Golf Triphaving fun in a golf trip

Ah, a good old fashioned golf trip. It sounds fun enough on its own, if you’re into playing traditional golf every day for the entire day. However, if you get bored easily or some of the people traveling with you don’t enjoy golf that much, you need some ideas to spice things up. 

1. Play in teams

It’s general knowledge that golf is an individual sport. Tiger Woods doesn’t win championships and smash records year after year with a teammate. Regardless, a golf trip is meant to be exciting and you can make it memorable by playing in teams. Instead of going head-to-head with three other players, divide the group into teams of two to add to the challenge. 

If you’re having difficulties finding someone to play with, here’s some proven tips on how to find golf buddies.

2. Place bets as you play

Now, there’s no reason to bet so much money that you’ll all be broke before the trip ends. Nevertheless, putting some stakes on a round of golf can add an array of emotions and a whole new level of fun. So, if everyone agrees to this, you can make some money as you move through the course. For example, you could place side bets on the winner or the biggest loser buys a round of drinks after the game. 

3. Make it a drinking game

Not everyone likes to involve alcohol when it comes to trips and activities in general but those who do end up having a lot of fun. You could turn golf into your new favorite drinking game and maybe make it a tradition. 

Everytime someone makes a stroke over par on a hole, they (or the entire group) take a shot. If someone lands their ball in the water or bunker, that’s a shot. When someone sinks a birdie, the rest of the players need to drink up. If you want to see the last 9 holes and you’d like to be standing by the last one, don’t include too many rules.  

4. Have a backup plan in case it rains

The entire backbone of a golf trip is the actual golf that you’ll be playing. Sometimes, you’re so excited to play tons of golf that you don’t consider the possibility of being stranded indoors due to rain. If you don’t want to sit around waiting for the rain to end and you’re afraid of running out of things to talk about, you need a solid backup plan. 

Take some board games and other fun activities along to prevent the ultimate mood-killer; boredom. Or, find a nearby establishment that has something to do indoors, like a cinema, indoor go karts, a karaoke bar, an arcade, or even mini-golf. 

5. Make your own rules 

There are many unwritten rules that you can add to your golf game. Consider adding a good old Mulligan to the game, which is when you get the opportunity to retake a shot if you’re unhappy, at a cost of course. Or make it a breakfast ball, which means that the Mulligan exception only counts on the first shot on the first hole. 

Alternatively, if you want to make it somewhat harder, you can add the opposite, which is the Gilligan rule, to your game. This rule forces a player that had a very good shot to hit it again, completely ignoring the initial shot.

6. Add fun challenges to each hole

While drinking games and custom rules already mix things up in a fun way, there are other challenges that you can bring into your game. You could bring a pair of funky socks and the player that has the worst shot on a hole needs to wear them for the rest of the game. Maybe have someone sing the entire national anthem before they are allowed to make their final shot? 

Another fun challenge is banning certain clubs on some of the holes. This makes it fun but it also adds a level of challenge and creativity that makes you think before you swing. Regardless of the added features that you choose to add to your game, it’s a sure way to keep everyone on their toes. 

7. Paint the town red after golf 

The day doesn’t end as soon as you leave the golf course. If there’s still a few hours left before all of you are ready to hit the hay, you have time to paint the town red. What you do after golf depends on the activities you typically enjoy, but here are some options to get you thinking: 

  • Go club-hopping 
  • Go dancing 
  • Find the nearest karaoke bar
  • Play beer pong at your hotel
  • Play mini-golf on a glow-in-the-dark course
  • Go to the casino
  • Visit a night market

8. Hire a photographer to follow you on the course

In the end, when the fun and games are all in the past, the only thing you’ll have left of this golf trip is the memories. If you want memorabilia that’ll last you and your golf buddies for the rest of your lives, you need photos. 

If the golf course allows it, you could hire a professional photographer to follow you around as you make your best swings. You’ll have nice action shots of you and your friends and it’s something to show everyone waiting at home. The photos will be extra special if you incorporate some of the other tips from this list, like the funky socks. 

9. Play mini golf between games

A golf trip doesn’t have to be limited to 18-hole courses at luxurious resorts. If you look around, you’ll find many mini golf courses close to your hotel, which aren’t just meant for children. Some of these are themed while others are glow-in-the-dark, which makes it all the better. Find a course and challenge your friends to a round of mini-golf before or after you head to the championship golf course for real golf. 


How do I prepare for a golf trip?

If you’ll be traveling with your family, you need to make arrangements to keep everyone happy and you need to pack everything that you’ll need during your time away from home. If it’s a buddy golf trip, you need to pack the bare necessities and hope the person planning the trip didn’t forget anything. If you’re the planner, have a look at our guide on planning a successful golf trip for some great tips. 

Plus, it’s always a good idea to hit the driving range before a trip. Oh, and don’t forget to pack your golf clubs. If you’re traveling far or by air, you need to keep these babies safe during the trip. Check out our recommendations to find a good quality golf travel bag

How do you have fun on a golf trip?

Golfing on its own is generally a lot of fun if it’s a pastime that you enjoy. If it’s not, you can follow some of the tips on this list to make the entire experience a lot more enjoyable. Or, you could put your mind into vacation-mode and do everything that you’d typically do on holiday. 

Why do people find golf fun?

The most exhilarating aspect of golf is the challenge. The sport is designed in such a way that you challenge yourself and your abilities from the moment you walk onto the course. Each time you play, you aim to improve your skills and your last shot (or game). Plus, you can play a real sport without having to get dirty or physical with other players.

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