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Golf is a fun pastime for some and a serious fixation for others. No matter which category you land in, lessons never hurt to help your enjoyment and your skills. Keep reading to find out about some of the best golf schools in the US and also a little bit about golf architecture. 

1.  Butch Harmon School of Golf

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Located in sunny Las Vegas, the Butch Harmon School of Golf is part of the Rio Secco Golf Club. Butch Harmon has previously instructed legends such as Tiger Woods and Greg Norman, making him an expert in his field. 

The facility takes advantage of modern technology with updated computer and video equipment to help analyze the swing, working to improve it from there. Each trainer has different specialties, making instruction individualized and personal. Both indoor and outdoor practice areas allow for varying levels of difficulty and are perfect for practicing the new techniques the golfers learn.

2. Academy of Golf Dynamics

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The Academy of Golf Dynamics does not subscribe to any one teaching method or system. Their teachers craft their instruction to suit the golfer’s style, movement, and play preferences. Great for pros and newbies alike, their teaching methods are for perfect everyone without judgment. 

The process begins with a video analysis of the golfer’s swing, breaking down step by step what can be improved. From there, the golfer is given a personalized lesson and training guide to follow even after their time at the school is finished. Better still, the academy keeps the player’s record on file forever, meaning if they decide to go back, they won’t have to start from square one. 

3. Jim McLean Golf School at Biltmore, Miami

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While there are multiple Jim McLean Golf School locations, the one at The Biltmore Miami Coral Gables is the most renowned. McLean himself has refined his technique for over 40 years and has gotten it down to a science. 

His technique involves utilizing safety zones and parameters measured by his years of golf swing research. While the program is built around a specific technique, it fits every level of golfer from beginner to professional. The instruction is still personalized as the teacher will find the best way to formulate the technique around the student. 

4. Pinehurst Golf Academy

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Within the Pinehurst Golf Academy, multiple schools are available to choose from to best suit your individual needs. Programs for kids and families are available, but there are also the classic individualized lessons for both first-time members and returning alumni. 

Pinehurst feels more like a proper school than most classic golf academies. You get lessons both individually, but you also have the chance to work in small groups to help support your fellow golfers. During your time at the academy, you also gain resort accommodations, three included meals, and plentiful amounts of golfing fun. 

5. Sea Island Golf Performance Center

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World-renowned instructors at the Sea Island Golf Performance Center offer a variety of different training styles that will cover all the bases needed for any golfer. Multiple different subsections of instruction are offered including tailored putting practices, but also so much more. You also can get a personalized club fitting. 

Tour around their collection of top-tier clubs while getting experienced fitters to give you hands-on help. From there, head to the golf fitness area that will improve your well-being by giving you golf-specific workouts to improve your power and flexibility. Wrap it up by working your mental game and learning the best strategies to get in the correct headspace for any golf match. 

6. Mike Bender Golf Academy

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The Mike Bender Golf Academy has developed its own unique technique whose success has been proven time and time again by its students. Students who included multiple major championship winners. The program starts by looking at who the golfer is. 

The goal of the program is not only to make your game better but also to improve your enjoyment of it. A survey and a set of practice swings are put through their state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and then analyzed by their team. From there, your specialized golf lessons begin, bettering both your physical and mental game. 

7. Dave Pelz Scoring Game School at PGA West


PGA West is the perfect location for improving your golf game up to expert levels. It combines the best of both worlds by taking advantage of the stunning landscape and natural terrain while also having state-of-the-art instruction provided by the Dave Pelz Scoring Game School. 

The program is designed to set the player up with skills to not just improve their skills now, but also throughout their lifetime. The academy takes scientific evidence surrounding golf training and applies the science in a practical way to provide excellent individualized instruction. 

If you are unsure about committing to the program, the school has helpful videos online to help you test their style. Taking advantage of online is sometimes the only instruction accessible to some people and Pelz Golf understands that. For more free training lessons online, check out our article on 30 websites to visit for you to become a better golfer

8. Nemacolin Golf Academy

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The Nemacolin Golf Academy is well-known for its innovative training and practice facilities, being far ahead of many other schools like it. The program starts by analyzing the golfer’s talents by using customized evaluations to create personalized instruction and practice plans. 

There are four different training bays to take advantage of, making the training well-rounded and great for varying levels of skill. Aside from the golf itself, Nemacolin also provides luxurious accommodations for individuals and groups. The combination of their improved facilities, famous instructors, and talented specialists makes for the perfect golf school.

9. Pine Needles Golf Academy

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Over 50 years of tradition have resulted in refined and superior instruction being taught at the Pine Needles Golf Academy. Each part of the curriculum is designed to work on every aspect of golf. Golfers gain training in putting, pitching, and chipping but also fitness regiments and ideal stretches. 

All of the lessons are one-on-one, tackling individual issues, discovering strengths and weaknesses, then working towards improvement. The combination of old-school teaching methods and high-class technological swing analysis brings together the best of both worlds. 

10. Kip Puterbaugh’s Aviara Golf Academy

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As the longest-running golf school in the Western United States, Kip Puterbaugh’s Aviara Golf Academy staff has over 100 years of combined teaching experience with every age and skill level. The team consists of seven full-time instructors who have unparalleled levels of mastery in their field. 

Kip Puterbaugh himself began teaching in 1971, honing his technique every year since. Lessons are taught in groups, students being three-to-one with the teacher. The students build each other up and refine their skills with the instruction of an experienced staff member. Attendees will quickly gain an understanding of the science of a golf swing, find the best practice techniques for them, and develop skills to become consistent in every game. 

Golf Architecture Schools

While schools focused on bettering your golf game skills are essential, there are other areas of golf to explore. Someone has to design and create the courses that are played on. No one is better at that than dedicated golf enthusiasts. 

While golf schools are usually short, individualized sets of lessons, golf architecture takes years of dedicated schooling to hone the skills needed to create amazing courses. As the years go on, more and more schools offer either golf architecture or golf landscaping programs. Professional training is not required, but it helps make your ideas a reality. 

Universities all over the country offer programs that can help your journey. While most schools don’t have dedicated majors for them, some focuses and minors can be studied to put you on the correct path. A few of the most famous include Purdue University, Oregon State University, and Rutgers University. 

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