Country will need to buy a checked bag. Prices vary along each step of the booking process. Costs can vary considerably, so in order to save money you should buy your bag at the beginning of the process. 

Additionally, they also charge for a cabin bag, but allow a small carry-on such as a small backpack or purse.

What are the standard size and weight of a checked luggage?

Sun Country Airlines state that checked luggage should not exceed 62 linear inches, that is L+W+H of the bag, and cannot exceed 50 lb in weight. If your golf bag sized/weighs more than this, it will incur oversize/overweight fee.

Sun Country Definition of Golf Equipment

According to the airline, one golf equipment can consist of one golf bag, golf clubs, and one pair of golf shoes. They also recommend golfer to place their clubs in hard-sided case.

It is advised to remove any valuables, such as a rangefinder and any expensive eyewear from the bag. You should also weigh your bag before leaving for the airport as any surcharges incurred at the airport will be considerable.

What are the Charges for Overweight/Oversize Bags?

Overweight policy

  • 51-60 lb: $20
  • 61-99 lb: $60
  • 100 lb+: not accepted

Oversize policy

As for the oversize policy, a bag sized 63 – 110 linear inches will incur a $100 fee. 62 linear inches limit is quite common as other airlines such as Frontier apply the same limit.

Important Note:

  1. These fees are applied for each direction of the flight.
  2. Bags weighing more than 70 lb will not be accepted on flights to or from Jamaica and Puerto Rico.
  3. Sun Country charges $100 for special sporting equipment, but your golf bag doesn’t count as special sporting equipment.

What dimensions should my bag have?

It is worth knowing what the average dimensions of good quality golf bags are. When packed they normally weigh in at 40 lb and have a linear measurement of 80 linear inches. With this while you’re okay in weight department, you’ll still have to pay oversize fee.

If you want to avoid paying oversize fee, consider Caddy Daddy Ranger at 62 linear inches. The downside is with its compact form you can only bring 9 clubs.

While airlines like Sun Country and Allegiant charge you oversize fees, there are others with friendlier policies toward golfers. Check out Spirit Airlines and WestJet for this.

What are Sun Country Airlines’ bag charges?

It is cheapest to purchase your baggage online at the time of booking. A first bag will cost you up to $30 at this time, and additional bags will be $45 if purchased together with the reservation. Their prices go up if you add bags after making your initial reservation ($40 for a first bag on most routes, $50-$60 for 2nd or 3rd bags.

If you wait to pay for your bags until you get to the airport, your 1st bag will cost $45, a second bag will be $50, and additional bags will cost $60 each.

If you bring a bag to the gate it will be treated as checked baggage and a $10 gate-check handling fee will be charged in addition to the checked bag fee. Note that they won’t allow you to bring golf clubs up to the gate.

Read more detailed coverage in Sun Country Baggage Fees.

What are my shipping alternatives?

Golf vacations at home and abroad are becoming very popular, but this increased popularity comes with a cost. Airlines can charge a premium for transporting your clubs to your destination airport. Therefore, it is worth considering having your equipment shipped to your final destination, resort or hotel, by a third party specialist company such as Send My Bag or Ship Sticks

Traveling can be stressful and adding a clumsy golf bag to the mix especially when traveling as a group can only add to the anxiety. Specialist companies work to remove the strain, and in most cases will have your prized clubs delivered directly to your accommodation. 

You should pack your equipment properly and have it ready for collection in plenty of time, in order for it to arrive at its destination in advance of your arrival. Specialist companies use established expert shippers such as FedeX and DHL whose expertise lessens baggage handling screw-ups that mainstream airlines often fall foul of.

If you do decide to travel with your clubs then take a look at our article that provides valuable tips to make the experience more comfortable: flying with golf clubs.

How Can I Reduce Baggage Charges with Sun Country Airlines?

Join Sun Country Rewards. 

Sun Country Rewards is the airline’s loyalty program. By using it you can earn points that can be redeemed for things like golf bag options. One hundred points can be redeemed for $1 worth of Sun Country products. Once you join the program, you can start earning points each time you book a flight through their website or through a third-party provider.

Military Personnel.

All active  U.S. military personnel get one overhead and two checked bags for free, plus they get their oversized baggage fees waived for their first two checked bags. 

Check out the “Sun Country Visa Signature Card.”

This is a good option if you are a frequent Sun Country Airlines flyer as you can receive 50% off the cost of your first checked bag when you pay for it online using the card. 

This also means that if you can treat your golf bag as your first and only checked bag you can make extra savings on a return flight. 

How do Sun Country policies compare to other Airlines?

If you are traveling with any budget airline you should expect to pay extra for your luggage. Baggage charges vary greatly between different airlines. Prices often vary depending on destination, payment method, and crucially, luggage dimensions. For instance, some airlines such as Spirit waive oversize policy for golf clubs.

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