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Standard golf outfit of pants and collared shirt

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If there’s one occasion you can dress up for, it’s a game of golf. Whether you pull out your fancy socks or splurge on some brand new shorts, your outfit can make or break your game because if you overstep with the wrong outfit, you may be denied access when you get to the club. Thus, it’s always a good idea to look for some inspiration within the club’s boundaries and the general rules of golf before your next game. 

Dress Code

There’s a certain dress code when it comes to golf, which means that you can’t pull up to your local course wearing your ripped jeans or sandals. Casual clothing like football shirts or tracksuits aren’t acceptable and beach or cargo shirts certainly won’t cut it. What’s more, a vest or untucked shirt and trainers won’t get you anywhere near the course. That’s right, if you aren’t wearing the proper golf attire when you arrive at the golf club, you could be denied access.


When it comes to tops, you need to choose wisely. This part of your attire sets the tone for your entire outfit and it’s the first thing people will see when they look at you. Fortunately, the dress code for tops gives you some options to choose from, like a neat collared polo shirt or a long sleeve polo shirt. If the weather is unbearable and you just know you’ll be sweating like crazy, a lightweight and quick dry short-sleeved collared shirt should do the trick. 

Regardless of the shirt you choose, remember to tuck it into your pants for a much neater look. This makes these shirts perfect if you need to get back to the office after a quick game. Just remember that foul language or oversized branding on your shirt could get you some nasty looks or you may even be stopped at the gate of the golf club. 


Layers are the way to go if you choose to play golf on a windy day or even a rainy day in spring. Choosing the right top could play a big role in your game and your day overall. Here are some recommendations for the cooler golf season: 


Average temperatures during Spring are perfect for golf. As a matter of fact, we recommend this season as the best time of year for a golf trip, but it’s true that the occasional rainfall could get in the way. Luckily you have options to overcome this obstacle, like a quarter zip pullover


This season is known for its colder and windier days, which means that you need a thicker layer of protection against the weather. A warm fleece pullover sweater should provide the protection you need without restricting your play. 


When it comes to bottoms, your choices are somewhat limited but you can certainly work with what you have. Since denim and sweatpants are completely unacceptable, you’ll need to find something else that’ll complement your top. So, leave those party denims at home and opt for something like classic-fit stretch golf pants or the classic-fit stretch golf shorts alternative for the warmer days. 

Many also opt for quick dry lightweight casual pants as these pants can be used for multiple other activities, from work to hiking. If you prefer something lightweight and casual but you don’t like pants or the weather isn’t great for long bottoms, you can also go for the quick dry lightweight casual shorts

However, if you’re unsure about the right bottoms and you don’t like using your golf attire for other activities, you could always choose dedicated golf shorts. Regardless of the fit, most bottoms are available in multiple colors to ensure that you can easily match the different components of your outfit. 

Shoes & socks

Many golf clubs won’t allow you to play with any other shoes if you don’t have a pair of spikeless golf shoes. Plus, since shoes with cleats could cause severe damage to the course, you won’t be allowed to play with shoes that have cleats or steel toes. Fortunately, there are many types of golf sneakers to choose from and if you need some support due to an injury or age, you can opt for a pair of supportive golf shoes

In terms of socks, you aren’t limited to a certain brand or color, especially if you’re pairing them up with golf pants. However, if you’re wearing long socks with golf shorts, you should ensure that they match the rest of your outfit. A pair of no show socks are a great option if you’re not looking for a sock tan. 


A good golf outfit for men consists of more than your everyday type of clothing. There are some accessories that you need depending on the weather, while other accessories are required regardless of the weather. 


Hats can be a lifesaver on the golf course, especially in the summer. A good quality stretch fit cap that matches your outfit can prevent a really bad sunburn. 


The same goes for a pair of sunglasses because those harsh UV rays could make your game harder than it needs to be. 


A set of golf gloves is a must when your hands tend to sweat on hot days because they can help to prevent unnecessary mistakes due to slipping. You may also need a pair of gloves on rainy days. 


Many golf clubs won’t let you on the course if you’re not wearing a belt. Thus, it’s important to wear a good quality golf belt that’ll provide enough support while complimenting your outfit. 


One of the key aspects of a good golf outfit is matching the colors well. Fluidity is important because you don’t want to look like an abstract painting to the players a few holes ahead of you. Don’t wear textures and patterns that clash and try to choose tops and bottoms that are very similar in color or at least complement each other. 

Blue collared shirt, blue stretch pants, and white shoes
Great color match outfit by Tony Finau

With that being said, it can be quite a task to create a smashing outfit if you don’t know how to match tops with bottoms. Here are some tips to keep you on the right track: 

  • Collared shirts are required on most courses and they are perfect in any season. They tend to go well with both shorts and trousers. 
  • Try to wear a belt that matches your shoes. 
  • If you need some warmth without overheating, pair your shorts with a lightweight sweater or layer up with a warm sweater vest. 
A golfer with fleece pullover
Wear a fleece pullover when the temperature is low – Sam Ryder
Collared shirt + shorts golf outfit for summer
Collared shirt + shorts in summer – Max Homa


Do you have to wear a collared shirt for golf?

Most clubs and golf courses require that you wear a neat collared golf shirt or polo. However, there are a few municipal courses and smaller establishments that’ll allow you to play in a shirt that doesn’t have a collar. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and find out before you head to the course with the wrong shirt. 

How do you look stylish in golf?

Golf is a stylish hobby and dressing up for a game is the norm. You can ensure that your outfit is stylish by choosing natural colors and clothing with as few patterns and textures as possible. Add some style to your attire with neat collared shirts paired well with complimenting golf shorts or pants. Matching your belt with your shoes is also a good idea to round everything off. 

What color looks good with golf?

If you look at the pros, like Tiger Woods, anything goes but the norm for regular players is neutral and natural colors, like white, beige, khaki, black, and light blue. However, you can wear a brighter color like red or something neon if you know how to pair it with the rest of your outfit.

golf outfits guide for men
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