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If you live in a northern state, you may have felt that your game isn’t as good as it could be. After all, when you have to take three to five months off every year, your game will suffer. Thankfully, these winter golf destinations throughout the United States will help you to keep your golfing skills in tip-top shape. 

1. Las Vegas, Nevada

Recommended Courses:

  • Shadow Creek Golf Course
  • The Wolf at Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort
  • Reflection Bay Golf Club

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 60°F
  • Jan: 59°F
  • Feb: 66°F

Unless you’re built for warm weather, you don’t want to go golfing in the summer in Las Vegas. Fall and spring are best. However, the high average temperatures also make winter a great time to play. Most golf courses near Las Vegas are open year-round. The best part is that most of the prices drop during winter, so you can get a few rounds in for a discounted price. 

While the average daily temperatures for Las Vegas are rather tolerable, it’s good to keep in mind that it’s a desert region. This means that when the sun goes down, the temperatures drop rather dramatically to 30°F or lower. If you’re going to be out early in the morning, or late at night, it’s a good idea to bring a jacket or wear layers. 

2. Scottsdale, Arizona

Recommended Courses:

  • Troon North Golf Club
  • The Stadium Course at TPC Scottsdale
  • Padre Course at Camelback Inn, Scottsdale

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 68°F
  • Jan: 69°F
  • Feb: 73°F

Scottsdale, Arizona gets an average of 300 days of sunshine every year. If you’re looking to go golfing in winter, then this sunny destination is definitely the way to go. Even in the heart of winter, the temperatures are quite nice, running close to 70°F. 

As you can imagine, most, if not all, golf courses in Scottdale, Arizona are open during even the coldest months of the year. It’s not just Scottdale either, but most of the surrounding area, so don’t be afraid to take a drive and try out other golf courses.

3. Orlando, Florida

Recommended Courses:

  • Dubsdread Golf Course
  • Shingle Creek Golf Course
  • Waldorf Astoria Couse

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 75°F
  • Jan: 72°F
  • Feb: 75°F

Orlando, Florida is open throughout the entire year. With temperatures above 70°F even in the dead of winter, there’s no need to close down. In fact, if you’re from a colder state, the winter is likely the best time to play. Other months are often too hot for people from out of state to enjoy themselves. 

Unlike many other states, though, Florida’s prime golfing season tends to be in the winter. This means that you’re not likely to find any discounts or sales if you’re looking to golf in Orlando, Florida during the winter. 

4. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Recommended Courses:

  • Heathland Course at Legends Resort
  • Kings North Golf Course
  • Tidewater Golf Course

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 61°F
  • Jan: 56°F
  • Feb: 59°F

While winter isn’t the best time to go golfing in South Carolina, it’s not a bad option. Though there’s still the chance for a little precipitation and cloudy weather to ruin a game, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ll have a bit of sun and dry weather. 

Before you try out any golf course, you’ll want to double-check how the course handles winter. Some places, in an attempt to make their greens look nicer, will use sprays to make the grass look as alive as possible. While it does look a lot nicer than a brown golf course, it’s quick to stain your nice shoes and pants. 

5. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Recommended Courses:

  • Executive Course at Ladera Golf Course
  • Sandia Golf Club’s Course
  • Dam Nine Course at Arroyo Del Oso Golf Course

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 49°F
  • Jan: 49°F
  • Feb: 55°F

Despite the cold temperatures, Albuquerque, New Mexico is a great winter destination. It gets over 300 days of sunshine a year. With a little bit of sun, even the cooler days are pleasant to play.

If you don’t mind the cold, New Mexico is a great golfing destination. Other people tend to pick places with a little warmer weather in the winter, so there are often discounts to bring people in. The brown grass may not catch your eye, but the mountains in the background make up for it.

6. San Antonio, Texas

Recommended Courses:

  • Hill Country Golf Club
  • The Resort Course at La Cantera Golf Club
  • The Quarry Golf Course

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 64°F
  • Jan: 64°F
  • Feb: 67°F

While Houston and Austin sometimes have to shut down golf courses on occasion due to the weather, San Antonio is south enough to rarely ever get snow. In fact, winter is the dry season in San Antonio, so you’re not likely to get much bad weather to mess up your golfing game. 

Unfortunately, the weather is sometimes a bit unpredictable. Though the average temperatures are nice, there are times when a cold front sweeps through the area. Don’t blindly trust your weather app, and make sure to pack up layers for your golfing trip.

