Want to travel with your favorite trinkets on your next trip? There are lots of ways to keep your jewelry safe and organized while on the road. Find out insider tips and tricks with this guide on how to travel with jewelry.

How to pack your jewelry

While it can be tempting to throw all your jewelry in a jacket pocket or a shoe, this is a recipe for lost and broken pieces. The best way to pack your jewelry is in a dedicated holder so you don’t have lots of stray items floating around your luggage.

When looking for something to keep your jewelry in, you need to consider three things: protection, organization, and accessibility. You don’t want anything to be lost or damaged, you don’t want things to get tangled, and you want to be able to find everything easily. Which of these you choose to focus on will depend on factors like the amount and type of items you want to take and how valuable they are.

how to travel with jewelry
Using a jewelry box is one of the best ways to travel with jewelry – Canva

Types of jewelry organizers

Fabric pouches

Sheer fabric pouches are a common approach to storing your jewelry and are a good option for short trips. But it’s easy for them to get lost floating around in large luggage. Necklaces can end up in knots with all the movement and it doesn’t offer much protection from other items in your bag.

One solution to this is to keep them in a pocket in your wash bag. It offers extra protection and keeps them together in a convenient, easy-to-find place. I personally like this option as it’s a reminder to take things off before getting in the shower. Just make there’s no risk of it getting wet.

Jewelry rolls

A popular option for traveling with jewelry is a fabric jewelry roll. They have lots of organization features and it’s easy to unwind and see everything you own in one place. They’re small and easy to slot into a small space in your bag. The fabric stops things from getting scratched, but it may not be sturdy enough if you have more expensive pieces.

A travel jewelry box

A mini jewelry box is the best way to keep your jewelry protected during travel. They have lots of gentle slots and separators to keep everything organized and in top condition.

But since it’s so sturdy, it can take up much-needed space in your luggage. Space for what you ask? Here are some items that should be on your packing list in every trip: travel essentials for women.

DIY jewelry organizers

Don’t want to fork out on fancy jewelry holders for your next trip? You can make some excellent organizers from items lying around your home.

  • Use Ziploc bags to keep everything together.
  • Punch holes in a piece of cardboard to custom-fit all your pieces.
  • Use an old pill organizer and put a different item in each day’s box.
  • Thread necklaces through straws so they don’t get tangled.
  • Fasten earrings through buttons so you don’t end up with odd pairs.
  • An old tin with something soft inside will stop things from getting thrown around.

Types of jewelry to take traveling

The type of jewelry you’ll want to take with you will depend on where you’re going and what your plans are. If you have lots of nights out on the town planned, you’d want to pack more jewelry than if you were going on an adventure holiday. Consider your comfort too. If you’re wearing sneakers the whole time, an ankle bracelet will probably get on your nerves.

Research any safety measures you want to take during your trip. If you’re traveling to a poor area it might not be appropriate to flash your wealth. Wearing any high-quality jewelry could make you a target in places with high crime rates. If you’re unsure, keep things conservative or forgo wearing it all together.

If you’re going on a beach holiday or anywhere where you’ll be in and out of the water, consider if you’ll remember to put your jewelry on and take it off all the time. If you still want something to wear with your bikini, you could take cute non-metal pieces like shells or beads. There are also some great companies around producing waterproof jewelry that doesn’t tarnish.

Choosing what to take

If you’re a magpie when it comes to sparkly things, then you might be struggling to fit all your favorite pieces in your luggage. Take a look at the outfits you’re planning to wear and pick the items that you think will go best with them. Try to pack small and versatile pieces that will go with anything. Then if you have extra space, you can take a few extra pieces with a bit more pizzazz.

As always when putting together your travel wardrobe, having a color scheme makes things easier. If you haven’t picked a side yet, try to go with all silver or all gold items so they’re easy to mix and match. Check out this article for more tips on traveling light and looking stylish.

Protecting your jewelry

While traveling, you’re often doing activities outside of your normal routine. When you’re having fun, it’s easy to forget how that might affect your jewelry. Remember, your trip should be about relaxing and having fun. If traveling with expensive or sentimental jewelry is going to cause you unnecessary stress, you might be better off leaving it at home.

Sweat and suncream can both cause metals to tarnish, giving your favorite necklace a shorter sell-by date. If you’re somewhere hot, try to stick to non-metal pieces or cheaper costume jewelry during the day. It’ll fit the holiday vibes and you can save your nicer pieces for dressing up in the evenings.

Consider when you’re doing any high-impact activities and make a mental note to leave your jewelry at home. It could be a prime time for a necklace to rip off or an earring to fall out. Whether you’re bungee jumping or surfing, it would be a real downer on the day if you broke your favorite bracelet. It could also be a breach of health and safety protocols.

Traveling with valuable Jewelry

If you need to take expensive jewelry or pieces with a high sentimental value on your trip, you can take extra measures to keep them safe. As with all important items, you should pack expensive jewelry in your carry-on luggage for extra security. Once you arrive at your destination, keep it in the hotel safe whenever you aren’t wearing it.

When wearing expensive items, be careful not to flash them in risky areas or late at night. If you’re wearing something for a special event, take a taxi or private car there and back to minimize the risk of it getting snatched on the way.

Expensive jewelry is often covered by your travel insurance. Check your policy before you go to know not only if you’re covered for all your items, but if the type of travel and your destination is covered too. If you’re struggling to find a quote that includes your jewelry, you can also take out separate insurance designed for matters like this. Make sure you have a list of everything you take saved on the cloud so you know what you need to claim in an emergency.

Leave space to buy new items

I’m not one for souvenirs gathering dust on my shelf and try to things with a purpose to take home with me. I love picking up small pieces of jewelry when I’m traveling as a memento of my trip.

You can pick up beautiful, handcrafted pieces that have a story, so they feel special without breaking the bank. That way, you get to learn a bit more of the culture and it isn’t a big deal when pieces get lost or damaged.

Taking new jewelry as you travel is a great way collect mementos
Taking new jewelry as you travel is a great way collect mementos – Brooke Cagle (unsplash)


Will my jewelry be picked up by the airport scanner?

Jewelry will rarely cause a problem at airport security. In fact, TSA recommends you keep expensive jewelry with you at all times. Keeping it on your body instead of in your hand or checked luggage is the safest option while traveling. If you do set off an alarm or must provide extra information, you can ask for searches and further discussions to be made in a separate room for your privacy and security.

Should I declare jewelry at customs?

For some countries, it’s okay to enter and leave with personal items you already own. Sometimes there are restrictions on the amount or total value of jewelry you can’t declare. Anything you’re worried about, you can register with a customs officer before you depart. If you buy fine jewelry abroad, many destinations require you to declare it on arrival.

Navigating customs laws can be confusing. You should always use official government sites to check ahead of time what the customs requirements are for the destination you’re traveling to. If in doubt, declare it. It may cause extra hassle at the airport but could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Does waterproof jewelry really work?

If you’re going to be in and out of the water a lot on your trip, it can be annoying to think about taking your jewelry on and off and leaving it in a safe place. The latest trend in the jewelry world is waterproof, but does it actually work? Stainless steel, titanium, and platinum are just some materials that are sturdy enough to survive a few dips.

Bear in mind that waterproof is not the same as chemical proof. Chlorine, sweat, suncream, soap, and seawater all affect different metals in different ways. You’ll have to check the care requirements for each piece you choose to wear. If you don’t want the hassle, skip the jewelry or take less expensive pieces that you don’t mind getting tarnished.

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