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The bountiful and vast landmass of Canada presents itself as an incredible destination for your golfing excursions. Whether you’re flying to or from Canada, there’s a good chance you’ve thought about using Air Canada. How does the largest Canadian airline size up to other major operators when it comes to flying with your golf equipment?

Key Takeaway
You can bring one golf travel bag up to 50 lbs as checked luggage with waived oversize rule. If you check it as your second bag it will be $30 in fee. You can go as high as 70 lbs for an additional $100 fee.

Read further for more details on the policy and info about flying with golf clubs in Air Canada.

Can you bring your golf bag as a checked bag?

Air Canada allows passengers to bring on golf luggage in place of a regular checked-luggage item. Meaning that you needn’t pay any special fee just to bring your clubs. That said, it still has to comply with the regular checked-luggage weight allowance of 50 lbs (23kg).

When you check your golf clubs, be sure to follow the best practices when traveling with golf clubs.

What are the size and weight limitations of a golf bag in Air Canada?

One of the better aspects when flying Air Canada is that there are no restrictions on the sizing dimensions for a golf bag. As long as it is in line with the 50 lbs weight allowance, then there should be no problems.

Air Canada recommends that in most cases your allowance can withhold 14 golf clubs, 12 golf balls, and a pair of golf shoes. Don’t use this as a strict guideline, however, as your luxury clubs could easily weigh more than a standard set. Also, if you intend to rent a pair of golf shoes you might be able to slip in a few more golf balls within the weight allowance.

With no restriction in size, you can bring a high-quality golf travel bag which on average sized at 80 linear inches. If you haven’t had one, check out our recommendations here.

How much does it cost if your bag exceeds the weight limit in Air Canada?

Now if you’re definitely going to exceed the weight restriction, you might want to pay for a second bag for your clothes and any other items. An additional bag will cost you $30 which is a short change compared to the overweight fee. Luggage items weighted between 51 and 70 lbs (24-32kg) will cost passengers AT LEAST $100. This pricing structure is very similar to Delta’s overweight policy and British Airways’ heavy fee

The airline reserves the discretion to refuse baggage beyond 70 lbs.

For rules about your general luggage, read our Air Canada baggage policy article.

Inform the airline that you will bring a golf bag

Air Canada operates a ‘sports equipment check-in’ service on their website, which allows you to register your equipment before going to the airport. While there are no rewards for doing this immediately, it does help the operator to know what you’re bringing, and the process is streamlined somewhat.

A safer (but more costly) alternative: ship your clubs

If all this policy jargon has scared you off packing your golf bag, then there is another way. You can ship your clubs to your end destination. While third-party organizations are good, Air Canada offers the same service, called Luggage Forward. Furthermore, if you’re traveling with Air Canada they’ll offer you a discount on it. The service is typically very efficient with 2 to 7 business day delivery options throughout most of Canada.

Ship Sticks, one the most popular golf club couriers in the US also operate in Canada – with options to use them on international shipping if you’re coming from outside Canada.

Do golf clubs come out at baggage claim?

No matter which airline or destination you choose, your golf bag should come out in the fashion as if it were a normal piece of checked luggage. Sadly, that means you could be waiting with everyone else. If it’s a jumbo jet, you might want to find a seat and watch the luggage go by until yours comes out.

How strict is Air Canada with checked baggage weight?

Air Canada is seen as a relatively strict airline in terms of weight allowance, so even if your bag is 51 lbs (1lb over the limit) be prepared to pay the fee. That’s not to say that you can’t find a sympathetic attendant to let you off such a fractional mistake but don’t bank on it. However, when you book the flight, you’re agreeing to the weight allowance and subsequent fees if you exceed it. You could judge them to be strict but it’s nothing you haven’t already agreed to.

Do airlines pay for lost golf clubs?

It’s a sad reality but with the amount of baggage going through airports every day, mistakes can happen and airlines can lose customer luggage, including golf bags. In most cases Airlines will try to help you out, after all, it is their fault.

Typically, the airline will have 24 hours to reunite you with your bag before they start dishing out compensation or fees. After that point, you can file a claim with the details of the bag, the inventory, and the value of the lost articles. After which they’ll try to sort it out with you, but it can be a long process, as they might find your baggage during that process. Of course, if you have travel insurance you should check your policy and get in touch with the firm.

In the short term, make sure to keep receipts for anything that losing your clubs/bag has inconvenienced you. I.e. you’ve had to rent some golf clubs, so you can claim back the price. You also might want to buy some new golf shoes if yours are lost, so you probably get the cost back. Be realistic, however, while the airline should set it straight, they’ll have limits for compensation cases.

Why fly with Air Canada?

Found in 1937 as Trans-Canada Air Lines, Air Canada now flies in and out of at least 222 destinations. With major routes including Montreal, Calgary, Halifax, and Ottawa, there’s a rich tapestry of golfing holidays accessible from the hubs served by Air Canada. The Canadian Rockies are a national treasure and are showcased by a course like Banff Springs Golf Course, and Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course, among others.

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