Raining when golfing
Sometimes sudden downpour is inevitable, but with prior weather checking you probably can avoid this – Martin Magnemyr

There are so many lists and guides that tell you exactly what you should remember to do before booking a golf trip. But have you ever wondered what you shouldn’t do? Here’s the list that you’ve been looking for:

1. Forget to check the weather forecast

Checking the weather months or even weeks before your trip won’t be very helpful as the forecast won’t be as accurate if you check too soon. However, it’s still important to keep the weather in mind. If you’re making a booking for the following weekend or somewhere in the near future, you can have a look at the forecast to ensure that the weather conditions will be ideal. 

You don’t want to make a week-long booking and when you arrive it rains for four days, leaving you with a single day to catch up on all of the golf that you missed. The same goes for heatwaves and cold fronts because being away from your house during harsh weather conditions can be very unpleasant.

It’s also really important to know what type of weather you could be expecting when you’re packing. Do you need summer golf apparel or all of the warm layers that you can fit into your suitcase? The weather forecast should be able to tell you. 

2. Book too far in advance

If you’re a planner, waiting until the last minute to make a booking can be torture. But if you can stretch it out a little before booking, you should. Many places require a hefty deposit which may not be refundable. If you make a booking and life gets in the way, you’ll lose an unnecessary amount of money. Wait until 2 weeks or a month at the longest before the trip to confirm by paying the deposit. 

3. Waiting until the last minute to make a booking 

Yes, tip number 2 tells you not to book too far in advance, but that doesn’t mean you should wait too long. This is especially true if you’re looking at taking your golf trip in high season or your preferred location is one of the best spring golf trip destinations on our list, because those are extra popular! 

If you wait too long, you’ll receive a nasty surprise when the place is either fully booked or all of the good rooms at the best golf resort are taken. To avoid this hassle, make your booking at least 3 days to a week before your trip. 

4. Forgot to read reviews

If you haven’t visited a place in the past, you should always read their reviews before you confirm your booking. As a matter of fact, you should even check if you’ve visited in the past because things change and the service or amenities may not be up to the same standards anymore. 

If other visitors weren’t happy, the chances are good that you won’t be either. If the majority rated the establishment with 4 or 5 stars, the chances are good that they’re worth visiting.

5. Settle for something below your standards

The need for a golf getaway can become overwhelming. So, while you’re looking for accommodation and all of the other things that need booking, you may settle for something that you won’t be happy with in the end. It’s better to keep looking until you find a place that sparks your interest and meets all of your requirements. 

If someone in your group needs a bathtub, don’t settle for the room with a shower because it’s the only one at that specific resort. If you prefer a links style course, don’t settle for anything else just because it’s closer or cheaper, unless you have no other choice.

6. Missing the hidden costs 

Your budget is always important, regardless of the event or trip you’re planning. However, things get a little more complicated when it comes to golf because there are many extra costs and fees involved. If you’re running on a strict budget, you have to be careful when reading the fine print because it’s easy to miss something that could leave you broke or in the red at the end of your trip. 

7. Schedule too much golf

We get it, it’s a golf trip and there needs to be as much golfing as possible. But try not to go overboard with the scheduled tee times. 2 rounds a day for five days straight can become a little tedious and tiresome. This could especially be a problem if members of your group become tired easily or if your trip requires a lot of traveling. 

8. Invite too many non-golfers

If you want to take your entire family or all of your best mates, go for it. However, if your goal is to play you should probably leave the non-golfers at home or schedule an off-course activity for them. Not only will their stay incur extra charges, but they’ll also be bored while you spend all of your time on the course. 

9. Overdoing the competition 

A little competition is healthy but there’s no need to make your partner put their entire life savings on the line for a friendly competition. If you’re playing 10 games throughout the trip, 1 or 3 competition games can be fun, but more than 50% can be considered too much. However, this depends on your group.

10. Booking 3+ hotels

If you don’t want to pack and unpack every night of your trip, you should try to book 1 or 2 hotels at most. Could you imagine having to pack and unpack every night after a long day on the course? This will leave you tired every morning and it could end up spoiling the entire trip.

The best option would be choosing a hotel or guesthouse close to all or most of the courses that you’ll be playing. In this way, the time and money you spend traveling and unpacking will be minimized. If you have no other choice, try not to schedule two days of golf in two separate locations too close to each other.

11. Overestimating your budget 

To get back to your budget, don’t overestimate the amount of money that you have to spend on your golf trip. If your accommodation budget is a set amount, don’t overspend with the hopes that you’ll save on something else. Plus, don’t overestimate the rest of the group members’ budgets because you don’t want to leave anyone in debt after a nice golf getaway.

12. Appointing too many planners

Since you’re reading this, you’re probably the trip planner. But if your group decided that everyone gets to chip in when it comes to the planning, you could pick up some problems in the future. 

Appoint a group captain who oversees the entire trip or choose a planner for each category, from the tee times to excursions and accommodation. Then, get together to ensure that your plans don’t clash or overlap. 

13. Forget about dinner

I know you’re wondering who forgets about dinner but it happens. More often than you realize. Everyone gets so caught up in the golf planning and accommodation that they forget about dinner. This could be a problem for many reasons. 

Firstly, you may need to make a reservation at the resort’s restaurant for each night of your stay or you won’t get a table. Secondly, you could end up forgetting to allocate a portion of your budget to dinner and before you know it, you’re spending money that you don’t have. 

Thirdly, some members of your group may have special dietary requirements that you need to take care of and if you forget they may be left without something to eat.

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