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Golfing holidays are great. Depending on your locality and destination, catching a flight might be a very real possibility for you to complete your journey. Have you Delta Airlines considered? We’ve got all the details you need.

Key Takeaway
You can bring one golf travel bag as first checked baggage for $30. Delta waived the oversize fee for golf clubs up to 115 linear inches, but you’ll need to pay extra if it weighs above 50 lbs. Expect to pay up to $200 if your bag weighs between 71-100 lbs.

Read more to find out more details about golf bag limitation, overweight policy details, damage responsibility, and tips on traveling with golf clubs safely.

5 Points in Delta Airlines Policies About Golf Club

Delta as a company is interested in golf – but what does that mean for the baggage and the permitted allowance?

1. Golf Bag Fee & Oversize Policy

Golf bags fall under the standard Delta baggage policy. This means you can check a golf bag that weighs up to 50 lbs for $30 if it’s the first bag. If it’s your second bag you’ll need to pay $40.

Now, of course, due to the shape of golf bags – they waive the ‘oversized’ fee because golfing equipment doesn’t fit the conventional square shape of suitcases. This means your golf bags can exceed the 62 linear inches measurement, however, there is still a limit – as it must not be over 115 linear inches.

Note: you can count linear dimension by adding height, width, and height of your golf case.

2. Number of Golf Bags You Can Carry

One key rule which is pretty much standard is that only one golf baggage item is allowed per passenger. This is a universal rule which is operated by all major airlines including American Airlines. So even if you buy additional bags you still can’t bring multiple golfing bags. It’s important to pack what you need and omit what you don’t.

3. What You Can Pack in Your Golf Bag

There are also some rules as to what is permitted within the golfing baggage parameters. This is usually limited to golf clubs, golf balls, tees, and a single pair of golfing shoes. Packing anything else within the baggage may not be permitted to fly.

4. Golf Bag Weight Limitation and Overweight Fee

The bag itself should weigh no more than 50 lbs (about 22.6kg) as this is the max weight allowance. While there is no restriction on the number of golf clubs you can put in a bag, the weight allowance will limit how many you can psychically put in. You might not need every single club you own, that rare nine-iron that you use once a decade needn’t leave the house.

Delta overweight policy:

  • 51 – 70 lbs: $100
  • 71 – 100 lbs: $200
  • Above 100 lbs: not accepted

If however, you’ve got an extended stay and you’ll be visiting multiple courses with a rich variety of terrains, then it might be worth taking more clubs than just one set. In order to still comply with the weight restrictions, it might be an idea to ship any additional sticks with a golf club courier service. Consider shipsticks for this.

Check out more on oversize and overweight rules for your luggage at our summary of Delta’s baggage policy. If you’re a member of the US military, you’re eligible for military discounts.

5. Delta Airlines Responsibility to Clubs Damage That Might Occur

Furthermore, about the bag and its attributes, it should have a ‘hard shell case’ and ‘soft side inner’ to best protect the contents throughout transit.

While this should help keep everything in good condition – mishaps can still happen. Delta, therefore, releases a specific clause for anyone taking golf luggage on their flights. This frees Delta of any responsibility for any damage noted at the time of check-in or any damage incurred due to ‘over-packing’ the bag. Now if this doesn’t sound like your current golf bag, you may want to check our list of recommended travel golf bags.

Do you need a special bag to fly with golf clubs?

The ‘special’ bag that you need is a golf bag that can protect your clubs during the flight and baggage handling. Ensure that the bag that your bag fits the recommendation in place with Delta’s policy. If you’re not sure, check our recommendation here.

A golf travel bag, designed to protect your clubs during a flight
A golf travel bag, designed to protect your clubs during a flight – SunMountain

How many golf clubs can you legally carry in your bag?

There isn’t a specific limit on the number of clubs, rather it must fit the allocated weight allowance. In theory, you could take more clubs which are made of lighter materials, to maximize your weight allowance.

If you are really pressed to bring more clubs, consider checking adjustable golf club. It needs a bit of time to get used to, but can save you the cash you’d otherwise pay for extra baggage.

Can you fit 2 sets of golf clubs in a travel bag?

In general, you can’t fit 2 standard sets of golf clubs in one travel golf bag. However, depending on one’s definition of ‘one’ set, he might be able to.

The term ‘set of golf clubs’ usually refers to a standard array of sticks allowing you to tackle most terrains and conditions you’ll find on a course. However, this isn’t always uniform for every golfer or trip. For example, you might be going on a golf trip to exclusively practice your putting, so you might want to take more than just one putter stick and leave some others at home.

Why fly with Delta for my golf trip?

Some airlines do the bare minimum to allow golfing equipment on board. Delta Air Lines holds golf close to their heart and has some credibility to back it up. The Delta Golf Open, anyone? Yep, that’s the same Delta – as the company hosts their tournament in Orlando, Florida, and has done so for over 60 years now.

The company’s passion for the sport is presented by the amount of literature on its website. Delta has published a great list of golfing destinations within the United States. So even if you’re set on your next destination, you can always plan your subsequent golfing excursion with Delta’s advice and wisdom on the subject.

Furthermore, Delta incentivizes customers to make bookings for multiple amenities like golf course usage, transport, and car rental through their means, making it one of the easier companies to use as it serves as a one-stop shop.

Got other sports related equipment with you? Check out our article on Delta’s sports equipment policy so you can be prepared.

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