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In-person golf lessons are not always the easiest to access. Not only do you have to find a good location with decent teachers, you also have to pay some hefty prices. If you are looking for some lessons to help you up your game from the comfort of your own home, keep reading below for some options. 

1. Golf Distillery

Site: Golf Distillery

Golf Distillery is an independent blog run by Pete Styles. Styles is a PGA Class A Professional teacher who became a professional over 15 years ago and now seeks to help other golfers.

On the website is a comprehensive guide to various golfer tips. This includes diagrams and video lessons breaking down every step. 

2. Athletic Motion Golf

Site: Athletic Motion Golf

Founded by Mike Granato and Shaun Webb, this golfing website offers many different tiers of training videos, including an expansive free list. Both teachers have worked with golfers of every level and take an easy-to-understand approach that makes it accessible. 

Simply sign up for AMG Free to unlock the videos they offer. They offer overall instructions on golfing, but also specific tips like compression increase and distance gains. 

3. Andrew Rice Golf

Site: Andrew Rice Golf

Andrew Rice has been teaching golf for over 25 years. He uses online access and technology as his focus for training, allowing access to a wider audience. His blog is focused primarily on giving beginners the ability to learn at their own pace in the comfort of their own homes. 

4. Rick Shiels

Site: Rick Shiels

Rick Shiels shot to fame on YouTube for his quick yet detailed golf tips. He began as a simple golf enthusiast, evolving into a PGA-qualified instructor who now wants to assist other golf enthusiasts. Schiels created his own site for an easy place to find exactly what you need depending on your skill level and handicaps. 

5. Rotary Swing

Site: Rotary Swing

Rotary Swing is a hub of different free informational online golf lessons. With over 80,000 lessons to choose from, you are sure to find exactly what you need to help improve your game. Choose from simple blog posts to detailed videos to best suit your learning style from a variety of different instructors. 

6. About Golf

Site: About Golf

Casey Bourque has an expansive audience thanks to his awards won as a player and the expert tips he has to offer from those experiences. On this blog, scroll through hundreds of guides for every level, categorized based on your needs. Read written informational posts, watch videos, or find detailed practice drills to up your game. 

7. Golf State of Mind

Site: Golf State of Mind

Golf State of Mind is another excellent collection of different online lessons for completely free. Various authors and golf experts contribute to this site allowing for a diverse set of tips to explore. You can even access a free one-on-one lesson with David Mackenzie to help with some mental coaching to keep you level-headed during intense plays. 

8. Wisdom in Golf Premium

Site: Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons is run by Shawn Clement, a PGA Class A golf instructor who designed the site to help every aspect of a golfer’s life. You can access health and fitness tips to keep you in perfect shape to up your game. Then move on to tips to fix your handicaps on the green. 

9. Golf Info Guide

Site: Golf Info Guide

Golf Info Guide sorts its videos based on instructors so that you can find the best teacher for your learning needs. Each teacher has their own skill set and style to suit different players, making it easy to find the niche you fall into. They even have a whole section dedicated to leftie players to help level the playing field. 

10. Worldwide Golf

Site: Worldwide Golf

The different columnists on Worldwide Golf are experts in their areas and teach you both the basics, but also different tricks to try out as you play. The goal of the blog is to make golf for every level of player. Certain columnists even offer tips on how to play like famed golfers such as Tiger Woods by imitating their styles. 

11. Adam Young Golf

Site: Adam Young Golf

Adam Young shares tips for both physical play, but also mental tips to help the nerves that can come with playing. While you improve your game on both levels, you can also peruse fascinating articles about psychology in golfers, common misconceptions in the community, and more. 

12. Golfing Partner

Site: Golfing Partner

Golfing Partner offers amazing paid, premium lessons, but they thankfully also offer a limited selection for free. This old-school coach takes it back to the basics with classic training approaches everyone can appreciate. He’ll teach you basic tips that can often be overlooked and also some maintenance guidelines to keep both you and your clubs in perfect shape. 

13. Golf Instruction and Training Courses

Site: Golf Instruction Courses

Golf Instruction and Training Courses is an easy-to-navigate website with all of its free videos outlined on the same page. Read a quick blurb about what you will be learning then follow the link to a detailed video explaining exactly what you need. Included in the free training program are not only videos but also detailed instruction manuals.

14. AE Golf

Site: Alex Elliot Golf

Alex Elliot is a famous content creator and certified coach, voted to be one of the top in the world, even presenting his techniques at different events. He uploads new videos consistently with different tips, tricks, and ideas each time. Scroll through all of his posts or use the handy tool bar at the top to find what you need to work on. 

15. Consistent Golf

Site: Consistent Golf

Consistent Golf is based on a technique developed by Jeff Richmond over several years. It started as a passion project before developing into a published tool kit and tutorial for golfers. On the website, you can access dozens of tips from this published work for free. 

Choose from articles or informational videos to assist in your learning. If videos aren’t helpful to you, Richmond also has PDFs available for each lesson. 

16. Top Speed Golf

Site: Top Speed Golf

Top Speed Golf is a membership-based website with premium versions available. Thankfully, a free membership is also available. 

