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Know the WestJet stroller policy before booking your flight – Jackie Evans (pixabay)

Flying with WestJet can be a great experience for all types of passengers. Whether you’re flying solo or taking your family with you, Canada’s second-largest airline will make sure your trip is comfortable. If you’re traveling with infants, you should find out more about WestJet’s stroller policy.

Key Takeaway
You can take one stroller per infant free of charge. They won’t count toward your standard baggage allowance. You can check strollers before security or at the gate.

Find out more about traveling with a stroller, from arriving at the airport to picking it up at your destination, by reading on. You’ll also discover what other baby equipment you can take with you.

Cost of Taking a Stroller

Many parents worry about their trips becoming very expensive. Taking your infant’s luggage, stroller, car seat, and more can quickly add up. However, with WestJet, you won’t need to pay anything for a stroller. You can check it in for free.

The stroller won’t count toward your regular baggage allowance. So, for example, if you purchase one hold bag and a cabin bag, you can take both plus a stroller and a car seat for free. You can also swap either a stroller or a car seat for a playpen. No matter what you want to bring, any two of these infant items will be transported for no extra cost.

Checking Your Stroller

There are several options for checking in a stroller with WestJet. You can generally use the following places for checking in luggage:

  • Curbside check-in
  • Ticket counter
  • Gate

If the airport you are traveling through has curbside check-in, you can drop off your luggage, including a stroller, there. You can also choose to head inside the terminal and drop off your bags and baby equipment at the ticket counter. If you go for either of these options, you can pick up an airport stroller to take with you to the plane.

Note that if you’re a part of the military, you can check up to 4 bags for free.

If you prefer to bring your own stroller throughout the airport, that’s perfectly fine too. It will need to be searched at security and then checked at the gate. The airline staff will place a tag on it and give you the reference code in case it gets lost. There is no extra cost for gate-checking a stroller.

Getting Through Security with a Stroller

Getting through security can be one of the most stressful parts of traveling. You need to get all of your liquids and devices out of your bags, everything out of your pockets, watches and belts off, then put everything back without much room to do it. With children, this can be even harder.

However, if you are well-prepared, it can be simple. When it comes to your stroller, you just need to remove everything from it. This includes bags from the handles and items from the basket in the bottom. All of these must go into the trays to be scanned. Then you will need to fold up your stroller and put it on the conveyor so it can also be checked.

At some airports, smaller prams (like umbrella strollers) can be checked by hand. This makes the whole process a little easier.

Can I bring my stroller into the cabin?

Some airlines allow you to avoid gate-checking your stroller by bringing it into the cabin. In this case, the stroller must be collapsible so that it can fit into the overhead lockers conveniently without taking up too much space.

WestJet does not specify if you can bring collapsible strollers into the cabin. If you have one of these types of prams and you would prefer to keep it with you throughout the flight, you should contact WestJet directly.

Having a travel stroller instead of a regular one increases your chance to bring it to the cabin. It’s compact in size and lightweight so you can easily lift it. Check out our list of best travel strollers for some excellent ideas.

Should I bring my stroller to the gate or check it in right away?

There are advantages and disadvantages to checking in your stroller right away. The biggest pluses are that your child is already comfortable with it and it is more hygienic than taking a stroller that can be used by other people.

However, some travelers prefer to get all of their hold baggage taken away as soon as possible to make their trip easier. If this sounds good to you, you can then get an airport stroller near the ticket counter or after security. That way, you won’t need to have it searched.

What other things can I bring for my child?

You’ve already seen that you can bring a stroller, a car seat, and a playpen on WestJet flights. You can also take snacks and drinks for your kids. If you are taking breast milk or formula, you don’t need to limit them to 100mL like with other liquids.

WestJet recommends bringing plenty of diapers, wipes, toys, etc. They also suggest a change of clothes. The bathrooms at the rear of their planes have changing stations. For more hints like these, take a look at our article on six tips to make flying with kids easier. You will find plenty of information that can make your trip smoother.

Where Do I Pick Up My Stroller?

Once you arrive at your destination, you’ll have to collect your stroller at the baggage claim. Depending on the airport, it can be on the carousel with the rest of the baggage or at the oversize luggage area. Keep an eye out at both spots.

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