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Having the right outfit for golfing is important. Not only do you have to follow strict rules for golfing attire, but you need to make sure you are comfortable and prepared to face the ever-changing elements. See some of the standard golfing outfits for women and examples of each piece of your outfit below.

Dress Code

Like with men, there are specific outfit standards when it comes to women golfers. Though each course may be a little different, the general rule of thumb is a collared shirt with bottoms or an appropriate-length dress. The bottoms can be pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts that are acceptable length. Standard tank tops, T-shirts, and denim are generally not allowed.

Outfit Recommendations

Some clubs are more strict than others. While some of the more public courses are okay with running shoes and collarless T-shirts, others will not accept them at all. 

For this reason, it’s recommended to have at least one outfit that is solely for golfing and fits even the strictest of dress codes. That way, you never have to worry about having to buy outfits at the last minute.


Spring tends to be a bit rainy, so it’s a good idea to wear spiked golfing shoes and crew socks. Weather often changes from minute to minute, so it’s a good idea to check the weather before determining if you want pants or shorts. 

Generally, a standard polo shirt is fine, but you may want to consider bringing outerwear with you in case the weather changes. A rain or windproof jacket works well for spring.


Summers are hot, so you want clothes that will help keep you cool. This is the perfect time to wear a thin polo shirt and some shorts or a skirt. Pair your spikeless golf shoes with ankle socks to finish the look. 

If you want a little extra protection from the sun, long-sleeve sun shirts help keep you cool while protecting you from harmful UV radiation. A visor and some sunglasses finish off your outfit.


Fall tends to still be very nice during the day, but quickly gets cool if there’s a breeze or the sun goes away. For that reason, a long-sleeve shirt or a polo with a jacket is a good start to an outfit. 

For bottoms, pants are best to make sure you’re okay if the weather changes. Depending on the weather in your area during fall, spiked or spineless golf shoes are fine.


If you look around, you will find sleeveless golf shirts. These are good to wear over another shirt to add a second layer. Some places allow you to wear them as-is, but not very many. If you do go golf where sleeveless collared shirts are allowed, these are great options because they allow you to get plenty of sun and cool air so you’re not as hot. 

For cooler seasons, like fall or more mild winters, collared long sleeves are a great choice. However, long sleeves can also be beneficial in summer. If you burn easily, then a dry sun shirt is a great option because it wicks away moisture and protects you from harsh UV light. 

Some golf shirts look like golf shirts, but they don’t have to. Some shirts are perfect for golfing, and immediately hanging out with friends right after. They are collared, polo shirts, and modest, which fits all golf dress codes.


There are a variety of jackets that you can choose from if you need an extra layer while golfing. Jackets and vests aren’t regulated only to winter weather. 

Some jackets will help keep you warm in the winter season. Others are good for days when the wind or light rain is out to ruin your game. Some jackets are even made for summer. They work like dry sun shirts, blocking UV light and wicking moisture, but they’re made to go over your normal shirt.

If you’re not quite looking for the full coverage of a jacket, you can also try out golfing vests. Vests are good for just a little extra warmth or a break from the wind, without being quite as warm as a jacket would. 

Golf Dress

The standard golf dress comes with a collared, mid-length sleeve top and a skirt of the appropriate length, which is considered two inches above the kneecap in most places. In places with slightly less strict rules, there are plenty of ones that feature no sleeves as well. They are reminiscent of tennis dresses. 

Like with shirts, there are dresses with long sleeves that are breathable and moisture-wicking. These dresses help protect you from the sun while also keeping you cool in the summer. 

There are even winter golf dresses for women. They’re usually made from fleece and have long sleeves to keep you warm and cozy. If you’re worried about your bare legs getting cold, there’s good news. 

While leggings aren’t acceptable as pants by themselves, you can wear a pair under a skirt or dress. This allows you to continue wearing your favorite golfing dress, even in the winter. In the fall, you can wear leggings with a summer dress for a little extra warmth without the fleece causing you to overheat.


There are four main options for bottoms when it comes to women. For shorts, they must sit just above the knee. Skirts and skorts must sit no more than two inches above the kneecap in strict places. Most golf courses, however, will allow skirts, skorts, shorts, and dresses to be between 14 and 18 inches or mid-thigh.


While skirts are acceptable, they aren’t as common as skorts. Skorts, for those who don’t know, are skirts with built-in shorts underneath. These are ideal for those involved in sports because they keep you modest. They also feature pockets usually, giving you a place to put your phone and other important items. There are pleated, straight-lined, and ruffled skorts.


There are also shorts. You can choose longer shorts for more coverage and protection, or you can choose slightly shorter options. Generally, any exercise shorts that aren’t form-hugging are acceptable. This means you have a lot of freedom when picking out shorts for your golfing adventures.


