best golf courses in Ohio
Scioto is one of the best golf courses in Ohio. Credit: Scioto

Ohio is a state well-known for its golf courses. There’s a rich mix of difficulties, private and public access courses, and designers. These 11 courses below, however, are considered the best-of-the-best in the state.

Golf CourseGreen FeesBook
North & South Course, Firestone Country Club$110Book
Muirfield Village$85-$185Book
Old Avalon Golf Course$7-$39Book
Fowler’s Mill Golf Course$29-$82Book
Inverness Club Golf Course$140-$210Book
Camargo Golf Club$85-$100Book
Maumee Bay State Park Golf Course$31-$50Book
The Golf ClubcallBook
Manakiki Course$15-$47Book
The Virtues$64-$170Book
Scioto Country Club$120-$200Book

1. North & South Course, Firestone Country Club, Akron

Firestone Country Club
Credit: Firestone Country Club

Access: Open to the public
Green Fee: $110
Stay and Play Package: Various stay and play packages available for groups and individuals

The Firestone Country Club has a unique history. It was originally a place for employees of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. However, it was changed into a championship golf course in the 1920s by Rober Trent Jones.

There are two main parts of Firestone, known as North and South. Both have a lot to offer, despite the South being the more popular destination. They offer challenging courses that separate the pros from the rest.

Firestone country club is also on our list of the top golf resorts in Ohio. Check it out for more options on golf courses with a resort nearby.

2. Muirfield Village, Dublin

 Muirfield golf
Credit: Muirfield golf

Access: Private or guest only
Green Fee: $85-$185
Stay and Play Package: Since it is by membership only, there’s no stay and play package, as most players are local

This is a unique golf course shrouded in mystery. Most of the information about the course is just rumors, such as the initiation fee. Some people say it’s as high as $100,000 with annual dues costing somewhere between $5,000 and $20,000. On top of that, there’s said to be a limit of 500 members at a time.

There are some things known about this course though. It was designed by Jack Nicklaus. The holes undergo renovations every few years based on member feedback and the designer himself. It’s incredibly popular and exclusive as well. The only downside is that there are no public tee times.

3. Old Avalon Golf Course, Warren

Old Avalon Golf
Credit: Old Avalon Golf

Access: Open to the public
Green Fee: $7-$39
Stay and Play Package: There’s a simple stay and play package available

Old Avalon Golf Course is a simple, but great golf course. It features three different tees ranging between 5038 yards and 6528 yards. It mostly caters to beginners, such as the local high school teams. It also has a practice facility for those learning the game at an older age.

The land was originally meant to be used for an influenza facility during the outbreak in 1917. But when the virus didn’t make it to Warren, the city decided to use the land for a golf course. It first opened in 928. However, the courses weren’t anything unique until 2019 when Scott Karabin took over as the manager.

4. Fowler’s Mill Golf Course, Chesterland

Fowler’s Mill Golf
Credit: Fowler’s Mill Golf

Access: Open to the public
Green Fee: $29-$82
Stay and Play Package: A stay and play package includes tees at Fowler’s Mill, Legend Lake, Powderhorn, and/or St. Denis Golf Club

Fowler’s Mill Golf Course was ranked in 2021 as the best public golf course in all of Ohio. In previous years, it was 20th for best course in the US, and 8th best Pete Dye Course in the whole country.

The course is only a 45-minute drive from Cleveland, Ohio so you can fly right into the city and start golfing right away as long as your golf clubs and bags made it in one piece. If you have your own clubs with you, make sure to protect them with a good golf travel bag.

5. Inverness Club Golf Course, Toledo

Inverness Club Golf Course
Credit: Inverness Club Golf Course

Access: Private access only
Green Fee: $140-$210
Stay and Play Package: No stay and play package available, but they do have houses for members and guests with staff that handles most of the booking

The 18 holes at Inverness are a blend of designs. Donald Ross originally designed the course. Then, to get ready for the 1979 US Open, George and Tom Fazio did some major redesigning and made three completely new holes. In 2018, Andrew Green removed the three modern holes and created a blend of his and Fazio’s styles.

6. Camargo Golf Club, Cincinnati

Camargo Golf
Credit: Camargo Golf

Access: Private only
Green Fee: $85-$100
Stay and Play Package: No stay and play packages are available since it is such an exclusive course

The Camargo Golf Club is an exclusive club with only 300 members at any given time. Though it’s very exclusive, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant prices. The membership fee is around $700 a month and monthly dues are another $165.

Each hole offers a variety of different tees to accommodate any player while still providing a challenge for those that want to improve their skill. The club has an old-school class feel that is missing from many golf clubs anymore, making it a great place to get a membership if you live in the area.

