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Having a friend who adores something like golf makes gift giving a little easier than for a pal that doesn’t have any particular interests. However, you may still find that hunting for the right golf-themed gift for the right celebration is quite the challenge. Here are some great gift ideas that’ll make any golf enthusiast’s day, ranging from some cheaper novelty options and gag gifts to top-of-the-range golf accessories. 

1. Golf ball ice molds

This is one of those novelty gifts that’ll make your golfer friend’s day every time they use it. It’s something that everyone will ask about because they are going to want to buy it for themselves. Could you imagine the look on your friend’s face if they’re the talk of every party they go to because of the shape of their ice? 

The gift isn’t reserved for those golfers that enjoy alcoholic beverages because golf ball ice works just as well in sodas and water. It’s even perfect for younger golfers and seniors. The molds are very easy to use, the ice melts slower than typical blocks, and the end result is worth it! It’s a cheaper gift option that goes a long way. 

2. Golf water brush

2. Golf water brush

Golf clubs are a man’s best friend, aren’t they? So, naturally you (or your golfer friend) would want to keep those beautiful clubs clean and sparkly all the time. But thanks to the rain, dust, mud, and other things that come around during a game of golf, they don’t seem to stay clean for too long. 

That’s why a golf water brush is the perfect gift for someone that adores their clubs. It’s a handy and convenient gadget that they can carry around in their bag to use at any time. The portable water bottles have a nylon brush at the end that cleans as the water runs out. At a low cost, you can make a golf enthusiast very happy with a practical gift. 

3. Golf accessories set

Golf accessories set

There are so many nifty golf accessories and sets on the market but in most cases it’s something that golfers don’t end up buying for themselves. So, this is where you swoosh in to save the day with the ideal golfer gift. There are many fully-equipped stylish cases to choose from that will comfortably fit in a golf bag. Most sets include golf balls, golf tees, a multifunctional divot tool (knife, key ring, knife, etc.), a cleaning brush, a rangefinder, a golf ball clamp, and a scorer. 

4. Garmin golf watch

Garmin golf watch

If you’re looking to buy your golfer friend a more expensive gift because they’d do it for you or they mean a lot to you, a golf watch is always a good idea. These watches come with a silicone band and a full color touch screen display that’s easy to see in sunlight. 

The course mapping software that’s pre-installed is what makes this a good gift because it shows precise yardages, greens, and even course hazards. This gift will be so impressive that you may want to save up to get yourself one while you’re at it. 

5. Golf practice net

Golf practice net

Is your pal always trying to step up their game on and off the course? Or do you think they sit around missing the course when they’re at home or unable to play? Then you should consider getting them a golf practice net that they can use both indoors and outdoors. That means they can set it up in the backyard, living room, or even in the office to get through those stressful work days. 

It only takes a couple of minutes to set one of these nets up and they provide hours of fun. Plus, your friend will think of you everytime they get to take a swing wherever they want. 

6. Limited edition golf balls

Limited edition golf balls

Is there really a more obvious gift for golfers than a set of golf balls? But don’t settle for a set of plain white balls that they probably have too many of already. Instead, find them a special set of limited edition golf balls, like gold or neon-colored balls, a set with their face printed on, or a set signed by their golf hero. 

Regardless of what makes the balls unique, your friend will appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to find something related to their hobby. They can choose to put them on display where everyone will see them or they can actually take them to the course to try them out. 

7. Toilet golf game

Toilet golf game

This gift is a bit of a gag but after the laughs are over, it can prove to be quite useful. Toilet golf games come with a mat that has a mini course printed on it, a short golf club and balls, and a plastic hole with a little flag. Your friend will be able to utilize their time on the toilet by enjoying a solo game of mini golf. It won’t improve their driving skills, count toward their handicap, or make their partner very happy, but at least they’ll have some fun, right? 

8. On course tracking system

On course tracking system

On course tracking systems aren’t cheap but if your golf pal doesn’t have one, they’ll be over the moon if you give them one as a gift. The systems include sensors that’ll allow you to track every aspect of a golf game on your smartphone, from shot tracking to monitoring the wind, temperature, elevation, and humidity. It’s something that all of the pros use, so your friend will certainly feel like one when they step onto the course with one of these systems. 

9. Golf scorecard book

Golf scorecard book

The chances are pretty good that your friend already has one of these in their golf bag, but another one couldn’t hurt. A book only has that many pages, right? You can always have a scorecard book customized to give as a gift or opt for one with a nice leather cover. 

10. Golf cart phone holder

Golf cart phone holder

This is for the businessman that never gets off work, the friend that uses their phone to listen to music on the course, and one that’s always taking calls from his wife in the golf cart. Carrying your phone with you all the time isn’t all that fun for you, is it? So, your golf buddy probably isn’t enjoying it either. Thus, a phone holder that attaches to the golf cart with a magnet isn’t just something they would want, but it’s also something they need. 

11. Golf cart heater

Golf cart heater

This useful little gadget is perfect for the guy that can’t go a week without golf. Or the one that is always complaining about the cold, even when it isn’t thát cold. By giving them a golf cart heater as a gift you will allow them to take on those extra cold winter days without batting an eyelid. In most cases, it won’t break the bank and it sure isn’t something that everybody will think of. So, your gift will be affordable, unique and very useful. 

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12. Golf ball retriever

Golf ball retriever

This is one of the essential accessories for golfers, which means that you should make sure that your friend doesn’t already have one of these in their golf bag. If you recently heard them talk about how hard it is to get their balls from the water or other hard-to-reach places, they probably don’t have a ball retriever. If that’s the case, you can go ahead and make their life much easier with this affordable gadget that makes a great gift. 

Last but not least, if your dear golfers are serious about upping their game, a subscription to the nearest top golf schools would be highly appreciated.

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