In the cooler seasons, like fall and winter, pants are a go-to option for women. There are some very strict rules for pants, including no jeans, athletic wear, or sweatpants. To avoid problems, it’s best to go with pants made specifically for golfing, such as these high-rise golf pants, or something more classy like full-length golf pants. For colder seasons, fleece-lined pants also add a little extra warmth.

Leggings (worn with Skirt or Dress)

In addition to the main choices, you also have leggings. As mentioned above, they cannot be worn on their own. However, you can pair them with a skirt, skort, or a dress. Some you can buy by themselves and some are already included as a part of the outfit.

Shoes and Socks

Golf shoes are slightly different than running shoes. The main difference between them is that golf shoes have wider soles than most running shoes do. This gives the wearer better balance swing you swing. They also provide better support and traction on the grass.


Many places do allow you to wear running shoes. However, to have shoes that are universal for golf courses, golf shoes are best. There are spikeless golf shoes and spiked golf shoes. Spikes are better in wet weather because they provide even more traction, but spikeless shoes usually feel more comfortable.


Like with the rest of your outfit, choosing socks depends a lot on the weather, as well as the rest of your outfit. Sturdy ankle socks are good with shorts and skorts. However, if you are wearing pants, high-top shoes, or the weather is suggesting rain, crew socks or even knee highs might fit better. You can also choose based on which socks you like the feel of best.


If you’re looking to play like a pro, a golf glove is the way to go. While you can wear two gloves, you may notice that professionals only wear one. This is generally to help prevent blisters on the hand that rests lower on the handle. Wearing one keeps you a bit cooler and allows for more fine movement.


The gloves are usually pretty thin, with plenty of air holes to make sure that your hand doesn’t get sweaty and hot. In the winter, you can get ones for both hands that have a good grip to make sure you keep your fingers flexible and warm.


Hats are another accessory. While visors are the most common, as they keep the sun out of your eyes while keeping your head cooler, you may want a sun hat or a baseball cap for additional coverage to your head.


Sunglasses are another helpful accessory when golfing. While you can use any old sunglasses, ones with a brown or amber tint are considered the best. They help with distance and allow you to see the ball clearly whether it’s in the grass or the air. They also work well whether the sky is cloudy or the sun is going down. 


If you’re planning to golf in different states and at different times of the year, you may want to consider buying a couple of different outfits, tailored to various weather conditions. 

Charley Hull
Black sleeveless top with skirt & cap for summer – Charley Hull

At the very least, it’s a good idea to have a winter and a summer outfit. While winter isn’t necessarily the best time of the year for a golf trip, there are some good winter golfing locations, and you don’t want to be underdressed if you get the chance to try one out.

You may also want to have these two outfits match in terms of patterns and colors. That way, if you need an outfit for a different season, you could mix the two outfits to get something acceptable.

Lily Muni He
A classic look of collared shirt with skirt for spring & summer – Lily Muni He

For example, a winter outfit would likely consist of a pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt with a jacket. A summer outfit would be a pair of shorts, a skirt, or a skirt with a collared T-shirt. In fall, it’s likely too hot for the full winter outfit still, but too cool to still wear the summer outfit. Thankfully, you can mix it up so that you’re wearing those nice winter pants, but a T-shirt to keep you a bit cooler. 

Nellly Korda
Long sleeves, vest, and pants for golfing in the winter – Nelly Korda


What Is a Casual Golf Dress Code?

A golf club’s casual dress code generally involves a tucked-in collar shirt, though sometimes women don’t have to have tucked-in shirts. You must also have pants or a skirt or pants that are an appropriate length. Golf shoes are often required as well, though some courses accept running shoes. 

How Do I Choose a Golf Outfit?

Before you head out on the course, you need to think carefully about the weather. Most golfing outfits are made for warm days. They’re good at wicking away moisture. 

Sometimes, the outfit works too well. A good breeze and you might find yourself rather chilly. Make sure that you pack a wind-resistant jacket if the weather is supposed to pick up, or pants if you think your legs will get cold. The weather is often a guessing game, but making smarter choices will help you to have a more enjoyable game.

What Do You Wear to Golf if You’re Not Playing?

Even if you’re there to watch or socialize, it’s a good idea to wear clothes that match the dress code. You may be able to get away with casual slacks and a nice dress shirt. 

However, like with the dress code, not every golf course is the same. To be safe, it’s a good idea to just wear what you usually would if you were golfing.

What Colors Go Best With Golf?

Honestly, there is no need to limit yourself to colors when playing golf. You can wear any colors you want, especially if they’re on official golfing clothes. If you want to be safe, neutrals such as white, black, gray, and navy are solid choices.

golf outfits for women
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