Mini Golf in Ocean City MD
Mini Golf in Ocean City MD – Jolly Roger Mini Golf

Ocean City in Maryland is situated on a piece of land that divides the Isle of Wight and Assawoman Bays from the Atlantic Ocean. It has beautiful stretches of beach, stunning boardwalks, and some of the best mini golf courses in the country. Many of them are themed and aren’t just for kids: parents can and should join in the fun for a great family activity. So keep reading to learn about the best 11 mini golf courses in Ocean City, MD.

Discover the Best 11 Mini Golf Courses in Ocean City, MD:

1. Jolly Roger Jungle Golf

Jolly Roger Jungle Golf
credit: Jolly Roger Jungle Golf

2901 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City
Jolly Roger Jungle Golf Website

The Jolly Roger group offers some of the best attractions in Ocean City, including two of the funnest mini golf courses. The first one is Jolly Roger Jungle Golf. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical forest full of exotic animals and exciting adventures. As you move on through the course, you’ll encounter elephants in ponds, and monkeys and frogs that climb trees to watch your game. One of the main attractions to be wary of is the volcano. It can erupt at any moment and disrupt your game.

Children will love the thrilling rides and games of the Jolly Roger Amusement Park that the course is a part of. And everyone knows that a great way to wind down after an afternoon of adrenaline is with a round of miniature golf.

2. Temple of the Dragon Mini Golf by Old Pro Golf

Old Pro Golf Ocean City MD
Credit: Old Pro Golf Ocean City

2300 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City
Old Pro Golf – Temple of the Dragon Mini Golf Website

Old Pro Golf was founded by Herbert and Aileen Schoellkopf and it has become one of the best-known mini golf companies in Ocean City. It has four locations across the city, and one of the highlights is the Temple of the Dragon course on 23rd Street. Opened in 1965, it’s one of the oldest places to play mini golf in Ocean City.

Deadly dragons and other serpents watch as you work your way through the putt-putt course. Some will even try to put you off your game. You can be sure that this adventure into the mythical land of dragons will be a fun-filled activity for all the family.

3. Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf

Professor Hacker's Lost Treasure Golf Ocean City Md
Credit: lost treasure golf

13903 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City
Professor Hacker’s Lost Treasure Golf Website

The protagonist of the Professor Hacker tale was a well-traveled explorer whose adventures inspired many miniature golf courses all over the country. There are different themes and the one chosen for Ocean City is Lost Treasure. You’ll notice the entrance easily, as there is a crash-landed plane positioned above the gate. And the blue waterfall adds to the ambience as it splashes into the pond below.

You’ll see how many people have come in search of lost treasure as there are skeletons dotted around the area to guide you through the 18 holes. And once you’re done, you can start on to another round as there aren’t one but two courses to be enjoyed. If 36 holes of mini golf is too much for you, you can take a short stroll to the beach nearby.

4. Jurassic Golf by Nick’s Mini Golf

Jurassic Golf by Nick's Mini Golf, Ocean City MD
Credit: nicks mini golf

1801 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City
Nick’s Mini Golf Jurassic Golf Website

Another fantastic chain of mini golf courses in Ocean City is Nick’s Mini Golf. Jurassic Golf is the course located at the southern end of the city and is the closest to the downtown area and the main boardwalk.

It borders an inlet of the nearby cove, so you’ll have a real water feature to avoid as you take your swings. There are enormous dinosaurs dotted around the area, so keep an eye out for hungry reptiles looking to munch on golf balls. Finally, there’s a playground for kids who don’t feel like hitting the mini links, and a special gong that gives you the chance to win a free round.

5. Undersea Adventure/Prehistoric Dinosaur Mini Golf by Old Pro Golf

Undersea Adventure/Prehistoric Dinosaur Mini Golf by Old Pro Golf
Credit: Old Pro Golf

6801 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City
Old Pro Golf – Undersea Adventure/Prehistoric Dinosaur Mini Golf Website

A few of Old Pro Golf’s locations give you the option between indoor and outdoor courses. That’s the case of the one on 68th Street. You can do a round of the Undersea Adventure or the Prehistoric Dinosaur holes. If you’re feeling truly adventurous, why not try both? You can see if your skills improve when surrounded by dinosaurs or whales.

The indoor nautical themed course includes sharks, pirate ships, cannons, and plenty more. Try not to let your strokes be directed by the sirens’ calls. You might end up with your ball in the water.

The outdoor prehistoric theme aims to throw off your concentration with towering dinos and smoky volcanoes. The ponds run red with reptile blood, so keep your distance. If all this proves to be too much excitement for little kids, head inside to the canteen and arcade for a snack and some futuristic games.

