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Kids love exciting activities like traveling. Whether it’s a trip to a new country or just a visit to the local zoo, children are often happiest when they get to experience new environments. Your kids wouldn’t be happy if you travel without them. Fun trips benefit children in various ways, so taking them along is an excellent decision.  

However, traveling with kids can be challenging. This is especially the case if you’re traveling with toddlers. You may encounter one issue: deciding the destinations. Lucky for you, we’ve compiled an exciting list to give you a few ideas.

The 14 Best Places to Travel with Kids

We’ve compiled a list of the seven best spots to travel with your kids. You can read our review and pick one (or several!). 

1. Disney World, Florida 

Disney World
Disney World – Disney

Best for ages: 2 – 15

We start this list with Walt Disney’s magic resort in Florida – Disney World. Disney World is the most visited amusement park in the world, with about 12 million visitors in 2021. It’s an excellent choice for most kids because it introduces them to live representations of some of their favorite Disney characters. 

So, imagine the joy on your child’s face when they see Belle or Ariel. What about the different Disney experiences you’ll create with them? You’ll also get to buy authentic Walt Disney products for your kids. Finally, there’s Disney’s PhotoPass to help you save the memories you created at Disney World.

2. Miami Beach, Florida 

Miami beach
Miami beach – tammon (pixabay)

Best for ages: 7 – 13

Beaches aren’t just great for adults and teenage partygoers. They can also be great travel destinations when you are traveling with children. You can take your kids to enjoy the sun, sand, and beach games at Miami Beach. 

If you take this trip, you’ll find that Miami Beach has several other attractions on and around the beach. These include hotels, amazing restaurants, swimming and surfing competitions, and great beach homes. However, it’ll be unsafe to take kids of all ages into the water. Expectedly, parents often have worries about taking their children to visit large bodies of water. One rule of thumb you can rely on is ensuring your kids are at least 7 years old before taking them to beaches. Even then, you still have to be very vigilant.

3. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florida – Universal Orlando

Best for ages: 8 – 14

You can take your kids to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Wizarding World consists of themed areas at Universal Parks & Resorts, Florida. Children can interact with the fantastic world J. K. Rowling created in her Harry Potter series. 

This park has several attractions for kids, including rides, shows, and shops. For example, your kids can enjoy the “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” ride. They can also watch “The Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle.” So, if your kids are Harry Potter fans, then you should gift them this experience. 

4. The San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo
The San Diego Zoo – sandiegozoowildlifealliance

Best for ages: 6 – 14

If your kids are fans of Jurassic World and similar movies, a zoo visit will be just right. You can expose your kids to real-life animals beyond fantasies at the prestigious San Diego Zoo. This zoo houses around 4,000 animals of more than 650 different species. 

Some include lions, polar bears, zebras, birds, fishes, and reptiles. You can use this opportunity to teach your children about the different animals they may never encounter around your home. What’s more? There are many other great scenes in San Diego, such as SeaWorld.

5. Canadian Children’s Museum, Canada

Canadian Children’s Museum
Canadian Children’s Museum – history museum Canada

Best for ages: 2 to 17

Canada also has great travel sites for kids. For example, you can visit the Children’s Museum in Gatineau, run by the Canadian Museum of History. The CCM offers several interesting sights for kids. Some of them include the International Village, and the desert pyramid. Your kids can also have fun watching a cargo ship unload. 

Furthermore, the CCM allows you to host birthday parties for kids. Such events boast exciting games and activities. Your children will even have the opportunity to interact with and socialize with other kids visiting the museum. However, non-members and kids above three years have to pay entry fees. 

6. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – Canva

Best for ages: 6 – 15

Mexico is another child-friendly location if you want to travel outside the US. Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful seaside resort that your kids will love. International visitors from several countries converge there frequently. So, visiting Puerto Vallarta is an opportunity for your kids to have fun in a diverse crowd. 

At this resort, you’ll also see Aquaventuras Park. It’s a water park with waterslides and multiple pools where you can swim with dolphins and sea lions. In addition, Aquaventuras has an aquatic area just for kids. So you and your children can have fun in areas safe enough for adults and children. 

7. Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica
Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, Costa Rica – cloudforestmonteverde

Best for ages: 7 – 16

Monteverde Forest Reserve in Costa Rica is the place for adventure. This expedition will see your family explore the forest canopy on hanging bridges. You’ll also use zip lines and take walks along existing trails. 

The Monteverde forest reserve is a must if you have adventurous kids. Wildlife sightings, hiking, bungee jumping, and forest exploration are some skills your children will leave the forest with. You also get to give your kids a glimpse of what life in the countryside resembles. 

8. Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

Colonial Williamsburg
Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, USA – colonialwilliamsburg

Best for ages: 6-18

Are your kids into history? Colonial Williamsburg is a perfect place to visit, where history comes to life. In this living-history museum, you can walk around the old village and experience 18th century in front of your eyes. Kids can experience the work of blacksmiths, tailors, and bookbinders or imagine life as a soldier at the Magazine Yard.

You can also do the tour the Governor’s Palace and the Capitol Building to have a full experience of the colonial town. Don’t forget to pop in the shops for colonial toys, clothing, and other goods.

9. Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA

Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA
Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA – canva

Best for ages: 5-18

Everybody has heard of Grand Canyon, one of the most popular US landmarks. It is not only a national park, but also a place with dozens of attractions for young and old.

If your child enjoys natural world, they can become a Junior Ranger at the park. They just need to attend four activities suited to their age, all led by park rangers.

If your kids are train enthusiasts, you can also arrive to Grand Canyon on a restored historical train with some live music and even a mock train robbery on the agenda or enjoy a train ride from the historic station at Grand Canyon Village.

There is also a great Yavapai Geology Museum with a huge interactive 3D map of the park and other displays. Do we have young astronomers on board? The Grand Canyon is perfect for star gazing. They even organize an annual star gazing party every year in June.

Pack your bags, adventure awaits!

10. Six Flags, Mexico City, Mexico

Six Flags, Mexico City, Mexico
Six Flags, Mexico City, Mexico – sixflags

Best for ages: 2-16

Who doesn’t love an amusement park? With a grand total of 50 attractions, including 2 waterparks and 9 rollercoasters, Six Flags is an amazing destination for a family day out.

Divided into themed parts such as Swiss Village or Bugs Bunny Boomtown, it is a paradise for kids and parents alike. Fun attractions, great food options, and many gift shops along the way, allow every member of the family to make memories and enjoy what they like most.

Top tip: book your tickets online to avoid long queues. Enjoy your unforgettable experience!

11. Xplor, Cancun, Mexico

Xplor, Cancun, Mexico
Xplor, Cancun, Mexico – xplor

Best for ages: 10-18

This Mexican adventure park has a lot to offer, especially for teenagers, although children over 5 are welcome too. If your kids would enjoy a true jungle experience, book your tickets now. This park is surrounded by nature, with breathtaking views and natural wonders. You walk through caverns of stalactites and stalagmites, you can swim or paddle through underground rivers and zip line across the jungle. Kids can enjoy a refreshing drink along the way, between various parts of the adventure.

If you are headed toward Mexico, it is a must. Don’t forget your swimwear to enjoy the water park!

12. Niagara Falls, Ontario, USA/ Canada

Niagara Falls
Niagara Falls – canva

Best for ages: 1-16

This is one of the most appealing family destinations in North America. There are waterfalls, museums, water parks, and many more. Kids will love their time surrounded by splashing water. Starting with the most iconic Horseshoe water cascade, 2,600 feet wide and 188 feet tall, kids really enjoy seeking out the rainbow colors in the waterfall, caused by the sun.

The Skylon Tower will allow the whole family to have a bird’s eye view on the falls, has great restaurants and on a good day you can even see New York skyline.

Talking about skies, there is also SkyWheel – a Ferris wheel, where you can enjoy the views from a comfortable gondola, air conditioned or heating included!

Animal lovers can enjoy Butterfly Conservatory with more than 1,800 tropical butterflies representing 60 species. For less outdoorsy kids, they have an IMAX, indoor waterpark, and Marineland with wonders of the underwater world. Let’s not forget about the possible boat and helicopter rides. This place is truly full of amazing things to do with your kids.

13. House of Chocolate Grenada Museum, St George’s, Grenada

House of Chocolate Grenada Museum
House of Chocolate Grenada Museum – House of Chocolate

Best for ages: 7-18

House of Chocolate is a unique mini museum, where you can discover the history of chocolate in the world and Grenada specifically. It is a child friendly experience, where the journey from the cocoa bean to a chocolate bar is portrayed in a very animated way by the local people and wonderful displays.

As they specialize in organic chocolate, there is much handcrafting involved. You and your kids will have the opportunity to speak with people, whose daily job is… chocolate. Let’s not forget all the tasting along the way and finally some downtime in the museum’s café. There is also a small gift shop to bring a souvenir home. Have you ever tried cocoa tea? If not, you need to pay a visit to this little gem on the streets of St George’s.

14. Smoky Mountains National Park, North Carolina/Tennessee, USA

Smoky Mountains National Park
Smoky Mountains National Park –

Best for ages: 5-17

If you are looking for a great day out with your kids surrounded by nature, Smoky Mountains National Park is for you. If you don’t mind bumping into deer, bobcats or chipmunks, you can take your family for a traditional hike or bike around. Visit the Cades Cove, where you can go back in time while walking through the valley and enjoy historical buildings, houses and churches. For children, who are animal lovers, there is horseback riding, fishing or display of synchronous fireflies.

Kids love reaching the highest peak of the park – Clingmans Dome, at 6,643 feet to enjoy the amazing views and a great gift shop.

For hikers interested in something a bit more organized, try the Mountain Farm Museum and Mingus Mill – both on the Oconaluftee River. You can run into elks or see a demonstration of grinding corn into cornmeal in a mill built in 1886. It uses a water-powered turbine instead of a water wheel to power all of the machinery in the building.

All in all, Smokies National Park has something for every little explorer.


Now you know the best places to travel with kids in the US, Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica. All that’s remaining is planning and executing that family trip. While planning be sure to consider various things that are applicable to your current situation. For example: you probably have to travel with a newborn, you might have to decide whether to go with a car seat or having a lap baby during your flight, and so on. Good planning is the key to a successful trip.

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