how to clean the inside of a purse
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Whether you want to clean a handbag from a designer or a regular travel purse, you need to know how to do it. Otherwise, the material can get broken or even moldy. In this article, you will find all you need to know about how to clean the inside of a purse for different materials.

The different linings of bags

Bags can have different shapes, colors, quality, and can be made from different materials. That also applies to the inside of your purse. The most common materials are suede, fabric, and leather. Depending on the type of material, you should take care of your purse in a different way.


Suede is a common lining, especially in designer handbags. It is made from the underneath animal skin. It is very soft in touch, so while being a purse lining, it prevents scratches of valuable items, such as glasses. The big minus of this material is that it easily gets stained by water or dirt.


Fabric is a very common material for purse lining. It is durable and can survive a lot. Unfortunately, as with any other, fabric lining can get stained, and also the color of it can fade away.


Leather is commonly used in more expensive handbags. It is a durable material that lasts very long. Unfortunately, leather can get dry and crack, causing not so nice appearance of your purse lining.

How to Clean the Inside of A Purse, Depending on the Material

Before you start cleaning your purse, verify with which lining you have to work. This way, you make sure you won’t destroy the material and get the best possible effect of cleaning. Remember that cleaning the inside of your purse is as important as the outer part. Appearance aside, the inside of your handbag can be full of bacteria, so it’s important to take care of it, even when they are no visible stains.

Leather Lining

For cleaning the leather lining, you will need a soft, wet cloth. Use it, to remove dirt from the lining. Only the leather part should be damped. Never soak the lining made of leather, because it can cause serious damage to the material.

On the market, you can find special cleaners and conditioners dedicated to leather purse lining. While everyday cleaning wet rag is enough, you might reach for something special, when the inside of your bag requires deep cleaning.

Use it together with a soft cloth and clean inside your bag. Be careful to not use the cleaning product on other types of materials, as it can cause damage.

Suede Lining

For cleaning suede lining, you need to invest in a special brush. Gently use it to remove dirt and eventual stains from the lining. Remember to not use too much pressure and scrubbing – this can destroy the material of your lining.

Be very careful with suede material, as it is relatively hard to clean, and some stains can leave a permanent mark on the lining.

Fabric or Textile Lining

Textile and fabric lining are very common and relatively easy to clean. Here is how to do it:

  1. Turn the lining of the bag outside.
  2. Prepare a smooth cloth and mild detergent.
  3. Mix detergent with water. Dampen cloth.
  4. Use the damp cloth to gently remove dirt from the lining, including its corners. The best is circular motion.
  5. Rinse the cloth regularly to not spread the dirt and not damage the fabric.
  6. After cleaning is done, rinse the fabric, using your sink or a bowl.
  7. Hang your purse to dry. If you decide to dry it outside, remember it can’t be exposed to direct sunlight.
  8. Once the purse is dry, put the lining in its place.

How to Take a Better Care of the Inside of Your Purse

Now you know, how to clean the lining of your purse. However, you need to remember that stains from makeup, food, water, or anything else can ruin your bag forever. This is why here are some tips on how to prevent your lining from getting dirty.

Take Care of Your Bag Regularly

Regular cleaning helps to keep things in order. It is true in all cases, including maintaining the good shape of your purse. Every week empty your bag and turn it upside down to shake off the dust and small object. After that use soft clothes to give your purse some quick refreshment.

Act Quickly

The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove stains and dirt. If you notice that your lipstick opened in the bag or the pen spilled the ink, react right away. Wipe up the liquid right away.

Do Not Put to Many Things in Your Purse

If you put too many things in your bag, you will stretch the lining, risking it will get damaged. That can cause more trouble in the future. If your lining has holes, the dirt can easier get to the outside of the bag, ruining the outside look of your purse.

Reach Out for a Good Purse Organizer

In many shops, including online stores, you can find a purse organizer insert. It is a perfect thing that can help you not only organize the mess in your bag but also prevent the lining from getting dirty or stained. Additionally, this type of insert can help you avoid overstuffing your bag and will keep its structure of it. That being said, if you keep overstuffing your purse maybe it’s time to give that backpack another look.


By following the advice above, you can prolong the life of your favorite bag. A purse can be a wonderful addition to every stylization and add charm even to everyday outfits. Be sure that you maintain your purse regularly to avoid hard-to-remove stains and tearing of the material. And in case of an emergency act as quickly, as you can. This way, you will enjoy the beauty of this fashion item for much longer than you could even imagine.

how to clean the inside of a purse
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