best golf courses in Michigan
Oakland Hills Club offers one of the best golf courses in Michigan. Credit: Oakland Hills

With 800+ fantastic golf courses, it can be a real challenge to find the next item on your list of courses to play in Michigan. The Great Lake State is home to many of the country’s best public and private courses and if you save this article for future reference, you’re sure to fill your list in no time. 

1. Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club, Arcadia

Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club
Credit: Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club

Access: Open to the public
Green fee: $90-$215
Stay-and-play package: They don’t offer ready-to-book stay-and-play packages. However, they give you the option to add a round of golf to your booking when you reserve a stay at one of their accommodation options.

Arcadia Bluffs is home to not one, but two world-class golf courses. The Bluffs Course is a links course that features a gorgeous panoramic view of Lake Michigan. The course was designed by Warren Henderson and it is open every day from April to November. 

The second course is known as The South course and it was designed to challenge even the most experienced golfer. The course is completely unsheltered with a lack of trees, which leaves it exposed to all elements. 

Arcadia Bluffs is also on the list of our most recommended golf resorts in Michigan. Check it out!

2. Crystal Downs Country Club, Frankfort

Crystal Downs Country Club
Credit: Crystal Downs Country Club

Access: Private, members-only
Green fee: $110
Stay-and-play package: Crystal Downs Country Club doesn’t offer stay-and-play packages because there are no accommodation options on-site. 

The Crystal Downs Course is an unaltered course designed by Alister MacKenzie. The course fully incorporates all aspects of the natural land it is built on, including the hilly terrain. The club is very prestigious and both Golf Magazine and Golf Digest have included the course in their lists of top 100 courses in the world. 

3. Oakland Hills Country Club, Bloomfield Hills

Oakland Hills Country Club
Credit: Oakland Hills Country Club

Access: Private, members-only
Green fee: $175
Stay-and-play package: Oakland Hills Country Club doesn’t have on-site accommodations, which means that they do not offer any stay-and-play packages.

The South Course at Oakland Hills has a rich golfing history. A total of 17 Major Championships have been hosted on the course and the list of big names that have played it is very long, including Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Jack Nicklaus. The course is frequently referred to as ‘The Monster’ and the private country club was founded back in 1916. 

4. Kingsley Club, Kingsley

Kingsley Club
Credit: Kingsley Club

Access: Private, members and their guests only
Green fee: $200
Stay-and-play package: There are no stay-and-play packages available at Kingsley Club because there are no accommodation options on-site. 

Kingsley Club, designed by Michael DeVries, is known as Northern Michigan’s premier golf course. The course takes advantage of the mountainous landforms and it is meant to be played firm and fast. One of the main features of the course is the Scottish and Irish style Fescue grass, which can only be found on two other golf courses in the US. 

5. Harbor Shores Resort, St Joseph

Harbor Shores Resort
Credit: Harbor Shores Resort

Access: Open to the public 
Green fee: $100-$195
Stay-and-play package: The resort offers midweek stay-and-play packages that can be customized according to your needs. 

The Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course was designed by the legend’s design firm, Nicklaus Design. The course features glorious views of Lake Michigan, with groups of holes located in different natural settings. This brings on the feeling of being in brand new locations as you move through the course to the 18th hole. 

The first 6 holes are in the Inland terrain, while the Dunes terrain is home to the next three holes. You’ll find holes 10-13 in the Woodlands terrain, which is as majestic as it sounds. Lastly, holes 14-18 are located in the River terrain, which borders Paw Paw River and Ox Creek. 

6. Bay Harbor Golf Club, Bay Harbor

Bay Harbor Golf Club
Credit: Bay Harbor Golf Club

Access: Open to the public 
Green fee: $99-$199
Stay-and-play package: The Inn at Harbor Bay offers an all-inclusive stay-and-play package that includes golf at the three Bay Harbor golf courses. 

With three of Michigan’s greatest golf courses in one place, Bay Harbor makes for the perfect golf trip. The three courses, The Links, The Quarry, and The Preserve can be combined to create the ultimate game. The designer, Arthur Hills, played a large role in the development of the courses, with 27 of the holes sprouting from his designs. 

