best mini golf courses in Michigan
Stone Mountain is one of the best mini golf courses in Michigan. Credit: Stone Mountain Mini Golf

Are you having a birthday party soon and looking for a fun place to host it? Or do you feel like a relaxing game of golf but a big course doesn’t seem attractive to you at the moment? It turns out that mini golf, or adventure golf, is the perfect crowd-pleaser and people of all ages enjoy a round or two on a magical or fantastical miniature golf course. 

As a matter of fact, mini-golf is so popular in the United States that you can find as many as 4000 to 5000 courses spread all across the country. Many of these are located in the Great Lake State and you certainly can’t go wrong with any one of the following fantastic courses in Michigan: 

1. Garden City Miniature Golf

Garden City Miniature Golf
Credit: Garden City Miniature Golf

29060 Ford Rd, Garden City
Garden City Miniature Golf Official Website

The 18-hole Garden City Miniature Golf Course has been a family-owned and operated business since 1967. The course plays a remarkable role in the community and it has contributed to countless childhood memories.

The course isn’t too challenging, so you can bring the entire family to Garden City for a round or two. Plus, their pricing is fair and affordable, with adults paying $7 per round, children younger than 5 paying $4 per round, and seniors older than 62 paying $5 per round. 

They also have multiple rewards and incentives, including a loyalty reward program for regulars. The program is in the form of a punch card and after 10 punches, your next game is free. Then, there’s a group incentive, which gives the winner of every foursome (a group of four players) a game for free. Lastly, if you get a hole-in-one at the famous last hole, you’ll receive a free game.    

2. Novi Putting Edge

Novi Putting Edge
Credit: Novi Putting Edge

44225 W 12 Mile Rd, Novi
Novi Putting Edge Official Website

Putting Edge’s Novi mini golf course is like something out of a dream – a bright, magical, neon dream. The course is completely glow-in-the-dark and not your traditional indoor putt-putt game. Some holes have exciting twists and alternative rules, like the hole that has a toilet plunger instead of a putter. On other holes, you may be expected to get the ball into the hole with your feet. 

Then there’s the fact that each hole has a different theme, from under the sea to knights and dragons, to keep things fresh and exciting. You may even come across a glowing jungle or a flower garden. The last hole has rings and a spinning wheel for the chance to win a bonus prize.

The course is suitable for all ages and the standard fee for a round of 18 holes is $14. 

3. Crystal Falls Mini Golf & Ice Cream Shop

Crystal Falls Mini Golf
Credit: Crystal Falls Mini Golf

1405 Michigan Ave, Benzonia
Crystal Falls Mini Golf & Ice Cream Official Website

Crystal Falls in Benzonia is home to two distinct courses, suited for players of different skill levels. The first course, Tipsy Trail, is considered an expert course, while the Rocky River course is better suited for families with small children. Both courses incorporate small challenges to add to the fun and difficulty. These challenges include putting with your eyes closed and using your non-dominant hand to play. 

Both courses have a standard adult fee of $8.50 per round, which counts for all individuals older than 13. Children under 12 can play a round for just $7.50, while the little ones younger than 3 get to play for free on Rocky River. 

4. Lake City Miniature Golf

Lake City Miniature Golf
Credit: Lake City Miniature Golf

406 Houghton St, Lake City
Lake City Miniature Golf Official Website

At Lake City, you’ll find an 18-hole course with sparkling fountains and a river. There’s a covered pavilion for the non-players to wait and watch but it shouldn’t be a problem as the course is suitable for all ages. The layout and gorgeous landscaping are suited for a day out, so bring your picnic basket!

Adults pay $8 per round of mini golf, while kids under 10 can play for only $6 per round. 

5. Ella Sharp Mini Golf

2800 4th St, Jackson
Ella Sharp Mini Golf Official Website

Ella Sharp Park is home to a traditional golf course, a disc golf course, and a miniature golf course. The 18-hole mini golf course is located at the entrance of the park, which makes it very convenient if you’re planning on a quick in-and-out game.

They also have a museum and a planetarium to keep the kids and cultural enthusiasts busy but everyone should enjoy a round on the course. You can stop for candy or ice cream, which can be enjoyed at one of the benches around the course. 

They have a group special if you’re playing in a group of 5 or more, which will give you a discount on your fee. Group players pay $4 per round of mini golf, while those playing alone or in smaller groups pay $5 per round. 

6. Stone Mountain Family Fun Center

Stone Mountain Family Fun Center
Credit: Stone Mountain Family Fun Center

1102 W Russell Rd, Tecumseh
Stone Mountain Family Fun Center Official Website

Stone Mountain Mini Golf at the Stone Mountain Family Fun Center is a challenging course with many obstacles. This exciting course features 18 holes with winding paths, bridges, caves, and a river to cross with stepping stones.

Adults pay $8.50 per round of mini golf, while kids under 12 play for $6 per round. All kids under 3 go for free when playing with a paying adult.

7. Lost Pirates Adventure Golf

Lost Pirates Adventure Golf
Credit: Lost Pirates Adventure Golf

5021 Bay City Rd, Midland
Lost Pirates Adventure Golf Official Website

Lost Pirates Adventure Golf at Valley Lanes Family Entertainment Center is an 18-hole miniature golf course with an exciting pirate theme. It’s suited for the whole family and each hole has an obstacle or challenge to keep things interesting.

