Delta Airlines Stroller Policy
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Delta Airlines is one of the most highly regarded airlines in the world. It offers affordable fares, has many great routes, and has customer service representatives that are considered some of the best in the business. But how good are they for parents flying with small children?

Key Takeaway
You can take a stroller for free when you fly with Delta Airlines. It doesn’t count toward your regular baggage allowance but must be checked before you board. You can check it at the ticket counter or gate, or even at the curbside when you arrive at the airport.

This useful stroller policy and other regulations regarding traveling with infants make Delta Airlines a good choice if you’re a parent taking a trip with your children. Find out more here.

Can You Bring a Stroller Into the Cabin on a Delta Airlines Flight?

Few airlines allow you to bring a stroller into the cabin with you. Unfortunately, Delta Airlines is an example of a company that doesn’t allow strollers to be brought as carry-on luggage, even if they can collapse into backpack-sized items. Delta does offers several places to check your stroller before boarding to make the process as easy as possible.

If you’re traveling light and prefer to avoid waiting around at the baggage conveyor, try United as they allow you to bring a backpack-sized stroller on board. Read more about United Airlines stroller policy here.

Regardless of being allowed to bring it to the cabin or not, having a travel stroller will ease your burden a lot during a trip. The reason is travel strollers are designed to be compact and lightweight so it’s easier for you to carry it around and it won’t take much space. Check out our list of best travel strollers to find one that suit your needs.

Checking Your Stroller With Delta Airlines

Seeing as you can’t bring your child’s stroller as carry-on luggage, you will need to check it before boarding the plane. Delta Airlines offers three drop-off points throughout your airport journey.

1. At the curbside point

If you are comfortable carrying your child and managing your carry-on luggage, you can check your stroller at one of the curbside points. As soon as you arrive, you can talk to a Delta representative and drop off your baggage, including your stroller and car seat, before even entering the airport.

2. At the ticket desk

The next option is at the Delta Airlines ticket desk. You can check-in, get your tickets printed, make changes to your booking, and check your stroller there.

3. At the gate

Finally, if you prefer to bring your child’s pram through the airport, you can check it at the gate.

Stroller Size & Weight Policy

Strollers can vary dramatically in size. Some of the most modern ones can be folded to the size of a backpack while wagon strollers can take up a lot of space. Before checking in your luggage, you should make sure your pram doesn’t exceed the regulation dimensions.

The maximum weight of your stroller can be 50 lb (22.7kg). When it comes to the space it takes up, you need to calculate the linear inches of the item. To find this out, you need to add the height, width, and length together. The total has to be less than 62 linear inches (157.5cm).

If your stroller goes over any of these dimensions, you will have to pay an excess baggage fee.

For more general baggage policy, check out our article about Delta’s baggage policies. If you’re an active US military personnel, there’s discount program you can make use of.

Cost of Bringing a Stroller

Delta Airlines don’t want it to be a hassle when you travel with your young family. One way of making it easier is by offering to bring your stroller for free in the hold. It doesn’t count towards your baggage allowance, as long as each child that needs a stroller has only one. In other words, you can’t take two or more free strollers for one infant.

As mentioned above, you’ll need to be careful with the dimensions of the pram or you might incur excess fees. Extra costs can appear if you take an extra stroller as well. Not all parents will need more than one, but some families like to have a wagon for more space and a jogging stroller for exercising.

Getting Through the Airport With a Stroller

Even though there are two drop-off checkpoints before security, you can always choose to bring your stroller through the airport. Your child might be more comfortable and you can take their luggage with you. You can choose to take one of the airport’s strollers for free, which is a great option, but your child might not like them and it isn’t the most hygienic choice.

When you get to security, you’ll need to remove all the items you have in and on the stroller. For example, a diaper bag on the handles or toys in the basket underneath the seat. Place them all in the tray given to you by the security team. You’ll then need to fold up the stroller and place it on the conveyor so it can be scanned.

Once everything emerges from the X-ray machine, you can put it all back, including your child. You can use it as you normally would until you get to the gate.

What Happens When I Gate Check a Stroller?

Have you ever been on a flight where there are too many carry-on bags and your hand luggage has to be put in the hold? Gate checking a stroller can be similar to that. The gate attendant will put a special tag on the pushchair that has a code. This set of characters matches with those on your ticket so you can pick it up at your destination or find it if it gets lost in transit.

Make sure to remove any items from the stroller before handing it over to the baggage handler. Anything that gets lost won’t be the responsibility of the airline. If you’re not too familiar with gate checking luggage, take a look through our article on gate checking a stroller. It has everything you need to know before handing over your stroller at the airport.

Can I Bring a Car Seat on a Delta Airlines Flight?

You might want to bring a car seat as well as a stroller when you travel with your infant. Don’t worry, your costs will be the same. Delta Airlines lets you take one stroller AND one FAA-approved car seat for free without counting towards your standard baggage allowance.

However, if you want your child to use the seat on the flight, you’ll need to buy an extra spot in the cabin. If you’re lucky and the flight isn’t full, you can ask one of the attendants at the gate if you can use the car seat without buying an extra seat. For any other tips on Delta’s car seat policy, check out our article on the subject.

What Other Luggage Can I Bring For My Child?

Infants under two years of age can fly for free on your lap, but you can buy them a ticket if you need a higher luggage allowance. The standard regulations apply to your child as they do to you.

If you don’t want to buy a ticket for your child, you still get a higher allowance than other passengers. Aside from the free stroller and car seat in the hold and your cabin bag, you can take either a booster seat or a breast pump and cooler bag with you at no extra cost.

If you have a plan of your own, can you add sports equipment such as golf clubs or others on top of that? Sure you can. Here’s Delta’s sports equipment policy, check it out!

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