best stay and play golf packages in Northern Michigan
Treetops Resort offers one of the best stay and play golf packages in Northern Michigan. Credit: Treetops Resort

Northern Michigan has multiple eco-verses with a rich and bountiful landscape showcasing mountains, sandy beaches, and a charming throwback to times past with its old-town hospitality offerings. As a result, the area is a great destination for your next golf vacation. We run down some of the best stay-and-play packages available in Northern Michigan which should point you in the right direction.

1.  A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort

A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort
Credit: A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort

The A-Ga-Ming Golf Resort offers three different stay-and-play packages on their site which vary in the duration of stay as well as the number of rounds of golf you get to play. There are quite a lot of variables including seasonal price fluctuations meaning that packages can start from $260 but also cost up to $635.

Whatever package you choose you’ll be spoilt for choice with 72 holes at the resort and a wealth of different accommodation options to suit every party size. The packages offered are also one of the best golf packages within the entirety of Michigan.

Check the packages on the resort website.

2.  Garland Lodge & Golf Resort

Garland Lodge & Golf Resort
Credit: Garland Lodge & Golf Resort

Potentially one of the most beautiful resorts in the whole of Northern Michigan, the Garland Lodge and Golf Resort resembles a landscape postcard with its idyllic green settings. The stay and play packages here are very flexible with even one-night options available. However, the resort incentivizes you to stay longer with discounted rates when you stay for two nights or longer.

Most of the packages come with at least two rounds of gold, so if you do only stay for one night you can play on both the day you arrive and the next when you leave. While there are set packages here, the accommodation encourages you to make bespoke arrangements to get the most out of your stay.

Check the packages on the resort website.

3. Treetops Resort

Treetops Resort
Credit: Treetops Resort

How many resorts give the chance to play on 81 holes of exciting golf? The Treetops want you to take your time around their complex by typically offering longer stays for 3-5 nights as standard. If you want to stay for a smaller duration the ‘traditional stay and play’ package is available but isn’t as luxurious or as good value.

The accommodation here is also geared towards bigger groups with rooms typically set up for a minimum of four guests. However, if you do have a smaller party there are options to use the local hotel facilities.

Check the packages on the resort website.

4. Shanty Creek Resort

Shanty Creek Resort
Credit: Shanty Creek Resort

Looking for a bespoke golf vacation that’s tailored to your wants and desires? Well, that’s exactly what Shanty Creek offers. Rather than try to make a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package, they only offer custom stay-and-play packages. This means selecting one of the 275 on-site accommodation options and selecting how many rounds of golf you want if you’d like to add on skiing trips and any meals.

This resort regularly receives praise from outlets like Golf Magazine, Golf Digest, and even our own lists of the best golf resorts in Michigan. After all, there are 90 holes to play on here which makes it ideal for players of all different abilities. The resort is celebrating 60 years of operation and has listed 60 individual reasons why patrons should visit the resort.

Check the packages on the resort website.

5. Boyne Mountain Resort

Boyne Mountain Resort
Credit: Boyne Mountain Resort

The Boyne Mountain Resort couldn’t be more conveniently placed with the locality having its own airport, less than a mile away from the resort. The stay and play packages here are based on a minimum of two nights stay. Each night you stay entitles you to a round of golf on either the Alpine or the Monument course. There are some premium courses that you can pay extra to play on.

However, if one round of golf simply isn’t enough then the option to upgrade to unlimited golf is available. Of course, there’s still more for you to do in the area as you get a $25 voucher for the local casino. Patrons of the stay-and-play also get discounted rates on their breakfasts at the restaurant.

Check the packages on the resort website.

6. Otsego Club

Otsego Club
Credit: Otsego Club

In the middle of North Michigan sits the Otsego Club. This place offers a wealth of different stay-and-play packages to suit every budget and golfing excursion. The standard Stay & Play rate is based on two nights with three rounds and starts at $393 per person. However, the prices fluctuate based on the days of the week you want to stay.

The packages mirror the wide variety of amenities available on-site. Additional nights or rounds can be added. As can skiing ventures and even fine dining experiences at the restaurant for additional fees.

The Tribute Course was recently named the eighth-best public golf in the entire state, making it a must-visit for any budding golfer visiting the area.

Check the packages on the resort website.

7. Manistee National Golf & Resort

Manistee National Golf & Resort
Credit: Manistee National Golf & Resort

Looking for the ultimate country club experience? The Manistee National Golf site might be the place for you. This resort doesn’t offer any set rates for Stay and Play packages instead exclusively dealing in custom packages so you get the ultimate flexibility for your stay.

The options are vast as you can choose to stay for a week, have just one round of golf, or unlimited, and of course, the accommodation options range from the Inn hotel complex or one of the luxury cottages.

Check the packages on the resort website.

8. Lakeview Hills Country Club & Resort

Lakeview Hills Country Club & Resort
Credit: Lakeview Hills Country Club & Resort

The Lakeview Hills Country Club and Resort want to make life as easy as possible for you while visiting their site. That’s why all of your breakfast and dinner meals are accounted for as standard when you book on one of their stay-and-play packages.

There are pricing structure differences if you want to stay in the high season and on the weekend. However, if you visit during the week you can enjoy unlimited golf – unlike at the weekend. While here you can also enjoy the three restaurants on-site including Emilio’s Steakhouse which has become famous for serving up exquisite meat dishes.

Check the packages on the resort website.

9. Dunmaglas Golf Club

Going to Michigan for a golf trip? Here are the best stay and play packages in Northern Michigan for you to check
Credit: Dunmaglas Golf Club

Tucked away in Charlevoix, the Dunmaglas Golf Club offers high-end golfing vacation experiences. Be aware, however, that this resort isn’t as big as some of the others on this list as there are only eight condos/cottages available at any one time. All of these are private with their own entrances as well as all have a scenic view of the 18th Green.

Packages here tend to be made up of bespoke orders, so it’s best to get in touch with them to tell them exactly what you want so they can tailor a package for your distinct needs and desires.    

The management at Dunmaglas Golf Club prides itself on having an unspoiled and natural landscape. Often citing that it allows it to offer wholesome and rugged golf experiences as nature intended them to be.

Check the packages on the resort website.


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