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Spirit Airlines is already known for cheap flights. Because of this, usually, they don’t offer any additional discounts. However, they have a few discount options for those in the military to show their appreciation. 

Key Takeaway
Spirit Airlines provides any active-duty military man two free bags and a free carry-on. Since their fare is already low, they can’t offer any fare discount.

If you want to learn a little more about Spirit Airlines and the discounts they offer, as well as some of the special programs they do to help military members, continue reading below.

Free Bags for Active-Duty Military

Spirit Airlines provides two free checked bags and a free carry-on, on top of the one free personal item everyone is allowed, to any active-duty military personnel. Unfortunately, it only applies to active-duty military members. Any dependents, loved ones, or friends have to pay full price still. As long as you are on active duty, it doesn’t matter if you’re traveling on orders or for personal reasons, you’ll get the free bag fee.

In addition, to get this benefit, the bags must be added to your flight in advance. If you wait until you’re at the airport ticket counter, you’ll have to pay the full price. There’s an option to validate active-duty affiliation using ID.ME when booking through Unfortunately, retired military and veterans do not get the same benefits.

Sizing for Free Luggage

Besides this, Spirit doesn’t offer much information. It’s best to assume that the free bags only apply to ones that are regular-sized. Oversized or heavy bags will likely have to pay additional fees. 

The same goes for unusual luggage, such as sports equipment. If you want an idea of how much it costs for certain sports equipment, our Spirit Airlines golf club policy article is very helpful. For those traveling with children, our Spirit Airlines car seat policy article may also prove useful.

How Much This Saves Active Military When Flying Spirit

Spirit’s baggage fees are a bit confusing. No two flights charge the same amount, and the price increases the longer you wait to check the bags. Because of that, it’s hard to tell how much you’re actually saving by getting two checked bags and a carry-on for free. 

It’s possible to get an estimation, though. Generally, for a checked bag, you will pay anywhere between $31 and $99 for the first bag. The second costs somewhere between $69 and $99 as well. For carry-on luggage, it costs between $34 and $99 on average. 

This means, if you do the math, you’re saving anywhere between $134 and $297 before any taxes or fees. Though just getting your baggage checked doesn’t sound great, it’s actually a pretty good deal, especially when many flights through the airline cost less than $100.

The Accepted Branches of Military

Unfortunately, Spirit is a bit vague on what counts as military. It’s safe to assume that the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force count. Groups like the National Guard, Coast Guard, and Space Force are less certain. It’s best to call ahead to confirm, just to be safe. 

Since you have to be verified on Spirit’s website before you can check your bags for free, you’ll likely be able to tell if your branch counts while you’re booking your flight.

Discounted Fares

Unfortunately, the military, whether on orders or not, does not get a discounted fare. This is because the flights are already so cheap that Spirit Airlines is unable to discount them any further. There are only two exceptions to this rule. 

Wounded Warriors

For wounded warriors and their families, flights through Spirit are free. Spirit wants to make sure that families can be with each other during difficult times and not have to worry about finding flights to the hospital and back home. 

To ensure this happens, Spirit and Luke’s Wings provide flights for free while the wounded warrior is hospitalized and undergoing rehabilitation. Hundreds of people take advantage of these flights every year to spend time with their loved ones during these difficult times. 

Unfortunately, you can’t just jump on any flight for Spirit if you’re a wounded warrior or family. You’ll first need to be approved through Luke’s Warrior’s application. If you’re not a wounded warrior or family but want to help those who are, the website also offers ways to help and donate.

Honors at Washington DC

In South Florida, Spirit partnered with Honor Flight. Together they help World War II Veterans travel to Washington DC to honor their services around Veterans Day. There, the veterans get to meet congressmen and see Arlington National Cemetery, the Iwo Jima Memorial, and the World War II Memorial. 

Many veterans don’t have the means or the money to afford such a trip. So Spirit makes sure that everything is taken care of for these veterans when it comes to their flight to ensure the moment is special.

Airport Lounges

Some airlines will offer you free lounge access if you’re a member of the military or wearing a uniform while you’re traveling. Spirit, unfortunately, does not do this. You have to be a Priority Pass member to enter lounges with Spirit. This is because Spirit doesn’t own any lounges, but works with other companies to offer lounge access for the paying members. 

Since they likely have to pay to offer access to these lounges or provide a bit of the profit, offering free access for military members would cost them too much money.

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