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While the rules aren’t as strict for spectators as for actual players in a golf tournament, some guidelines should be followed. As a spectator, you want to be respectful, and not distracting. Keep reading below to get an idea of women’s outfits to wear as a spectator for a tournament.

For cooler weather, a pair of slacks works perfectly as a base. Then, you can pair it with a nice shirt, a sweater, or a tank top if it’s not too cold for one yet.

In the summer, go with what you’re comfortable with. A long skirt with a tank top or a fitted T-shirt makes for a nice pairing perfect for staying outdoors. Or, go with a nice pair of dress pants and a cute ruffled top. 

If you’re struggling to find clothing that works together, a dress helps a lot. A dress can be worn even in winter if you wear some tights or leggings underneath, and it’s much easier to make an entire outfit. 

Slacks and Shirt
Slacks and Shirt – @mrs.blondebrainsandbirkins
UV Layer and Skirt
UV Layer and Skirt – @cassmarie_b
Golf Skirt
Golf Skirt – @amandalinneas
Shirt and shorts
Shirt and shorts – @karagorevski
Dress – @caroline.colestv

Outfit for Cool Weather

If you’re going to watch a golf tournament on a cold day, a pair of slacks is a great base for an outfit. From there, you can go with a nice sweater, a T-shirt with a jacket, or a long-sleeve shirt. Pair it with some thick socks and sturdy tennis shoes. 

Outfit for Warm Weather

In the summer or early fall, it can be hot. A nice pair of dress shorts, a thick-strapped tank top, and a sunhat with sandals make for the perfect look. For sunnier days, also add a pair of sunglasses to complete the look. 


There are three main rules when it comes to picking out a top: don’t pick one too revealing, avoid graphic tees, and make sure it has straps. In the cooler weather, a professional long-sleeved shirt or a sweater is a good option. Collared T-shirts, nice dress shirts, golf shirts, and thick tank tops are all also fine as well. If you want to make sure you don’t burn, you can also look at UV shirts. 

Check them out:

SweaterProfessional Long-SleeveCollared T-Shirt
Dress ShirtGolf ShirtTank Top
UV Shirt


To make sure you’re prepared for any changes in weather throughout the day, it’s a good idea to always bring an extra layer with you. A rain jacket, coat, or button-up sweater will help you stay warm and dry. A windbreaker could be helpful in windier areas too. 

If you don’t want to cover up from the sun just yet but need an option in case it’s too much while you’re out, you can also bring a UV shirt or thin jacket to wear over your current layer. Avoid hoodies, denim jackets, and anything with graphics on it. 

Check them out:

WindbreakerRain JacketButtoned-up Sweater
Light JacketCoatUV Layer


Like with tops, there are a few options when it comes to dresses. Maxi and midi dresses are great options as they are light, breezy, and comfortable while keeping you covered. On really hot days, a classy sundress also works well and keeps you cool A golf dress is an option for those who want to fit in the crowd better and wear a golf outfit a professional would wear while playing. 

Cocktail dresses and party dresses are ones you’ll need to avoid. They’re a little too skimpy for the environment. If you’re looking for a dress that seems more classy while still showing off your form, consider a more professional dress, like you’d wear to work or a country club. 

Check them out:

Maxi DressMidi DressGolf Dress
SundressProfessional Dress


You’re pretty much free to wear any bottoms while spectating. Generally, you should try to look respectable, which means not wearing exceptionally short shorts or skirts, or extremely tight clothing. Avoiding denim is also recommended. You can wear any sort of color, though things like bright neon are often considered distracting and not recommended. 

You can go for more comfortable and durable for the outdoors, such as hiking shorts, or you can go with an outfit more for socializing, such as a pair of slacks. For the more casual-goer, a long skirt or dress shorts are also an option. If you want to look the part, you can even go for a skort outfit similar to what the professional golfers will be wearing.

Check them out:

Nice PantsLong SkirtSlacks
Hiking ShortsNice ShortsGolf Skirt


Footwear is essential to consider when watching a golf tournament. Unlike watching other sports, you’ll be moving around to follow the golfers, and will often trek through mud, grass, and sand. While you don’t need golfing shoes in particular, consider tennis shoes or a durable pair of flats. 

Flip-flops and high-heels should be avoided. They’re not durable enough for walking and are distracting. Plus, neither provides support when standing for long periods of time. Sandals can be an option if they stay on securely. 

Check them out:

Tennis ShoesFlatsSandals


Having the proper accessories on you can ensure you have a good day, or feel miserable the entire time. Accessories are broken down into two categories: sun protection and a bag for your items. 

Sun protection includes hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses. There are no strict rules for any of these. Usually, a baseball cap, visor, or sunhat is worn, and you can choose one based on your outfit or what you’re most comfortable in. Any kind of sunglasses work, depending on your preference. 

As for bags, don’t bring anything too clunky. A small purse, fanny pack, or bag just to carry your essentials is perfect. Anything too big will be in the way and a pain to carry around. 

Check them out:

Baseball CapVisorSmall Bag
Fanny PackPurse

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