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Planning a golfing trip can depend on which airlines have the best policies regarding traveling with golf clubs. Volaris is a Mexican company that can take you and your clubs all over Central America and the U.S. Here’s what you need to know about bringing a golf bag on a Volaris flight.

Key Takeaway
You can take a golf bag that weighs up to 55 lbs (25kg) and is less than 98 linear inches (250 cm) for up to $170. Over these dimensions, you will need to pay extra fees. Each bag can have up to 14 golf clubs, tees, a pair of shoes, and 12 balls.

Read on for more information on Volaris’ golf clubs policy, oversize fees, and some tips on flying with golf bags. You’ll be ready to take a trip to the best golf courses in Tulum or anywhere else in Mexico in no time.

Disclaimer: Before moving on, it’s important to note that there isn’t specific information regarding golf bag sizes and prices on the Volaris website. Most details are related to general sports equipment. The Volaris support staff did not have direct answers to questions related to golf bag transportation.

How to Check Your Golf Bag

If you’re getting ready to take a golf trip, you’re probably already aware that golf clubs can’t be transported in the cabin of an airplane. They are considered dangerous objects according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and many other similar administrations around the world.

So, you will have to pack a golf bag with your equipment and check it into the hold of the plane. You can do this at the Volaris ticket counter or at the curbside check-in desks (when available). Most airlines don’t require you to check in golf bags at the oversize luggage desk.

What to Pack In Your Golf Bag

You can’t pack anything you want in your golf bag. Many airlines explicitly state that only golf equipment should be transported in golf bags. Items like clothes and extra shoes, for example, shouldn’t be packed with your golf gear. Having said this, very few airlines actually enforce this rule.

If you’re flying with Volaris, you are allowed to bring the following items in your golf bag:

  • 14 golf clubs
  • 12 golf balls
  • One pair of golf shoes
  • Tees

Some golfers don’t want to have empty space in their golf bags, as their clubs are more likely to be damaged with extra padding. A stiff arm is a great way to protect your clubs if the bag falls. Packing some items of clothing can also prevent damage.

Golf Bag Sizes & Weight

Volaris’ general information for sports equipment is that it can’t exceed 98 linear inches (250cm). Oversized fees will apply if you go over this limit. Equipment over 110 linear inches (280cm) will not be transported.

Golf bags appear to fit into this category. Seeing as most bags for golf clubs are around 80 linear inches (203cm), you shouldn’t have any issues. You just need to calculate the linear inches of your bag by adding the length, width, and height.

In terms of weight, sports equipment should weigh less than 55 lbs (25kg). Any luggage weighing more than 99 lbs (45kg) will not be transported.

Prices and Oversize Fees for Golf Bags

When you’re booking your flight, you can select a golf bag right away. If you add one at a later date, you will pay a lot more. The prices also depend on if it’s high or low season and where you are flying.

Price for checking a golf bag

For international travel (like to and from the U.S.), if you book a golf bag before the flight, you’ll pay up to $170, regardless of the season. If you pay at the airport on the day of your flight, it will cost up to $180 in the low season and $210 in the high season.

Overweight fees

The following is the overweight fees structure:

  • 55 – 77 lbs (26-35kg): $100 – $150
  • 77 – 99 lbs (36-45kg): up to $200

Oversize fees:

There doesn’t seem to be specific information regarding being over 98 linear inches.

Another Alternative: Shipping Your Clubs

Volaris’ fees for sports equipment are relatively high. A good alternative to taking your golf clubs with you on the flight is shipping them to your destination. Several companies specialize in sending golf clubs to resorts so that they are waiting for you when you arrive. You won’t need to worry about oversize charges and carrying your clubs around the airport.

For more advice on traveling with golf clubs, read through our article on tips for keeping your clubs safe. There’s lots of information that will help you feel at ease when bringing or shipping your golf bag for your getaway.

What Golf Destinations Do Volaris Fly To?

Mexico is an amazing country for golf resorts. If you’re planning your golfing trip there, you can fly with Volaris to Cancun, Los Cabos, Loreto, and many more airports. These cities have fantastic resorts, but are also close to other golfing destinations in the Quintana Roo and Baja California Sur regions.

What’s the Best Way to Keep Golf Clubs Protected?

Traveling with golf clubs can be stressful. If they fall in transit, it’s likely that they will snap and you will no longer be able to use them. Don’t have your trip ruined by damaged gear. Pack your golf bag with a stiff arm that is longer than the clubs so that they won’t be damaged in case of a fall. You should also cover the club heads with, for example, socks.

Another great way to protect your equipment is with a hard shell container. Your golf bag is placed in the container, which will keep everything safe from falls and collisions. Another reason to use a hard container is that many airlines only offer coverage for damaged golf gear if it’s in a hard case.

Need some recommendations? Check out our recommended travel cases for golf clubs. Size and weight data are also available so you can match it with your airline of choice.

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