Alaska Airlines stroller policy
Know the Alaska Airlines stroller policy if you plan a family trip with them – Jeffry Surianto (pexels)

If you’re taking a trip in North America and want to travel with a well-trusted airline, why not choose Alaska Airlines? It’s a great choice for families as the company’s policies for traveling with children are clear and expansive. This includes their stroller policy.

Key Takeaway
Your stroller will be checked for free at the ticket counter or the gate. It won’t count towards your standard baggage allowance, so you can still take the same amount of luggage you were planning.

Keep reading to find out more details about taking a stroller on an Alaska Airlines flight. You’ll discover if this airline is the right fit for you and your family.

Checking Your Stroller with Alaska Airlines

Your child’s stroller will need to be placed in the hold of the plane before take-off. This means that you need to check it before boarding. There are several places to check strollers and other equipment like car seats throughout the airport traveling process.

The first spot you’ll find is the curbside check-in. Some airports give you the chance to check your luggage even before you enter the terminal. This makes it easier to move on and avoid crowds. You can also drop your stroller off at the ticket counter. Unless your stroller is very big, you won’t need to go to the oversized baggage area.

The last chance to check your stroller is at the gate. You will be given a sticker or label to attach to it. This label will have your ticket information on it so if the stroller is lost, it can be traced back to you. For more information, take a look through our 15 proven tips for gate checking a stroller.

Note that if you’re a member of the US military, aside from strollers you can also check your baggage for free on Alaska Airlines.

Stroller Size Limit

You can bring a collapsible stroller sized below 90 linear inches when folded and weighs less than 35 lbs. Size in linear inches is counted by adding height + length + width.

Taking Your Stroller to the Cabin

Unfortunately, Alaska Airlines website only states that strollers can be checked baggage for free, but doesn’t specify whether passengers can bring it to the cabin or not. If you’re planning to do it, make sure with their help desk.

Having a travel stroller instead of a regular one will increase your chance to bring it to the cabin as it is designed to be compact and light. Check out our top suggestions for travel strollers to find one that suits your need.

Cost of Traveling with a Stroller

Your child’s stroller is free to take with you. You shouldn’t pay any higher costs than the standard ticket. This is the same for both basic and premium fares. The general rule is that each child can have one free stroller per flight. If you want to take a second pram, for example a jogging stroller as well as a regular one, you will need to pay extra.

The stroller doesn’t count toward your baggage allowance. It doesn’t matter if you are taking cabin luggage or several pieces of checked luggage, you can always add the stroller on top of the total.

If You Bring Both Strollers and Car Seats

The same rules apply for car seats as they do for strollers. You can bring one free-of-charge and check it at the ticket counter or at the gate. You can bring a car seat into the cabin if it is FAA-approved and you have bought a separate seat for your infant.

You may be wondering if you can take both a stroller and a car seat. The answer is yes, you can take both items for free. You don’t need to choose between one or the other. Neither count toward your standard baggage allowance.

More about this here: Alaska Airlines car seat policy.

Can I bring a stroller with a battery pack?

Some strollers have battery packs that allow them to self-fold, making it easier for parents to balance their child and luggage while closing up the stroller before checking it. Not all strollers of this kind will be accepted. If you need a tool (for example, a screwdriver) to remove the battery, you can’t take the stroller with you on the flight.

Battery-powered strollers with simple push buttons, USB connectors, or a key are allowed in the hold. You must remove the battery before checking the stroller and place it in a safe bag to avoid short-circuiting.

How do I get through security with a stroller?

If you decide to gate check your stroller, you will need to take it through security. It will have to go through the scanner, so you will need to remove everything inside it. This includes diaper bags, bottles, toys, blankets, etc. And don’t forget your child!

Next, you’ll have to collapse the stroller and place it on the conveyor or into a tray. Once it has been scanned and you’ve passed through the metal detector, you can put everything back.

What if I check my child’s stroller before security?

Some travelers prefer to check their stroller before going through security instead of gate checking it. In this case, you can take one of the strollers provided by the airport. You can then leave it at the gate before boarding.

There are usually several places to find these strollers throughout the airport. You can check at the ticket counter when you check your own stroller.

How can I make the trip as easy as possible for my children?

Checking your stroller at the gate can make the process smoother for you and your child because your kid is used to their stroller and might feel more comfortable. It can also be more hygienic than borrowing an airport stroller.

Once you’re through security, try and find a quiet spot where your child won’t feel overwhelmed by the crowds. If they are energetic, they can burn off some energy before the flight. If you book a flight during their regular bedtime, they should be tired enough to sleep through the trip. For more tips like these, you can read through our article on flying with kids.

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