The best way to enjoy the courses that Bay Harbor has to offer is by combining two courses by playing nine holes on each. Thus, you could play the first half of your game on the Quarry course and finish off on the Preserve course. The same goes for a combination of the Links and Preserve or Links and Quarry courses.

7. Franklin Hills Country Club, Franklin

Franklin Hills Country Club
Credit: Franklin Hills Country Club

Access: Private, members and their guests only
Green fee: $135
Stay-and-play package: There are no stay-and-play packages available at Franklin Hills and they don’t offer on-site lodging.

Franklin Hills’ par 71 course, designed by Donald J. Ross, features a whopping 6,923 yards of pure bliss. The course was opened in 1927, with a course rating of 73.7 and a slope rating of 134. You’d need an invitation from an existing member of the country club if you want to join the club and play this magnificent course, which certainly adds to the prestige. 

8. Tullymore Golf Resort, Stanwood

Tullymore Golf Resort
Credit: Tullymore Golf Resort

Access: Open to the public
Green fee: $55-$175
Stay-and-play package: Tullymore offers a fully customizable stay-and-play package that includes golf at their two courses.

Tullymore is home to two world-class courses, known as the Tullymore Golf Club and the St. Ives Golf Club. Both of these par 72 courses have distinct features as they were designed by different people. The Jim Engh-designed Tullymore course features a combination of woods, wetlands, meadows, and five par 3 and five par 5 holes. The St. Ives course was designed by Jerry Matthews and it also incorporates the natural surroundings. 

9. Marquette Golf Club, Marquette

Marquette Golf Club
Credit: Marquette Golf Club

Access: Open to the public
Green fee: $56
Stay-and-play package: Marquette offers completely customizable stay-and-play packages in partnership with surrounding local hotels. 

Marquette is home to the Mike DeVries-designed Greywalls Course, which features a magnificent view of Lake Superior. The club is also home to the Heritage course, designed by a trio consisting of William B. Langford, Theodore J. Moreau, and David Gill. Both of these courses are surrounded by Michigan’s gorgeous natural landscape. 

10. Black Lake Golf Club, Onaway

Black Lake Golf Club
Credit: Black Lake Golf Club

Access: Open to the public

Green fee: $55-$85
Stay-and-play package: There are two different stay-and-play to choose from when booking at Black Lake Golf Club. 

Black Lake’s Rees Jones-designed course is all-natural, with little to no hint of anything artificial. The course makes use of the natural terrain, incorporating all hills and slopes into each hole. The course is designed to challenge your average player and it features 5+ sets of tee markers on every hole. Plus, the club is also home to The Little Course, which is a short nine-hole course for young players and veterans. 

Closing Words

Prefer to have everything ready for you? For stay-and-play package options in Michigan, have a look at our list of the best stay-and-play packages in Michigan. We also have a list of recommended golf packages in Northern Michigan. Check them out! 

Michigan is one of the top golf states in the Midwest, but there are other great options as well. Read on our list of the best golf courses in the Midwest to find out.


When is the best time to play golf in Michigan?

Michigan experiences some harsh winters, with very cold days. Therefore, you’d struggle to find open golf courses during winter months as they use these months for maintenance purposes. However, if you are willing to endure the cold, you may find a couple of courses that choose to stay open.

This being said the best time for golf in Michigan would be between late spring and late fall. If you schedule your golfing season carefully, you may miss the occasional cold and rainy days. The summer months bring lovely temperatures between 70-80°F (21-26°C) and the days are nice and long. 

What is the golf law in Michigan?

Michigan has a particular law that prohibits golf during certain hours. This includes golf courses, miniature golf courses, practice courses, putting greens, and driving ranges. The law states that these establishments aren’t allowed to operate between 1:00 am and 6:00 am on any given day. 

How many golf courses are there in Michigan?

Michigan is one of the richest US states when it comes to golf courses. The state is home to a total of 873 golf courses, which include more than 650 public courses.

What activity to do if I’m traveling with family members?

If you’re traveling with family members, there are some great mini golf courses in Michigan for fun activities. Check them out!

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