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Many people have a love-hate relationship with traveling because of the hassle involved. Especially if you are traveling with golf clubs, carrying the golfing equipment back and forth during the trip can be a huge hassle. However, Hawaiian Airlines have flexible golf club policies that ease up traveling for golfers.

Key Takeaway
Hawaiian Airlines allows international flight passengers to check in one normal golf bag for free. The check-in charges for the neighboring island and North American flights are $25 and $30 each way. You can bring up to 115 linear inches with waived oversize rule. You can bring up to 100 lbs for up to $200 fee.

Read more to learn about Hawaiian Airlines golf club policy in detail below.

Your Golf Clubs Must Be Packed in an Enclosed Bag

Hawaiian Airlines allows passengers to check in their golfing equipment only if packed in an enclosed bag. The Airlines will not be responsible for the damage of any golfing equipment that is not in a hard shell case. A Hawaiian Airlines representative will perform a quick visual assessment of the gear for any existing damage when you check in at the airport. The traveler must sign a liability release form if they check in their golfing equipment is not packed in a hard-sided case.

A golf travel bag or “golf case” covers your clubs up to the head to keep them safe during transport. If you haven’t got one, here are our recommended golf bags.

A standard set of Golfing Equipment as per Hawaiian Airlines

As per Hawaiian Airlines, a set of golfing equipment is considered standard if it contains only and not more than the following items:

  • 14 Golf Clubs
  • 12 Golf Balls
  • A single pair of Golf Shoes.

Golf Clubs Overweight Rules

You may be charged an overweight fee if your golf bag weighs over 50 pounds (23 kg). Hawaiian Airlines’ standard weight limitations and additional fees may apply.

WeightWithin HawaiiDomestic that is not wholly in Hawaii
51 – 70 lbs$35$50
71 – 100 lbs$70$200
Over 100 lbsNot acceptedNot accepted
Hawaiian Airlines Overweight Fee

Hawaiian Airlines Policy for Oversized Baggage

Golfing equipment will be included in the free baggage allowance estimation. If there is a surplus, each item will be assessed as an additional baggage fee for one, regardless of whether it is presented as one unit.

The acceptable golf bag size to check in on a Hawaiian flight is up to 115 linear inches (292 cm). The total dimension of the golf bag is the sum of height, length, and width. Anything larger than that is not accepted. Oversized baggage fees will be waived for golf gear that exceeds 62 linear inches (if every item in the golf bag/container is listed above as golfing equipment).

If non-golf things are included in the golf bag/container, typical oversize costs will apply to golf items that exceed 62 linear inches. Items with a length of more than 115 linear inches can not be accepted as checked baggage.

Refer to the table below to learn about the oversize fee that Hawaiian Airlines levies:

Bag SizeBag SizeBag SizeOversize Fee (All U.S domestic travels except Hawaii)
Items 62-80 linear inches$35(each way)$35(each way)$100(each way)
Items more than 80 linear inchesNot AcceptedNot AcceptedNot Accepted
Hawaiian Airlines Oversize Fee

Charges for Checking in Golfing Equipment

Standard baggage fees apply to golf bags, too, if they contain one set of golfing equipment. A regular Hawaiian Airlines passenger checking one standard golf bag (and no additional luggage) would be charged $25 each way for neighbor island trips, $30 each side for North American flights, but no fee for international flights.

Refer to the table below to learn the standard bag fee in detail:

Checked BagDomestic Travel(within the state of Hawaii)Domestic Travel(Outside the state of Hawaii)International Travel
First Luggage$25$30No Charges
Second Luggage$35$40No Charges
Third and each additional$50$100No Charges
Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Checking Fee

Ship Your Golfing Equipment Instead

If you wish to avoid the hustle-bustle of traveling with your golf bag, you can always ship them to your travel destination using services such as shipsticks. You can reach out to the nearest and most reliable in your area to ship your golfing equipment and save yourself from the hassle of TSA, luggage fees, and more.

In Conclusion

If you are traveling with Hawaiian Airlines for a golf trip with your peers and need golf club information, Hawaiian Airlines is a good airline with quite a friendly policy towards golfers. If you need more tips on how to keep your golf clubs safe, read our article on “How to fly with golf clubs.”

Golfing in Hawaii is always a good experience, here are our Hawaii golf package recommendations to make things easier.


Can I check golf clubs on Hawaiian Airlines without a bag?

No, Hawaiian Airlines does not allow you to check in golf clubs without a bag. The golf clubs should be packed in an enclosed, hard-sided case.

Are golf clubs included in checked baggage?

Golf clubs are accepted as regular checked luggage on Hawaiian Airlines. Standard baggage fees are still applicable, but oversize fees for one set of golf equipment will be waived. The one set of golfing equipment can include a pair of golf shoes, 14 golf clubs, and 12 golf balls.

What luggage is free of charge on Hawaiian Airlines?

The first and second checked-in bag that is up to 50 lbs and 62 linear inches is free of charge on Hawaiian Airlines.

Can I bring more items in my golf bag?

No, your golf bag is only allowed to hold golf equipment and a suitable amount of cushioning material. If it contains additional items, it will be subject to the airline’s standard excess size guidelines and surcharges.

Can I pack multiple sets of clubs in a single bag?

No, each bag is limited to a maximum of 14 clubs. If there are more than 14 clubs in it, it will subject to be Hawaiian Airlines’ standard excess size guidelines and fees.

Can I use any of my free or discounted bags as golf bags?

Yes, you can put a golf bag in your free luggage allowance if you are entitled to one.

How big of a golf bag can I bring on a Hawaiian Aircraft?

A golf bag is considered one piece of golfing equipment and can be sized up to 115 linear inches (height, length, and width) and weighs up to 50 pounds. You only incur an excess baggage tax if your luggage weighs more than 50 pounds or if you bring more than one golf bag.

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