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Adventure Cove is one of the best Mini Golf places in Ohio. Credit: Adventure Cove

Recreation means several things to different groups of people, you may enjoy mini golf all by yourself, while another person may enjoy golfing with a group. Mini-golf is a delightful activity, it makes you feel satisfied with glee when you send those balls rolling down the course, and they find their way into the hole.

If you live in Ohio and haven’t found the perfect mini-golf course, this list highlights a few of the best X mini-golf centers you should check out.

1. Glow Putt LLC, Gahanna, OH

Glow Putt
Credit: Glow Putt

91 N Stygler Rd, Gahanna, Ohio.
Glow Putt Mini Golf Website

If you enjoy unique experiences, this might be the place for you. Glow Putt Mini Golf has an 18-hole golf course with a safari-themed interior and a black light umbrella that creates a cool glow effect. It is a fantastic venue for recreation that welcomes both young and old.

A round of mini golf costs $10 for adults, $8 for kids and seniors, and $9 for government employees in the military, firefighters, and law enforcement who need identification.

2. The Magic Castle, Dayton, OH

The Magic Castle
Credit: The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle, 4990 Wilmington Pike, Dayton, OH 45440.
The Magic Castle Website

The magic castle houses an excellent 18-hole miniature golf course that offers a great mini-golfing experience, but that’s not all; other action-packed games could make for a full day of making lasting memories. Here, kids are considered based on the lineup of activities like mini golf, arcade games, wall climbing, and batting cages.

Not only can you play mini golf here, but you can also hold group activities like family reunions, school outings, team events, and fundraisers. It has a large space to accommodate as many guests as feasible. The magic castle offers the setup for your group mini-golf sessions.

3. Rolling Greens Miniature Golf

Rolling Greens Miniature Golf
Credit: Rolling Greens Miniature Golf

2939 Edison Street Northwest, Uniontown, OH 44685.
Rolling Greens Miniature Golf Website

This family-friendly recreational center, established in 1959, has a sizable mini golf area.  It has a large golf course and a pavilion center for events with a seating area to accommodate 100 people. Rolling Greens provides the ideal ambiance for any occasion, whether a birthday, school outing, or corporate event—especially if you adore mini golf.

The activity costs $8 for adults, while sessions are free for kids under 3 who can use a plastic club for free. Also, special deals are available on specific days, such as the $2.50 “Seniors Wednesday” deal and the 50-cent discount offered Monday through Thursday to those who arrive before 4 p.m. You could find our article on the top golf courses in Ohio with green fees useful to better understand how golf sessions are priced.

4. Alien Vacation Mini Golf

Alien Vacation Mini Golf
Credit: Alien Vacation Mini Golf

260, South Court St. Medina, OH, 44256.
Alien Vacation MiniGolf Website

Just as the name implies, this location features an alien-themed interior that almost makes you feel like you’re in space, and the 3D lighting necessitates the use of 3D glasses for an amazing golfing experience. There are 18 holes on the miniature golf course, and you can also enjoy other fun activities.

The location provides space for entertaining gatherings for both groups and individuals. You can have business gatherings and get-togethers with friends and family.

5. Adventure Cove, Miniature Golf

Adventure Cove
Credit: Adventure Cove

3410 East US Highway 22 & 3
Wilmington, OH 45177.
Adventure Cove Miniature Golf Website

Adventure Cove has a pirate-themed 18-hole miniature golf course that offers a fun experience for golfers. It boasts unique scenery with a waterfall, a cave you may explore, and a pavilion. For visitors who would like an exciting and challenging session, the cornhole games and the frisbee golf course have varied difficulty levels.

The holes range from par 2 to par 5 to get the ball into the hole, with the entire course totaling par 43. Persons over the age of 13 can attend the sessions for $6, while those between the ages of 5 and 12, as well as college students with valid identification, can pay $5, and kids between the ages of 3 and 4 can attend for free. Military people on active service pay $3.50.

6. Scene 75 Entertainment Center Cincinnati, OH

Scene 75 Entertainment
Credit: Scene 75 Entertainment

6196 Poe Avenue, Dayton, OH 45401.
Scene 75 Entertainment Center Website

Want a fun activity with enough food for everyone in your mini-golf group? This is your cue to visit. You wouldn’t need to look for anything else because everything you need for an outing and golfing experience is already in the area.

The center has several spaces for recreation, including private party rooms, a volleyball court, and a mini-bowling alley, but the mini-golf course is its standout feature.

7. Cabin Creek Golf, Sugarcreek, OH

Cabin Creek Golf
Credit: Cabin Creek Golf

1361 County Road, 108 Sugarcreek, OH 44681.
Cabin Creek Golf Website

Cabin Creek Golf is a family-oriented recreation spot with various activities designed to cater to every member of a fun-loving family.  The highlight is the two 18-hole miniature golf courses, each with 70 pars to guide your ball into the holes.