6. Baja Mini Golf

Baja Mini Golf Ocean City Md
Credit: baja oc

12639 Coastal Hwy, West Ocean City
Baja Amusements Website

Further inland from the main stretch of the city is Baja Amusements park in West Ocean City. It has activities for a fun-packed day with family members of all ages. The main attraction is the go-kart track with double-seated karts, but the miniature golf course is another highlight.

Baja Mini Golf has 19 holes and a safari theme. This means you can enjoy the exotic plants and water features for a little longer than on a regular course. There are also wild animals like lions, rhinos, and giraffes to guide you along your way.

7. Jolly Roger Treasure Golf

Jolly Roger Treasure Golf Ocean City MD
Source: minigolfoc

2901 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City
Jolly Roger Treasure Golf Website

As you stroll around the Jolly Roger Amusement Park, you’ll come across another of Ocean City’s best spots for mini golf. The Treasure Golf course has a separate theme from the Jungle Golf one, so you’ll feel a refreshed energy between them if you decide to play both on the same day.

Each hole is watched over by the Jolly Roger gang of pirates. They have hidden treasure somewhere on the course, and they’re going to try and make sure you don’t discover it on your way to the 18th hole.

8. Embers Island Mini Golf

Embers Island Mini Golf Ocean City Md
Credit: Ember Island Mini Golf

2305 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City
Embers Island Mini Golf Website

Another double-course can be found at Embers Island. You can take your pick of the volcano and pirate themed holes, or play them all with a special double-round price. There’s even a day-ticket which gives you unlimited access to both courses from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Embers Island has some of the best effects of all the courses in Ocean City. You can hear and feel the volcano as it builds to an eruption on a regular basis. Or maybe you’ll be taken by surprise as the pirates and native islanders burst into a fight in the trees. Make sure to time your stroke carefully, or else you might lose your club with the shock.

9. Safari Village/Caribbean Pirates Mini Golf by Old Pro Golf

Safari Village/Caribbean Pirates Mini Golf by Old Pro Golf Ocean City Md
Credit: Old Pro Golf

13603 Coastal Hwy, Ocean City
Old Pro Golf – Safari Village/Caribbean Pirates Mini Golf Website

Offering double courses is one of the many strengths of Old Golf Pro. The pairing of the indoor Safari Village and the outdoor Caribbean Pirates courses gives you a tough choice of which setting you want for your round of miniature golf. The problem isn’t which one you should choose: it’s which should be the first.

You’ll be golfing among gorillas, camels, and flamingos, as well as pirates and giant lobsters. And you won’t need your sea legs for climbing aboard the pirate ship. Your stance will be steady, but will your hands as you aim for the hole?

10. Maui Golf by Nick’s Mini Golf

Maui Golf by Nick's Mini Golf
Credit: Nicks Mini Golf

101 57th St, Ocean City
Nick’s Mini Golf Maui Golf Website

Nick’s Mini Golf offers a taste of Hawaii on the east coast of the U.S.A. The Maui Golf course is located around midtown Ocean City, not far from the Ocean City Expressway that will take you to the Isle of Wight.

The course itself is filled with tikis, cabins, and sharks. There are 18 holes to enjoy, one of which is the most exciting in the city. Hole number seven has a ramp that will give you the chance to putt your ball over the water. Don’t worry about not making the distance. The sharks won’t bite if you dip your hand in.

11. Renaissance Castle by Old Pro Golf

Renaissance Castle by Old Pro Golf Ocean City Md
Credit: Old Pro Golf

2801 Philadelphia Ave, Ocean City
Old Pro Golf – Renaissance Castle Mini Golf Website

Be transported back in time to medieval Europe at Old Pro Golf’s course on 28th Street. The majestic white castle gives it its name and its main attraction. Armored knights are locked in a fight for their lives as you make your way around the holes.

Don’t get distracted by the towering bear, jousting knights, or the caged dragon. You won’t need swords and shields to conquer this course, just your trusty putter, a golf ball, and friends and family for a great day out.


Ocean City offers a great selection of mini golf courses that will keep you and your loved ones entertained. They are located all over the city, so you can choose which of the other main attractions you want to visit while in the area. Some of the chains like Old Pro Golf offer special ticket prices so that you can enjoy the different courses all along the avenues and highways of Ocean City, MD. So, if you’re visiting the area, be sure to make time for 18 holes (or more) of whacky fun.

If you’re interested in the actual golf, there are some fantastic ones nearby. Here’s our list of the best golf courses around Ocean City for you to check out.

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