When traveling to Las Vegas, there are many wild and fun activities, from casinos to rugged nature; Las Vegas seems to have it all. Despite its desert landscape, the region is quite popular amongst golfers and draws in over a million golfers each year. How do you know which courses to avoid and which ones are a must-play? Check out our list of the best and worst golf courses in Las Vegas.

Best Golf Courses in Las Vegas

Snow Course in Paiute, one of the best courses in Las Vegas
Snow Course in Paiute, one of the best courses in Las Vegas – Paiute Golf

1. Snow Mountain at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort 

Of course, the famous Pete Dye would design one of the most magnificent courses in Las Vegas! The Snow Mountain course at the Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort is rated one of the highest in Vegas by Golf Pass and Google reviews, and for good reason. Earning a 4.8 and 4.7 respectively, Snow Mountain is sure to wow any player.

The 7,164-yard ryegrass course was elegantly designed to include Pete Dye’s famous railroad tie bunkers and stunning water features. A picturesque view of Sheep Mountain will accompany you for the entire game as you stride from hole to hole. Snow Mountain is easily one of the best golf courses in Las Vegas.

2. Shadow Creek Golf Course 

Get your golf bucket list ready; Shadow Creek will blow you away and fly to the top of that list in no time. With stellar ratings of 4.9 and 4.7 on Google and Golf Pass, it’s hard to find a fault in this course.  

Many golfers are raving about the service from start to finish, pointing out the thoughtful and helpful caddies on numerous occasions. The course itself is a Tom Fazio design and has attracted players from all over the world. Natural elements include a beautiful treeline, rolling hills, and water features. It’s an oasis in the middle of the desert!

3. TPC Las Vegas 

The TPC Las Vegas is the city’s premier PGA Tour facility, attracting professionals from all over the world. It has an excellent rating of 4.5 & 4.6 on Golf Pass and Google with mostly glowing reviews.

The beautifully maintained green makes a striking contrast against the reds and oranges of the desert to create a picturesque round of golf. Bobby Weed and Raymond Floyd are the pair behind the 7,016-yard course. They’ve done a spectacular job creating a challenging and fun course for all players. When you’re in Vegas, the TPC is a course you have to play at least once!

4.  Cloud 9 at Angel Park Golf Club 

The Palm Course at Angel Park Golf Club is an Arnold Palmer design with a stunning desert backdrop. Earning a 4.4 and 4.5 on Gold Pass and Google, you can be sure this course will challenge and delight players of all skill. 

Some holes require extra attention and skill, making it just the right amount of challenging without over frustrating players. Water hazards and sand bunkers add interest to the design and playability of the course. Golfers seem to enjoy the fabulous customer service from staff that keeps players coming back again and again.

5. Desert Pines Golf Club 

One of the prime attractions of Desert Pines is its convenient location to the Vegas Strip, making an afternoon of golf even easier! Although this course is rated a bit lower at 3.7 and 4.1 on Golf Pass and Google, most players seem to say it’s worth a play. 

This Pete Dye-designed course offers an experience similar to the Carolina sandhills and features mature pine trees and, a well-groomed fairway and white sand bunkers. Due to the mature tree cover, this course is often cooler than other courses in the area, making it a hot spot when the Vegas heat gets overwhelming. Desert Pines is worth a play if you’re itching for an afternoon of golf.

Worst Golf Courses in Las Vegas

1. Las Vegas Golf Center

A whopping 1.6/5 on Golf Pass lands Las Vegas Golf Center on the list of the worst courses in Vegas. It’s easy to see that the course and driving range are in need of some serious maintenance. Even positive reviews display patchy and dry grass and worn-out driving range mats that haven’t been changed in half a decade.

The equipment offered is subpar with many balls cracked or worn flat, and golf carts with mechanical issues. The staff and entertainment on the premises don’t seem to be up to par and are seriously lacking. Both professional and beginner golfers unanimously agree that this course is the worst in Las Vegas.

2. Sunrise Vista 

With a 2.5/5 rating on Golf Pass, you’ll find Sunrise Vista on the list of the worst golf courses in Las Vegas. Sunrise Vista is an unassuming golf course in Las Vegas with no stand-out designer courses or intricate traps. It’s often described as a very no-frills course. 

Some disgruntled golfers report the courses needing serious maintenance, with overturned equipment and patchy or dry grass littered throughout the property.

Unfortunately, the layout of the courses can be quite confusing for golfers to navigate from hole to hole. Despite the clear lack of “frills,” its prices remain on par, if not slightly below average for the area. 

3. City of North Las Vegas Municipal (Par 3) 

Although The City of North Las Vegas Municipal Par 3 has earned a 4/5 on Golf Pass, Tripadvisor, and Google reviews highlight the faults in this course. Many golfers complain about the lack of customer service when answering phones and inquiries in a timely manner. 

As for the courses themselves, the grass seems to be hard, dry, and patchy in many places across the facility, and many of the traps and natural features are not well maintained. Although this course isn’t the worst of the worst, there are definitely better golf courses in Vegas.

4. The Club at Sunrise

With a rating of 3.4/5 on Golf Pass, you might assume this course is one of the better but might be surprised. The Club at Sunrise has gotten some tough reviews lately, and golfers are unhappy. 

Many people report dry and patchy grass, but a lot of golfers seem to comment on the less-than-stellar layout. With two ravines running along both sides of the course, many golfers have landed their ball in the water with no fault of their own. The carts and kitchen need serious improvement in their customer service and hours of operation, as many golfers have reported random closures at odd times of the day.

5. Stallion Mountain

The name Stallion Mountain has come up many times in golf reviews and reports, and not for a good reason. Despite having a 3.5/5 rating on Golf Pass, many golfers say they are consistently lacking when it comes to maintaining their green and sand traps. Golfers often mention the layout of the course being just fine, but they have hard sand traps that need to be turned over and greens that are dry at best, usually lacking grass completely.

There are some reports of sandy grass and ducks taking over the green. Overall, this course seems to be not fun at all and needs serious upgrades and maintenance in order to restore it to the course it once was. As the game of golf requires an eye for detail, so do the courses!

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