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Know the Aeromexico golf clubs policy before you fly on a golf trip with them – Jeffry Surianto (pexels)

Traveling to Mexico for a golfing trip can be a great idea. This country has countless golf resorts in stunning locations. If you’re flying from the U.S., you can book with Aeromexico Airlines and take your golf bag with you.

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You will be charged $150 to bring a golf bag of up to 70 lbs (32kg). Depending on the type of aircraft, the maximum length of your bag can be between 80 and 115 inches (203-292cm). You can change one piece of standard luggage for golf equipment if the golf bag is up to 62 linear inches (157.5cm).

Keep reading to find out more about Aeromexico Airlines’ golf clubs policy. You will discover why the dimensions of your bag matter and what kind you can pack for your travels. Once you’re finished, you’ll know if Aeromexico is the airline to take you on your golfing trip.

Golf Bag Dimensions

The type of golf bag you can bring on an Aeromexico flight will depend on the type of plane. This airline has a fleet of narrow- and wide-body aircraft, which has an influence on the baggage that can be transported.

For narrow-body aircraft, the maximum length for sports equipment, including golf bags, is 80 inches (203cm). Wide-body aircraft can take larger bags: up to 115 inches (292cm). Seeing as most golf bags are around 50 inches (127cm) long, you shouldn’t have any issues no matter what aircraft you’re flying on.

Note that once it gets categorized as sport equipment, the airline only sees the length of the golf bag. The size above is NOT in linear inches.

In terms of weight, your golf clubs and other gear can weigh up to 70 lbs (32kg). 

Cost of Bringing Golf Clubs

As mentioned above, you can bring some golf equipment in your checked luggage for no extra charge with a Premier ticket. This won’t be suitable for many golfers, so checking a golf bag in for the allotted price will be the best option.

For flights from the U.S. and other countries, you’ll need to pay $150 per golf bag. If you live in Mexico or are doing a tour of the country’s golf resorts, you’ll pay $75 per bag on domestic flights.

In the high season, prices can increase. International travelers will be charged $165 for a golf bag. Domestic flights have an $83 charge per bag.

Substituting a Suitcase for a Golf Bag

If you buy a Premier ticket, you will be allowed two pieces of checked baggage up to 70 lbs (32kg) in weight. You can include golf equipment as one of these pieces of luggage for free instead of paying the regular sports equipment rate.

However, the maximum size for checked suitcases is 62 linear inches (157.5cm) and your golf gear would need to fit into this size. Most good golf bags are around 80 linear inches (203cm) in size, but you can opt to use a compact one such as Caddy Daddy Ranger.

Note that dimension in linear inches is calculated by adding length, width, and height of the luggage.

Checking Your Golf Clubs with Aeromexico Airlines

As you probably know, golf clubs aren’t allowed into the cabin of an airplane because they can be used as weapons. This means you must check them in once you arrive at the airport. You can go to the curbside check-ins (if the airport has them) or to the ticket counter inside the terminal.

Despite being larger than regular checked baggage, you shouldn’t need to go to the oversize baggage section with your clubs.

Alternatives to Flying with Your Clubs

If you don’t want to pay the higher sports equipment price or you can’t get your gear in a 62 linear inch bag, you can think about alternatives to flying with your clubs. For example, you could rent all the equipment you need at your destination.

Renting isn’t the best option for everyone though. Many golfers play best when they have the clubs they love and are used to. If that applies to you, you should check out sending your clubs to the resort you’re going to stay at.

Some transport companies dedicate themselves to shipping golf clubs to resorts around the globe. You can pack up your gear, have the courier service pick it up at your house, and they’ll take care of the rest. If you book the service with enough advance time, your clubs will be waiting for you once you arrive at your hotel in Mexico.

How Should I Pack My Golf Clubs?

If you decide to either ship your clubs or bring them with you, you should take precautions to guarantee they don’t become damaged during the trip. You should start by protecting your club heads by removing them (if you can) or covering them with specific sleeves or even socks.

Fill up any free space with extra towels or clothes. Investing in a stiff arm is also a great idea. It will protect your clubs if the bag falls on its top side. Choosing the right golf bag is also very important. For more tips, check out our article on keeping your clubs safe

What Kind of Golf Bag Should I Use?

There are two kinds of golf bags to consider when traveling. Your regular golf bag that you use on the course and the protective case it can slip into. The case is what will keep your clubs as safe as possible on airplanes. You can get ones that are soft or hard.

Soft cases are generally lighter, and are easier to carry and store. However, they don’t offer as much protection as hard cases. Also, many airlines don’t cover clubs that aren’t transported in hard shell containers. If you want to know more, take a look through our article on the best golf travel bags. You’ll easily find the perfect bag for your gear.

What Can Be Included in a Golf Bag?

Tightly packing your golf bag is the best way to keep your clubs safe. Clothes and towels are good to achieve this goal. However, many airlines have specific guidelines about what you can pack in a golf bag. The regulations generally say you can have clubs, balls, one pair of shoes, and tees.

Despite this being the common rule, airlines rarely check golf bags for other items. It’s very likely that you will get away with packing extra clothes to protect your equipment. Just make sure you don’t go over the maximum weight!

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