JetBlue stroller policy
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Ready to take your little ones on a new adventure? When traveling with kids, negotiating the guidelines of different airlines can be overwhelming. In this article, we’ll take out some of the hassles with an overview of JetBlue’s stroller policy.

Key Takeway:

When you fly with Jetblue, you can check your stroller for free. You can hand it over when you check in for your flight or wait until you arrive at the gate. There’s no size limit for your stroller. But if it’s on the larger side, it’s easier to hand it in at the check-in desk before security.

If you’re still worried about traveling on JetBlue with a stroller, read this handy guide. It’ll take you through the finer details of bringing a stroller so you know what to expect when you get to the airport.

Flying with children on JetBlue

JetBlue is an excellent airline for families. Strollers, car seats, diaper bags, and breast pumps never count towards your luggage allowance. You can check strollers and car seats when you arrive at the airport or wait until you get to the gate. 

Families with children under the age of two get called first so you have extra time to board. Your kids will be treated to a great choice of entertainment on board, making their first experience of flying comfortable and exciting. They can even collect air miles. If you’re new to traveling with your children, check out these tips for flying with kids.

How to check in a stroller

Every family is different, which is why JetBlue gives you two options for navigating an airport with your children. When you arrive, head straight to the check-in desk where JetBlue will give you advice about what to do with your stroller. If it’s easier for you, you can leave your stroller there before you go through security. If you have a large stroller or a double wide they might encourage you to take this option.

For efficiency, they’ll always recommend you leave your stroller at check-in. But for some families, it can be chaotic to juggle holding babies and chasing after toddlers in a busy environment like an airport. That’s why, if you need, you can take your stroller all the way to the gate.

Relax and enjoy the shopping and food options at the airport. You can’t take strollers onto the plane with you so when your gate is open, head to the desk. They will courtesy check your stroller and little legs won’t have far to go from here to their plane seat. In most cases, you’ll have to wait until baggage claim on the other side to collect your stroller.

Stroller in Cabin

JetBlue website states that passengers can check their stroller for free but mention nothing about bringing one to the cabin. If that’s your plan, make sure with their help desk first.

Having a travel stroller instead of a regular one will increase your chances to bring one to the cabin. A travel stroller is designed to be compact when folded and lightweight so it’s easy to store and carry around. Check out our list of the best travel strollers for some excellent recommendations.

Will my stroller be safe in the hold?

JetBlue won’t cover you for damages when your stroller is checked. Make sure you have adequate travel insurance to cover you if you’re worried about this. Most airlines will recommend you place your stroller into a protective cover before you check it. For more tips and tricks for flying with strollers, check out this article on gate-checking a stroller.

What kid’s items count towards JetBlue’s baggage allowance?

When you fly with JetBlue, you can bring a stroller, car seat, and diaper bag at no extra cost. Remember that if your child is classed as a lap infant, they’re not entitled to any checked baggage allowance. 

Read here to find out more about JetBlue car seat policy.

Playpens, wagons, and other infant beds will contribute to your checked baggage allowance. Make sure they meet the size and weight allowances when combined with your own checked baggage. 

For checked baggage and carry on allowance, check out our article on JetBlue’s baggage policies. If you’re a US military personnel, there’s a discount for both fares and checked bags.

Do I need to purchase a seat for my child?

If your child is under two and you’re happy to have them on your lap for the flight, they’ll be classed as a lap infant. Lap infants fly at no extra cost with JetBlue, but there might be some extra taxes if you’re flying internationally. On return trips, this fee will only apply when you’re flying into the US from an international city.

If you want your child to have their own seat or they’re over the age of two, you’ll need to buy an extra seat at the full fare. Basic tickets don’t allow you to pre-reserve seats, so to guarantee you’re all sat together, you’re better off upgrading your seat.

What information do I need to give JetBlue if I’m flying with a lap infant?

When booking your ticket, you can add that you’re traveling with a lap infant. If you forgot, contact JetBlue and they’ll add it to your reservation. You’ll need proof of age for your child even if you’re traveling within the US. This could be their passport, copies of their birth certificate, or their immunization record. 

For international travel, your children must have a valid passport. Crew members request passports from all passengers before an international flight. If they’re traveling with only one parent or with an adult that isn’t their legal guardian, they’ll need special documentation allowing them to travel. Every country has different laws and requirements, so you should always double-check this with your embassy before flying.

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