White hotel bed sheet will make bloodstain more visible
White hotel bed sheet will make bloodstain more visible – Nik Lanús (unsplash)

Have you ever woken up with period blood stains on your hotel bed sheet? Yes, this is something that happens to the majority of ladies when it’s that time of the month. It’s essential to take care of the blood stain as soon as you notice it, just like you should with other stains.

Soak the blood stain in cold water immediately. Soaking will lighten the stain, whether fresh or a few hours old. After that, apply some soap over it and rinse thoroughly.

It cannot be very pleasant to see dried blood on your sheets when you wake up. Especially when you are on vacation and the sheets are not yours. It can happen to anyone, and not only can the sheets get stained, but the towels and bathrobes too. Unfortunately, the cold water hack might not work if the stain has dried.

To deal with those scenarios, we have created a list of tips and tricks to help you quickly vanish stains and save your hotel stay from getting spoiled.

How to Remove Period Blood Stain From Hotel Sheets

1. Dab the stain

Don’t rub the blood stain. Instead, dab it. Take a wet cloth and start wiping the stained area. Rubbing will spread the stain further and damage your sheet even more. Dab it slowly with a cloth, and the wet cloth will absorb the stain. It will make it a little lighter in the shade. After that, you can wash the sheet using soap or detergent, whatever is handy.

2. Soaking sheet in cold water

Cold water is one of the best ways to remove a fresh stain from your bed sheet. Soak your sheet in cold water with half a scoop of detergent overnight. If you are in a hotel room, you can place the stained area under running cold water.

The cold water helps loosen the stain particles from the fabric. Doing this will release all the blood into the drain, and only a light brown stain will remain. You can use soap and wash the area thoroughly to remove the stain left.

3. Apply salt and liquid soap mixture.

Salt and soap are two things that are easily accessible in a hotel. You can call room service to get you some salt and soap if they are not available in your room. Mix one tablespoon of liquid soap or shampoo with two tablespoons of salt. It will make a paste.

After dampening the blood stain with cold water, allow it to soak in the soap/salt solution. After waiting 15 to 30 minutes, use cold water to rinse the stain away.

4. Apply toothpaste on a moist stain

Damp the stained area with cold water and apply some toothpaste to it. Make sure the toothpaste is white in color. Leave it for 15 – 20 minutes and let it dry completely.

Wash the sheet in cold water using some soap, and the stain will vanish immediately.

5 Steps to Vanish Dried Blood From Hotel Sheets

The chances of removing a fresh blood stain are more than a dried one. If you got the stain overnight, it might have dried when you discovered it in the morning. So, how can you remove dried-on blood stains? Don’t stress. To get rid of dried blood stains, follow these instructions:

  1. Take out the sheets and soak them in cold water.
  2. Pour some shampoo or liquid soap into the cold water and let the sheet stay in it overnight.
  3. The following day, gently dab it with your hands, and you will notice the stain has faded.
  4. Keep rubbing it for 5 to 6 minutes and rinse properly
  5. You will observe the stain is almost invisible.

Checked into a hotel room and noticed a blood stain on your sheet. What to do?

Have you ever checked a hotel room and found stains on your sheet? What was the first thing you do call room service, right? Almost every hotel keeps its room tidy all the time. If anything like this happens, they are polite enough to offer you another room or change your bedding.

But what if they refuse to take action? You can call their manager and explain the whole scenario. You can ask them to change your room immediately. If you don’t know how to ask them, here is a blog with myriad tips for asking for a different room.

Wrapping Up

It’s natural to see the blood stain on your bed sheet. Don’t be embarrassed by it. Most women might have experienced this at least once in their life. Whether you are at your home or hotel room, you can manage to clean the sheet. Also, there is no embarrassment in asking the housekeeping staff to change your linens.


Does the hotel charge for blood stains on sheets?

Hotels can and have the right to charge you for blood stains on sheets or towels. But whether they decide to charge you or not will depend on their policies. They might choose not to charge you if the stain can be easily removed or the cost to replace the sheets is already included in your room rate.

The best action is to ensure not to leave the stain as it is before leaving your room. Either try to clean it or inform the housekeeping staff about the stain.

Do hotels charge for spills?

Most hotels won’t charge customers for stains that can be cleaned up using standard cleaning procedures. Hotels handle stains differently depending on whether they can be removed or whether they pose a biohazard. Some hotels might charge you, whereas others won’t.

What happens if you check out from a hotel without informing the staff about bloodstains?

Damaging anything in a hotel room then trying to leave without notifying anyone is one of the things you shouldn’t do in a hotel. When you check out from your room, the hotel housekeeping staff checks the room for any missing items and your belongings, if you left any. They will then give clearance to the help desk for your checkout. Therefore, if there are any noticeable stains, the hotel can charge you for them. They can even charge your card after you’ve checked out and left the premise.

However, do keep in mind that the charges depend on hotel policy and procedures. To avoid embarrassment and further problems down the line, you can use the above-mentioned steps to clean the sheets before checking out from a hotel room.

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