The free membership offers five free lessons as well as access to Top Speed Golf’s weekly episodes for a few days. Signing up is easy with a form located at the bottom of the page. If you end up loving their content, you can consider getting a premium subscription.

17. The Art of Simple Golf

Site: The Art of Simple Golf

As its name implies, The Art of Simple Golf takes a simplified approach to golf that will help players of every level improve their game. Alex Fortey has learned from other coaches on the internet and realized that the approach of some professional golfers is not helpful and is sometimes even stressful. 

Fortey wants to remove that stress and pressure. His approach offers the chance for improvement to feel natural and fun while still making steady progress. Choose your level on the home screen to dive into informational videos designed for you. 

18. GolfALot

Site: GolfALot

Two different coaches, Justin Rose and Scott Cranfield, add their own flare to the articles and videos in GolfALot. Through this website, you gain access to many different approaches and opinions. Learn how to up your game through videos and articles or pursue some of their think pieces to inspire new ideas of your own.  

19. Me and My Golf

Site: Me and My Golf

Me and My Golf is a prestigious golf informational site that is known for being quite pricey. Founded by two PGA-certified coaches, Piers Ward and Andy Proudman, the quality has always been on par with the cost. Thankfully, they have recently offered a free alternative that can teach you how to play golf in just four weeks. 

Both Ward and Proudman have curated a video selection best suited for beginners to make sure they are completely set up for their golf journey, totaling in worth at $99. You gain access to these videos forever. All you have to do is make an account. 

20. Golf Pass

Site: Golf Pass Daily Video Tips

Golf Pass has a huge variety of different golf informational videos that can help you become a better golfer in no time. Browse through this vast collection of videos from the world’s best instructors. 

The site is organized to be as easy as possible to find your exact needs. If you aren’t looking for anything in particular, you can also look at their daily video tips section for some new ideas to consider. 

21. AXYSGolf

Site: AXYSGolf

AXYSGolf is a vault of different video lessons. They span from beginner to advanced with different instructors scattered throughout. At the top of the list, you will see the monthly, paid-for lessons, but don’t be alarmed. 

AXYSGolf also has many different free lessons to make for a more budget-friendly option while still being just as helpful. The main free lessons offered are boot camps designed to get you up and running within just a few days of training. Change your game within just seven days through these helpful, but rigorous courses. 

22. Free Online Golf Tips

Site: Free Online Golf Tips

This is a sister site to Golf Distillery. It’s still run by Pete Styles. This site, as the name suggests, offers completely free golfing tips. The website says that they want to make sure everyone is welcome to high-quality golf videos and tips. So as long as you have good internet, you’re ready to start watching these videos.

23. Danny Maude

Site: Danny Maude Free Videos

Danny Maude does have a paid class, which is well worth checking out if you decide to take an extra step to improve your game. However, it isn’t necessary. They offer plenty of free videos to help you improve your game. You can access these videos on their website or their YouTube channel.

24. Paul Wilson

Site: Paul Wilson Golf

The owner of this website, Paul Wilson, owns a golf school in Las Vegas where he offers plenty of one-on-one lessons. However, if you’re not quite ready to travel to find a great golf instructor yet, you can try out some of their free online lessons. There are plenty of videos on their website to help you improve your game.

25. Tom’s Golf Tips

Site: Tom’s Golf Tips

While Tom’s Golf Tips doesn’t offer many videos, it’s perfect for those who do better reading to learn. The website mainly focuses on common problems that people have while golfing, and simple, easy tips to improve. They also offer featured lessons on different topics that are more in-depth.

26. Golf Fanatics

Site: Golf Fanatics

While Golf Fanatics focuses mostly on their paid lessons and courses, they do offer plenty of free options. For one, you can subscribe to their daily newsletter. In this newsletter, you’ll get daily videos and tips. They also have a blog page full of helpful notes and ways to improve your swing.

27. Hitting It Solid

Site: Hitting It Solid Blog

Hitting it Solid offers free videos and golfing tips on their blog. They take it a step further than other golfing blogs because they also review products from companies to let you know what products work and which are just snake oil.

28. Ignition Golf

Site: Ignition Golf

Ignition Golf is a little confusing to navigate as a website. However, if you get the hang of it, you’re going to get some useful tips. For most of the videos, you’ll have to pay and become a member. There are free reviews and tips on the site if you’re willing to look around. 

29. Saguto Golf

Site: Saguto Golf Free Golf Tips

Though you have to sign up for Saguto Golf, you don’t have to pay anything. They offer plenty of free videos and mini-courses to try out, including a mini-course on free ball striking. It also covers the top three things you need to do to get better at golf and hitting the ball.

30. Live About 

Site: Live About Free Golf Tips

Live About breaks up their golf tips into different categories for easy lessons. They offer tips on golf basics, and how to use certain clubs. They also offer blogs on common golf terms, popular courses, and rules to make sure you’re at the top of your game and don’t make rookie mistakes while playing.

If you’re interested to take it a little further, why not check our list of the 10 best golf school in the US?

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