7. Maumee Bay State Park Golf Course, Oregon

Maumee Bay Golf
Credit: Maumee Bay Golf

Access: Open to the public
Green Fee: $31-$50
Stay and Play Package: There is a stay and play package available from Wednesday to Sunday of most weeks in the golfing season.

As the name suggests, this golf course is located in a state park. That means that not only is there plenty of golfing available, but there is plenty to do off of the course as well, including trails, birding, and fishing. There’s a great mix of indoor and outdoor activities so you can keep busy even on days with bad weather.

When it comes to actual golfing, you won’t be disappointed either. There’s a range of difficult and unique holes. Hole 14, for example, is well-known for being the most challenging thanks to the various water hazards and the twisting course.

8. The Golf Club, New Albany

The Golf Club
Credit: The Golf Club

Access: Private only
Green Fee: Not listed
Stay and Play Package: No stay and play packages are available

This is a difficult one to put on the list. It isn’t open to the public and the club is rather quiet about its courses. However, based on the positive reviews by club members and the fact that it’s designed by Fred Jones and Pete Dye, it’s a club and course that deserves to be on the list.

It’s a relatively newer club, designed in 1967, but it has an old-school feeling. It’s also quite difficult thanks to the design. The club members are often old-school as well, with it notoriously being a men’s-only club.

9. Manakiki Course, Willoughby

Access: Open to the public
Green Fee: $15-$47
Stay and Play Package: No stay and play packages are available

If you’re looking for a simple and cheap golf course to practice on before going to a prime destination in Ohio, Manakiki is a great option. It’s a great golf course located just outside of Cleveland and allows for an escape from the city. What makes this golf course stand out is that it’s one of the few public golf courses in the surrounding area.

The courses start rather simple and easy, but slowly gain difficulty. While it’s not hard enough to stop the average player, it does put your skills to the test. The course was originally designed by Donald Ross. There’s been a few touch-ups and repairs, but no major change to the original design.

10. The Virtues, Nashport

The Virtues golf
Credit: The Virtues golf

Access: Open to the public
Green Fee: $64-$170
Stay and Play Package: Stay and play packages with local hotels are available for weekends and weekdays.

You may know this golf course by its original name, Longaberger Golf Club. It was originally designed by Arthur Hills and Spencer Holt in 1999 making it a fairly new golf course. However, it is still a challenging course that takes the natural slopes and hills and incorporates them into the design of each hole.

Very few of the holes are flat or even have flat areas. For most of the courses, you’re playing either uphill or downhill. This puts your skills to the test. For example, the 4th hole is a par five with a 150-foot drop right from the tee with a pond boarding a hard left kink.

11. Scioto Country Club, Columbus

Scioto Country Club
Credit: Scioto Country Club

Access: Private only
Green Fee: $120-$200
Stay and Play Package: No stay and play packages are available

The Scioto golf course is a classic club. Not only did Donald Ross design the course back in 1916, but it’s the course that Jack Nicklaus grew up playing on. Despite being private and having high golf fees, there’s not a lot unique about the golf course.

Many newer courses offer a wider range of difficulties and challenges. This golf course instead gets its reputation because of those that play on it. It is a great course, however, for those that need to practice using all types of clubs. There’s enough range that you can easily find places to practice with every club you own.

Now that you know the best golf courses, how about checking out the ones that come with accommodation at one price? Here’s our list of the best stay and play golf packages in Ohio for you to check out.


How Many Golf Courses Are in Ohio?

There are over 800 golf courses in the state of Ohio. Of these 800+, 571 are 18 holes and 194 are 9 holes or less.

There’s also a total of 495 public golf courses and 161 private golf courses. Some golf courses are considered resorts, and some are semi-public as well as private and public. This means there’s a huge amount of variety in golf courses in Ohio.

Does Ohio State Have a Golf Course?

Ohio State University does indeed have a golf course. It’s considered one of the top collegiate courses in the nation. Unfortunately, one must have something to do with Ohio State to golf there, such as being a student, alum, or teacher. This makes it a semi-private golf course.

How Many Golf Courses Are in Cincinnati?

There are a total of 39 golf courses in Cincinnati and a total of 61 courses within less than 15 miles of the city. Over half of them are public.

How Many Golf Courses Are in Cleveland?

With Cleveland being such a big city, there isn’t as much space for golf courses. There’s a total of four courses located within the city. However, there are 63 golf courses within 20 miles of the city. Of these 62, 24 are public.

What Major Golf Tournament Is Played in Ohio?

The major golf tournament played in Ohio is the Memorial Tournament. The competition is usually around the end of May to the beginning of June and is played at Muirfield Village Golf Club. 

If you’ve checked Ohio, consider checking the surrounding states as well. Here’s our list of the best golf courses in Kentucky. Check it out!

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