7. San Diego, California

Recommended Courses:

  • Mission Trails Golf Course
  • Balboa Park Golf Course
  • Rancho Bernardo Inn Golf Course

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 66°F
  • Jan: 66°F
  • Feb: 66°F

San Diego, California has some pretty steady and pleasant temperatures, even in the winter. San Diego is one of the best places to golf throughout the entire year. The summers aren’t too hot, and the winters aren’t too cold. Sunny skies and a nice temperature are the standard in the area.

The best part is that it’s often still wet enough throughout the year that you can have naturally green grass to play on. Many times, the grass is dead or dormant when you go golfing in the winter. It changes the way you play and makes for a unique, and not always pleasant, experience. But golfing in winter in San Diego isn’t much different from playing at any other time of the year. 

8. Mobile, Alabama

Recommended Courses:

  • Falls Course in Magnolia Grove Golf Club
  • Azalea City Golf Course
  • Spring Hill Golf Course

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 63°F
  • Jan: 60°F
  • Feb: 64°F

Golf Digest often recommends Mobile, Alabama as one of the best golfing destinations in the United States on a budget. While most of the year, it’s too hot and muggy to enjoy, the winter weather brings a bit of respite. 

The humidity is something to be feared, though. While a 60°F day is pretty tolerable in most areas, the humidity will often make it feel a bit colder. Bring a sweater or a warm drink to help you brave the temperatures a bit better. The humidity might not always be pleasant, but it does make for nicer greens.

9. Palm Beach, Florida

Recommended Courses:

  • Ocean Course at the Breakers
  • Palm Beach Par-3 Golf Course
  • The Park West Palm Golf Course

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 76°F
  • Jan: 76°F
  • Feb: 78°F

Even in the middle of winter, Palm Beach, Florida isn’t very cold. The average temperatures are close to 80°F. You’re sure to stay warm and feel like you’re golfing during peak fall and spring times while you’re in Palm Beach. 

Though it’s a fairly popular golfing destination, especially in winter, the surrounding area isn’t expensive. You can find some good hotels and golf courses that aren’t overly expensive. Playing right on the coast for the perfect view isn’t unattainable or out of your price range here.

10. Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Recommended Courses:

  • Atlantic Dunes at Sea Pines Golf Course
  • Oyster Reef Golf Club
  • George Fazio Golf Course at Palmetto Dunes Golf Course

Average Temperature:

  • Dec: 62°F
  • Jan: 60°F
  • Feb: 63°F

While not every golf course is open during the winter on Hilton Head is open during the winter, enough of them are to make it a good golfing destination in the off-season. The weather in winter is also mostly dry with lots of sun and mild temperatures.

There are times it’s a little rainy or misty on Hilton Head Island in the winter. Usually, you can play in a standard T-shirt or a sun shirt. However, it never hurts to bring a light winter jacket or rain jacket with you in case the weather turns. 


What’s The Coldest Weather You Can Play Golf In?

You usually want to play in temperatures above 40°F. While it’s possible to play in colder conditions, it often leads to a poorer game and permanent damage to the course. 

If it’s not sunny, or the weather is bad, then 40°F might still be too cold. This temperature is under ideal conditions where it’s sunny and dry, and the wind is minimal.

Are There Winter Rules for Golf?

Because grass is usually dead in winter, there are some additional rules for winter to keep the grass as pristine as possible. One of the biggest rules is that you have to clean and place your ball within 6 inches of where it ended up. 

This rule makes it easier for golfers because balls tend to get muddy and sink a little. It also helps to preserve the grass as digging down into the soft soil to get to a ball can often lead to the destruction of the turf. This rule is often in play in parts of the world and the US with wetter winters.

Can You Golf Year-Round in Tennessee?

It is possible to golf year-round in most of Tennessee. However, storms and cold temperatures sometimes limit the das you can play. If you want a better chance of your tee time not getting canceled, then it’s best to choose a state that’s a little further south. 

But if you live in Tennessee, or are going to be there for a while, there are definitely places you can get a game in during the winter. Just be braced for the cold temperatures, which range between 48°F and 53°F in the winter months.

Knowing the time and weather are key to an enjoyable golfing experience. We’ve covered extensively about the best time of the year for a golf trip. Check it out.

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