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Traveling as part of the military is a common necessity. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, it can be expensive, and finding discounts wherever you can is always helpful. Luckily, many airlines offer great benefits for active duty and retired military personnel.

Key Takeaway
WestJet allows up to four free checked-in bags for all military personnel including active duty and veterans. There is no fare discount offered at the moment.

WestJet’s baggage discounts are a huge bonus when traveling as a military member. Most airlines offer other discounts as well depending on what your status is in the military. Keep reading for more specifics on the baggage discount as well as information on other possible benefits.

Military Fare Discounts

WestJet currently does not offer any military fare discounts. This includes active duty personnel, veterans, and war injured. No military connections are given fare discounts.

Military Baggage Discounts

The one thing WestJet does offer for military members is discounted baggage on all of its flights. It waives fees for up to 4 bags for both active and veteran Canadian military personnel. In both cases, one of the following military identifications must be shown before you board the flight:

  • Record of Service Card (NDI 75)
  • Statement of Service from any branch of the Canadian military
  • A CFOne card with “CF” or “V”
  • Discharge certificate from any branch of the Canadian military
  • DND ID card for National Defense (NDI 20)
  • Valid DND temporary ID card (NDI 10)
  • National Association of Federal Retirees with “Canadian Armed Forces Veteran” stated on the card
  • Certificate of Service (CF 54 or CF 75) from any branch of the Canadian military

They also offer this option to any active duty personnel from other countries who show valid military identification. In all cases, these discounts do not extend to any family members or guests of the military personnel.

It’s worth reiterating that WestJet only offers discounts for the Canadian military. US military or military from other countries do not receive the same benefits.

Baggage Specifications

No matter what kind of flight you take, the maximum bag capacity is increased for the personnel listed above. This includes people traveling on business and for personal reasons.

On WestJet flights, it is a maximum of four bags. On WestJet Encore flights it is a maximum of three. All of these bags are allowed at no extra charge to personnel.

This rule also applies to any overweight or oversized luggage. All bags could be overweight or oversized and no extra charge would be added, unlike their usual policy. This exception applies only to military personnel and not to any guests or family members.

Baggage Policies

The above guidelines listed for baggage policies are the only exemptions military personnel receive from WestJet usual guidelines. For more information about what is allowed and other specifics, check out our article on WestJet’s Baggage Guidelines.

These baggage policies apply whether you are on a business trip or are traveling for pleasure. When you are traveling for pleasure, one of the most common ways many military personnel unwind is by heading to the golf course.

Golf trips are great for both an individual and the whole family. It is usually the most comfortable to bring your own clubs, but baggage policies for golf clubs specifically are different for every airline.  If you want to bring your own clubs for these types of trips, check out our article on WestJet Golf Clubs Policy for more specific information.

WestJet Lounge

WestJet does offer some very comfortable lounges for you to relax in. Platinum, Gold, and Silver WestJet rewards members can access these lounges either for free or at a discount. However, this offer does not extend to military personnel.

There are no military discounts for lounge access at WestJet and there are also no discounts for becoming one of their rewards members. Military personnel and their family members must pay the same fees at the same rates for lounge access.

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