The golf course is constructed in varied levels with obstacles you must navigate to create an exciting experience. More functions are available if you desire to do something else after playing golf. Cabin Creek Golf in Ohio is one of your discovery locations.

8. Allison’s Mini Golf

Allison’s Mini Golf
Credit: Allison’s Mini Golf

5456 Lake Road Geneva on the Lake, OH.
Aliison’s Mini Golf Website

Allison’s Mini Golf is a golf course location with a lengthy history. You could come here for a session for some father/son bonding time or just hang out with other seniors. This is the location for you if you’re searching for a peaceful, relaxing, and pleasant atmosphere to play some mini-golf.

It is easily accessible during the weekdays and weekends, but you may need to call on certain days to know the exact time you can visit. The sole activity available there is mini-golf, so it would not be the ideal location for a child, but senior people might find it appealing.

9. Indian Trails Miniature Golf

The Trails mini golf
Credit: The Trails mini golf

1601 East David Road, Dayton, OH 45429.
Indian Trails Facebook

The Indian Trails miniature golf boasts two unique 18-hole golf courses and a pleasant setting with trees and a stream providing the environment with natural decor. The golf course is layered with beautiful grass that could make anyone green with envy.

This venue is open to all age groups, so consider your search for a perfect place to host your school outing. The area has a clubhouse where you can buy delectable goodies when needed. Think about using this location for a sunny mini-golf day, and you’ll be glad!

10. Memphis Kiddie Park

Memphis Kiddie Park
Credit: Memphis Kiddie Park

10340 Memphis Ave, Brooklyn, OH 44144.
Memphis Kiddie Park Website

A notable feature of this amusement park is its championship mini golf course. This amusement park offers many fantastic attractions and is intended for families with children who love spending time out with the kids.

If you’re searching for a kid-friendly location that doubles as an adult recreational area, then Memphis Kiddie Park is! A snack kiosk is right in the park for light refreshments and dessert. 

Ohio is not home only to fun mini golfs but also fantastic full-size golf courses. If it interests you as well, here’s our list of the must-visit golf courses in Ohio.


What are some highly rated mini golf in Ohio?

Some of the most highly rated mini golf made this list, and amongst them is the Alien Vacation Mini Golf; as proudly stated on the website, this is an acclaimed accomplishment.

The theme and many additional attractions, such as the 3D illusions, make it an amazing experience. The Scene 75 entertainment center was chosen as the top miniature golf course out of six in Dayton, Ohio.

What are the best kids-friendly mini golf?

The Memphis Kiddie Mini Golf Course, although constructed in 1962,  has undergone some structural upgrades and is one of the greatest kid-friendly courses. Kids are welcome to play there at any time. Both novice and expert mini golfers can utilize it without obstacles.

Another kid-friendly mini golf facility is Cabin Creek Golf, which also offers a variety of entertaining kids’ activities. For kids that want to play, there is a specific playground. Alien Vacation mini golf and the magic castle are other kid-friendly mini golf spots where you should not hesitate to take your kids.

Is going mini-golfing a perfect first date idea?

Yes, going mini-golfing is a good first-date idea. It gives room for you and your date to get to know each other better, as there will be a good chance of sparking up a conversation between kicking the golf ball into a hole. Additionally, it is a carefree pastime that could ease the stress of a first-time encounter. Thus, if you haven’t considered it, you should try it.

Is putt putt the same as mini golf?

Putt putt and mini-golf are similar because the end goal of both games is to push the ball into a hole.  However, the rules for both golf-inspired variations differ in that players are given various chances, and the winners are chosen based on several factors.

For each hole in putt, there is a maximum score of 2 par, while there is a maximum score of 6 par in mini golf. In putt-putt, a player must finish the hole before another may begin the game, whereas in mini-golf, everyone takes the first shot, and the player closest to the hole gets to play the second shot.

Can I host a birthday party and events in a mini golf course?

Yes, most of Ohio’s mini golf courses allow you to conduct group events like birthday parties. Some of these locations feature special party rooms for both small and large gatherings.

Scene 75 entertainment center has a restaurant that can accommodate 150 people. You should visit the website and have a look for yourself to learn more about the party packages provided at these mini golf courses and the benefits that come with them.

How much does it cost to play a round of mini golf in Ohio?

Though costs vary depending on the course, the average cost of mini-golf sessions is between $6 and $10 per person. However, discounted rates are available for kids of all ages, including toddlers and teenagers.

Also, special deals and discounts are available to seniors and individuals in the military and law enforcement. Some of these prices are only valid on certain days, but at other mini golf facilities, it can be the daily pricing.

What are the best family-friendly mini golf courses?

Most of the mini golf courses mentioned in this article are family-friendly and have amenities and activities. Cabin Creek Golf is one spot you should visit if you’re looking for a location with more family-centric activities outside mini golf.

If you enjoy playing golf with your partner, you might want to look into some amazing golf getaway packages within the state. Check out our list of the best stay-and-play golf packages in Ohio or you can check the resort list if a package is not a must.

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