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For some women, golf is life, and there is no better gift than something related to the sport. However, trying to find new gifts for these women isn’t always easy. If you’re looking for something fun or creative to give the female golfer in your life, then these 11 golf gift ideas for women’s work will make any female golfer’s day. 

1. Golf Tumbler

Golf Tumbler

Tumblers are great gifts anyway. They’re usually made of stainless steel and thick-walled, which lets any drink placed inside stay cold for a long time. Really good ones even have seals to make them essentially spill-proof, so they can be taken anywhere.

But why not take it a step further? Instead of any old tumbler, get one that also shows the receiver’s love of golf. The one above, for example, is a cute cup with a fun golf joke. You can get ones personalized too, with the colors, sayings, and images you want. 

2. Golf Ball Picture Frame

Golf Ball Picture Frame

Is the whole family into golf? A golf ball picture frame might just be the perfect gift for the female golfer in your life. With this picture frame, she can hang up family photos of everyone playing golf together, or a favorite memory.

The picture frame above is a good choice. While it has golf balls surrounding the picture as a nod to their favorite sport, the design is rather subtle from a distance. That, paired with the solid and simple color scheme, means that it fits in with most decor without being an eyesore.

3. Decorated Wine Glass

Golf ball decorated Wine Glass

Wine and golf are the perfect match. After all, what’s better than a little wine social after golfing? For the golfer in your life who also likes wine, a cute little wine glass is an obvious gift. 

One of the simplest choices is to get a wine glass with a fun golfing phrase on it. Or, if your golfer is always on the go, a stainless steel wineglass is perfect for the person who wants a little wine with their walk. 

For something a bit more of a gag gift, the wine glass above looks as if it was just hit with a golf ball. It’s the perfect feature cup in any wine glass collection.

4. Golf Necklace

Golf Necklace

If the female golfer in your life enjoys wearing a little jewelry and boasting about her favorite hobby, why not get her something that lets her do both? There are elegant golf necklaces out there that work with most outfits, and still highlight her love of the game. 

For someone who likes eye-catching jewelry, a heart filled with a golf ball, like in the image above, does just the trick. However, there are necklaces for people who like more subtle pieces, such as a simple gold chain with a golf club clasp.

5. Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls

While any old golf ball could work, why not give your favorite female golfer something more her style? Get personalized or decorated golf balls for her. 

There are all sorts of options. The ones above are wrapped with cute little butterflies, but flowers, names, and animals are also available. Not only do these add a little flair to the game, but it’s easy to tell which ball is hers. 

6. Ball Marker Necklace

Ball Marker Necklace

This is another present for someone looking for a cute and simple piece of jewelry. Ball marker necklaces not only look nice but serve a purpose. The pendant is often circular and features a simple design. 

While golfing, the wearer can pull off a part of this pendant. This piece serves as a ball marker. And when she’s done with it, it’s easy to stick right back on the necklace to ensure it’s never lost.

7. Golf Smartwatch

A regular smartwatch just doesn’t compare to a golf smartwatch. While this is a rather expensive gift, it’s one that any golfer would appreciate. It will be especially beneficial for those who want to track their games more or need some help to improve.

Most of the watches will track scores and yardage, but the best watches come with preloaded course maps, wind monitors, tips, and advice to help the player do their best and perfect their hits. 

8. Golf Trunk Organizer

Golf Trunk Organizer

No one wants to get their car dirty after a muddy round of golf. For the woman who likes to be organized, a trunk organizer is a great gift. 

They don’t take up much space and can fit in pretty much every car. The best bags are waterproof and offer several different compartments for all your items. 

Depending on the size you buy, there’s usually enough for one to two pairs of shoes. Then, there are additional compartments to hold gloves, socks, hats, balls, tees, pins, and more. This is the perfect little suitcase to help golfers keep their stuff organized and their cars clean.

9. Embroidered Golf Towel

Embroidered Golf Towel

Golf towels are some of the essential accessories every golfer needs to own. They’re perfect for keeping golf balls and clubs clean between rounds and after a game. Some people even use them to wipe down their shoes to prevent grime and mud from getting into their vehicles. 

Of course, any old golf towel works fine. But why settle for fine when you could have any number of fun and cute designs? Find a company that will embroider her name on her towels or just some that match her favorite color and attitude. 

These towels are black and pink and speak to girl power. There are plenty of options out there, so you won’t have a problem finding some that fit the female golfer you’re shopping for.

10. Ponytail Baseball Cap

Ponytail Baseball Cap

For any female golfer with long hair, a specialized baseball cap would probably be appreciated. Many women have learned how to put up ponytails in classic baseball caps. However, it’s just not as elegant as it could be. 

These special ponytail baseball caps offer much more freedom when it comes to putting up hair. Braids, buns, ponytails, and twists all work really well with these caps. 

11. Wine Charms

Wine Charms

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If your wife often hosts parties, there’s usually a moment when everyone forgets which drinks belong to which person. Thankfully, there are charms for that. 

Each charm is a unique design. At the beginning of the night, everyone gets a charm. As they go through drinks and switch cups, they take their charm with them. Then, there’s no confusion about drinks. 

There are different designs, but these feature symbols related to golfing, such as a golf ball, club, and tee. The charms pictured above work best on cups with handles, wine glasses with stems, and soda cans, but there are plenty of different styles and shapes. 

These are a cheap gift, while still being nice and functional. Because of this, they make the perfect gift for acquaintances or co-workers you know are into golf and wine.

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