Our writers come from different backgrounds, experiences, and expertise to bring you the most accurate and helpful guides, tips, and advice.

Jason Young

Jason is the co-founder of Fidis Travel and also its main editor. His role includes reviewing and fact-checking articles from Fidis Travel’s contributors and – of course – writing some pieces himself.

When he’s not traveling or writing, he spends his time playing golf or practicing musical instruments


Amanda Lawrence

Amanda has been writing for her personal blog since 2018 and professionally since 2020. Her works have been published on sites like pilotplans, travel2next, theweekendroute, and bennimask. She covers travel, lifestyle and education topics. She has traveled to over 18 countries some of her favorites being Nepal, India, El Salvador and Ireland.


Michelle Magerat

Michelle is a writer from South Africa with Swedish roots and a passion for all things travel and hospitality.

Her passion can be traced back to her favorite high school teacher who helped her graduate with the highest Tourism mark in the province. This achievement got her a full scholarship to study Tourism at one of the best universities in the country.

So when she started missing home in her dorm room, she had to find a way to keep herself busy, which led to her writing career. During this time, she wrote articles on various topics, from pets to business, to lifestyle and parenting, and even home improvement. Most of her works have been published on sites like Bulkly, Overmentality, Proficiency Ltd, TalentCards, and Canadian Digital Consulting.

However, she has now started focusing more on her favorite niche, travel and hospitality, to become a master of her craft.


Nina Philips

Nina is first and foremost a writer. She’s written dozens of articles and has been published on SmartScreens, A-ZAnimals, MovieWeb, and HauteResidence. Some of her favorite topics include traveling, animals, and the latest technology. In her free time, she works to publish her first novel and travel around to other places including Japan, most of the continental United States, and England.


Ashlie Went

Ashlie has been a writer and digital nomad for the last two years. She holds an MSc in International Tourism and Hospitality Management and was a speaker at the 2022 International Conference on Tourism. Most of her work consists of ghost-writing positions for luxury travel companies and adventure tour operators.

She has spent an extended amount of time in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Morocco in tourism, hospitality, volunteer, and remote roles. Her favorite topics to write about are adventure travel & snow sports, food & beverage, and sustainable tourism.