Viva Aerobus golf clubs policy
Know the Viva Aerobus golf clubs policy when flying with them for a golf trip. Credit: VivaAerobus

One of the best low-cost airlines that can fly you to Mexico is Viva Aerobus. You might want a quick city break or a longer stay at a luxurious resort. Or you can be looking for the perfect airline to bring you on a golfing holiday. Find out more about Viva Aerobus’ golf clubs policy here and see if they’re a good fit for you.

Key Takeaway
You can bring a golf bag with clubs, balls, shoes, and tees on a Viva Aerobus flight. Your bag must weigh less than 71 lbs (32kg) and be smaller than 126 linear inches (320cm). The fee for sports equipment is between $33 and $120, depending on your destination.

To find out more about Viva Aerobus’ policy on golf clubs, read on. The best way to prepare for a flight is to know exactly what you can and can’t bring with you and how to pack.

Golf Bag Size and Weight

A bag filled with golf clubs can quickly become heavy. You want to make sure you bring all your best clubs but without surpassing the airline’s weight restrictions. On a Viva Aerobus flight, you need to keep the weight below 71 lbs (32kg). Seeing as most golf bags with clubs weigh around 30 lbs (13.6kg), Viva Aerobus has given you plenty of wiggle room.

Your golf bag can be up to 126 linear inches (320cm) on Viva Aerobus. This is because the airline doesn’t differentiate between golf clubs and other sports equipment. The large dimensions let travelers bring gear like surfboards without any hassle.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t have a problem in terms of dimensions. Most good golf travel bags are around 80 linear inches (203cm). You can calculate this measurement by adding the height, length, and width of your baggage.

Note: you can get linear dimension by adding height, length, and width of the golf case.

There is no overweight or oversize fee when it comes to sports equipment so make sure that your golf travel bag is within the allowed limits.

Costs of Sports Equipment (Including Your Golf Bag)

Your golf bag doesn’t count towards your regular baggage allowance because it is classified as sports gear, not standard baggage. You always need to pay extra for sports equipment. The price will depend on whether you’re taking a domestic or international flight, what your point of departure or arrival is, and where you purchase the ticket.

Flights from New York or Chicago will incur the largest fees. You will pay $120 per golf bag from these destinations. If you’re flying from other airports around the U.S., for example Los Angeles or Houston, you will only pay $33. Check other destinations here.

Domestic flights (within Mexico) have similar fees but depend on the point of purchase. If you book in advance online, you will pay less than if you add on your golf bag at the airport on the day.

Checking Your Golf Clubs

Once you arrive at the airport, you’ll need to check in your golf clubs and then go through security. Despite the large dimensions, you won’t need to go to the oversized baggage area with your golf bag. Most airports can take clubs at the regular check-in desks.

If the airport has curbside check-in, you can drop your bags off as soon as you arrive. Otherwise, you can go to the ticket counter in the terminal building and check your clubs there.

Golf clubs are considered dangerous goods by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), so you must always check them before security. You can’t gate check them or bring them onboard.

What to Pack in Your Golf Bag

Many golfers pack everything they need for a holiday in their golf bags. Aside from golf clubs, they sometimes include clothes, shoes, towels, and anything else they might need on vacation. However, most airlines have specific rules for what you can transport in a golf bag.

You should only bring:

  • Golf clubs (usually 14)
  • Golf balls
  • Tees
  • Golf shoes (usually one pair)

Having said this, it’s not common to come across an airline that will look through your golf bag to confirm what you have in it. The main control will be later when it is scanned. As long as you don’t have any prohibited items, your baggage will continue its journey to the plane and on to your golf vacation.

Alternatives to Flying with Golf Clubs

If the pressure of flying with golf clubs dampens your golfing vacation, why not look into alternatives? There are several options for golfers who want to enjoy a great trip to play golf without needing to fly with their own clubs.

The first example is to rent clubs at your destination. Most golf resorts have options to rent clubs on arrival. Even if the course doesn’t rent clubs, companies in the area will. When you arrive at the airport, there will probably be several groups renting clubs.

If renting clubs isn’t right for you because you know the weight and feel of your own gear, you can ship your equipment to the resort you will be staying at. Companies like Ship Sticks will pick up your clubs from your home and send them to your destination. They should be waiting for you when you arrive, so you can tee off as soon as you want.

What Kind of Bag Can I Transport Clubs In?

There are different types of bags for transporting golf clubs. You probably have a standard bag that you can use while enjoying a round of golf. This isn’t a good choice for flying because the clubs can fall out easily and become damaged. You need to invest in a bag that is specific for transport.

Golf bags for transportation tend to be either hard or soft. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, which you can check in our article on the best golf travel bags. One of the main advantages of hard cases is that any damage to your clubs can be covered by the airline’s insurance policy. Viva Aerobus specify that you should have a rigid case, so that’s what you should aim for.

What is the Safest Way to Travel with Golf Clubs?

You don’t want your vacation to be ruined as soon as you arrive by discovering your clubs have become damaged. That’s why you need to pack your golf equipment in the best way possible. Two of the most important pieces of gear are a rigid golf travel bag and a stiff arm. They will protect your clubs from collisions.

You should also make sure your clubs are bound together and don’t have any free space between them. This will prevent them from knocking off each other and causing damage. You can wrap a towel around all the clubs, put socks on the heads, and fill free spaces with towels and clothing. If you want more tips on keeping your golf clubs safe, take a look through our article.

Where Do Viva Aerobus Fly?

If you’re looking into Viva Aerobus because you want to take a golfing holiday to Mexico, you should know about some of the destinations they fly to. You can fly from major U.S. cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, and many more to cities like Mexico City, Monterrey, Tijuana, and Cancun. There are 37 Mexican destinations overall, as well as other countries like Cuba, Colombia, and Ecuador.

From Cancun, it’s highly recommended to go to Tulum and check out some of the best golf courses in Mexico. Here’s our list of the best courses in Tulum. Check it out!

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