Adults pay $6 to play a round among the pirates, avoiding canons and finding hidden treasure. Kids and seniors can play a round for only $5.50. 

8. Cops & Robbers Great Escape – Mini Golf & Ice Cream

Cops & Robbers Great Escape
Credit: Cops & Robbers Great Escape

5154 Flushing Rd, Flushing
Cops & Robbers Great Escape Official Website

The Great Escape miniature golf course is located at Cops & Robbers in Flushing. The course features 18 holes in an outdoor setting, with a flowing waterfall and a dark cave. Plus, Cops & Robbers is known for its delicious ice cream experience, so remember to give it a try after a relaxing game. 

9. Mystical Forest Mini Golf

Mystical Forest Mini Golf
Credit: Mystical Forest Mini Golf

5900 S Water Rd, Rothbury
Mystical Forest Mini Golf Official Website

The Double JJ Resort in Rothbury is home to the Mystical Forest Mini Golf Course, which is an indoor glow-in-the-dark course with 18 distinct holes. The lights are black, the murals bright, and the game challenging, so bring your entire family for a day out. At the same resort, you’ll find a waterpark, an arcade, and a restaurant and bar for even more family activities.

The standard admission fee for 18 holes of mini golf at Mystical Forest is $8.  

10. Hubie’s Wondergolf

1909 US-23, East Tawas
Hubie’s Wondergolf Official Website

Hubie’s Wondergolf is an 18-hole miniature golf course in East Tawas. The course is challenging but it is still suited for players of all ages, from the littles to grandma and grandpa.

Children under 5 play for free, while those between the ages of 6 and 14 play for $8 per round. Seniors over 65 pay a fee of $9 per round, while adults play for $10. East Tawas locals play for $7 on Wednesdays and groups of 10 or more players get a 10% discount on any day. 

11. Loeschner’s Village Green Miniature Golf

Loeschner's Village Green Miniature Golf
Credit: Loeschner’s Village Green Miniature Golf

4521 Chicago Dr SW, Grandville
Loeschner’s Village Green Miniature Golf Official Website

There’s nothing fancy or modern about the Loeschner’s Village miniature golf course. However, that’s what makes it an absolute gem and the heart of the Grandville community. The retro, old-fashioned, traditional mini golf course is perfect for families, especially since it’s a family-owned and operated business.

Adults usually pay $8 per round but only $12 for two rounds. Children under 12 and seniors pay $6 for one round and $9 for two, while children under 5 pay $3 for one or two rounds. 

12. Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf

1256 W West Branch Rd, Prudenville
Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf Official Website

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf is an 18th-century pirate-themed miniature golf course in Prudenville. The pirate theme is clear in the ship ruins, landscaping, and even the waterfalls and stream. The course features 18 holes suited for all ages and players of different skill levels and it’s an ideal spot for parties and large groups. 

Adults pay $8 to play a round of mini golf on The Original Course, while children between the ages of 4 and 12 only pay $7 per round. Children under 3 get to play for free. 

13. Ludington Area Jaycees’ Miniature Golf Course

Ludington Area Jaycees’ Miniature Golf Course
Credit: Ludington Area Jaycees’ Miniature Golf Course

900 W. Ludington Ave, Ludington
Jaycees’ Miniature Golf Course – Ludington Official Website

The Ludington Area Jaycees’ Miniature Golf Course has been in existence since 1967, when it was opened to generate funds for community projects. Today, the course is still open and they are still donating all proceeds to local charitable organizations.

Children under 5 and veterans play for free and those between the ages of 6 and 12 and seniors pay $6 per round. Adults pay $8 per round but you can get a 30-round punch card for only $100. 


What is the name of the best golf course in Michigan? 

Michigan is home to more than 870 golf courses, including 650 public courses. Thus, it would be extremely difficult to choose one of these fantastic courses to sit at the top of the podium in the number one spot. In the end, every golfer has their own personal favorite according to what they want in a golf course.

For some inspiration and a bit of help choosing the course that you think stands out above the rest, have a look at our article with a list of the best golf courses in Michigan

Can I book a stay-and-play package in Michigan?

Every state in the US has at least one golf course or establishment that offers a stay-and-play package. So, with 800+ golf courses in Michigan, there should be no reason why you won’t be able to book a stay-and-play package. If you’d like to get a better idea of what to expect in this state, have a look at our article with a list of the best stay-and-play packages in Michigan

When is the best time to play golf in Michigan?

Due to the extreme winters that Michigan experiences, you’ll find that most golf courses are closed during these months. If your hands are itching to swing a putter around, it would be better to stick to mini golf in the cold months while you wait for the next season to come around. Michigan’s best season for golf would be summer when the days are long and the temperatures are lovely and fair. 

What is Michigan’s golf law?

Michigan has a very strict golf law in place that affects mini golf courses, practice courses, putting greens, driving ranges, and traditional golf courses. The particular law states that all of these establishments are strictly prohibited from operating between the hours of 1:00 am and 6:00 am. This includes golf seasons, holidays, and any other day of the year.

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