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There’s no doubt about it – golf vacations can break the bank. In the end you’ll always be looking for a way to save some money without compromising on comfort and convenience. Here are some secret hacks that many people tend to overlook when looking for bargains on golf packages. 

1. Attend golf events

Golf events are always a ton of fun, whether you’re playing on the day or not. Local businesses pull out all the stops to get their name out there, so you can expect a lot of branded merchandise, entertainment, and great giveaways. 

While the big winners of the day typically walk away with the biggest prizes, you may find some other smaller gifts up for grabs, like discounts on golf vacations. What’s more, there may be some booking agents that have affordable ready-to-book packages. All you need to do is show up and mingle with the crowd while you scout for deals. 

2. Check in on coupon and trip planning websites

Firstly, coupon websites are great for anything you need a discount for. For example, if you’re shopping for stuff and they accept coupon codes, you should be able to find at least one on a coupon site. The same concept applies when it comes to coupons for golf packages. Just check on a site like for daily deals, coupons, and discounts. 

Secondly, trip planning websites, like and getyourguide, are just as helpful when you’re looking for golf packages that are ready to book, even internationally! Either way, checking in every now and then can only steer you in the right direction.

3. Consult a travel agent

This may sound completely unnecessary because a golf trip isn’t that hard to plan. However, these professionals go out of their way to find you the best deals. You know, those that you wouldn’t be able to find by yourself. Plus, they do a lot of business with the golf clubs and establishments that you want to visit, which means that they may be able to negotiate an even better price on your behalf. 

4. Engage in conversation on forums 

You can find a lot of useful and helpful information on community forums and groups. Remember, the people on these forums are all into the same thing as you and they may have a lot of experience in scouting for cheaper golf packages.

Some of the best places to find the most popular golf forums include, r/golf on Reddit, and

Just spend some time talking to fellow golfers online or go back and search through the public chat history. Who knows, there may be someone who works at your favorite course and they may be able to find you a sweet deal for your next trip. 

5. Attend auctions 

Auctions aren’t just for houses, cars, and vintage music instruments. In fact, some online auction platforms are dedicated to golf items, like The Golf Auction and Golden Age Auctions. You would be surprised to learn what they can auction off on a good day. And yes, golf packages are something that you can expect to see. 

Look for some local auctions around you and just show up on the day – or sign up for an online auction, like one of the two mentioned above. Even if you don’t find a golf package, you could always walk away with something better.

6. Keep an eye on social media

Do you have an idea of the course or club that you’d like to visit or do you have a list of potential getaway spots? Then you have everything you need to scout for package deals on social media. 

If you follow all of the best spots and courses on Facebook and Instagram, or TikTok and YouTube, you’ll be able to see if they have any specials or discounts on golf packages. You’ll also know if they have any competitions or loyalty programs that could score you a discount or a freebie.

Just head to the Facebook page of a course like Trump National Golf Club Charlotte or Sea Pines Resort and hit the follow button.

8. Visit local golf stores

Golf stores have all of the best equipment in all of your favorite brands and styles. But did you know that they also have the inside scoop on affordable golf packages in the area? You can find golf magazines in the store or just chat to the person working there. They may even have packages that are ready to book, so it’s worth stopping by. 

9. Join a country club or golf group

There’s a stigma around country clubs and the type of people that join these clubs. Many believe that it’s only for snobs and higher class people (we can thank the movies for this). However, this isn’t always the case and joining a club can hold many benefits for you. 

The people in these clubs play a lot of golf and most of them have contacts at local courses. Plus, some establishments even offer discounts on golf packages for anyone in a club. 

10. Sign up for course newsletters

Newsletters can be a nuisance if it’s about something you’re not into or if you didn’t sign up to receive multiple spammy emails every week. However, when you sign up to a course’s newsletters, you’ll be in the know when they have any promotions or discounts up for grabs. You could buy a golf package for a bargain because you’ll be one of the first golfers that got notified. 

11. Join loyalty and rewards programs

What is better than a good rewards program? You get something back every time you spend money, which is nothing but a bargain. With rewards programs, like Hilton Honors, you can earn points every time you buy something at a Hilton resort or hotel or when you spend money on a stay at the establishment.

These points can be used to get you some discount on a future purchase or stay and if you have enough points, your stay could end up being entirely free. Thus, you can use your points to get your next golf package at a very low price. Or, sign up to be a member of a program like for benefits that range from discounts on trip planning and merchandise to a 1 year subscription to Golfweek.

12. Look for golf raffles

While raffles are somewhat of a gamble, you could walk away with a fantastic golf package at an unbeatable price. Join raffle groups or simply buy yourself a ticket when you see one that has a golf package up for grabs. One ticket could make you the lucky winner of a golf package for less than a tenth of the value.

Last but not least, check out our dedicated page for golf packages! You might find something that you like.

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